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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Purple Power

      Purple Power

      Happy Birthday

  2. Hey There Youngman ! How In The Heck Are You And Your Very Happy Family.

    I'm Gonna Email You And Hopefully I'll Be Able To Reach You.

    It Sure Has Been Quite Some Time Since Last We Spoke.

    Here's Hop'in And Ahhh-Pray'in Everything Is Alright With You And Yours.

    Peace, Much Happiness And One Love... Sincerely, Brother Will



      Gonna be his birthday tomorrow. :(  Hey BW!

    2. Brother Will

      Brother Will

      Shucks Of Course I Missed It. Last I Saw Him Was In His Parking Lot.

      Please Tell Him I Hope All Is Well With Him And His Family.

       ॐ 🌿Namaste Much ☮ Much ❤️... Will 🌿

  3. geotree

    Grandfathered Grow Site Petition ~

    Yes Indeed! And please urge all the growers you know to submit it before March 1st to be safe. There was a notice sent to dispensaries from a compliancy officer regarding upcoming "PROPOSED" rule changes that sets the deadline at MARCH 1, 2016 .... but that's a "may" happen if the "proposed rules are adopted". ...tried to attach the document from MyMedia, but the gallery media uploader won't permit the upload ...scanned PDF source, so can't copy paste either ...
  4. geotree

    Grandfathered Grow Site Petition ~

    Anyone who's been growing for patients since December 31, 2014 should look into submitting a Grandfathing Petition, before any rule changes move forward: https://public.health.oregon.gov/DiseasesConditions/ChronicDisease/MedicalMarijuanaProgram/Pages/Growsites.aspx
  5. geotree

    YDSLLC and Lightyear Wireless

    You're websites look great! I can't look away.... http://insomniacwebdesign.com/is particularly striking ......btw, I'm interested in the Tempo Wireless service. It's like a black hole where I live with Tmobile service; I just read that "Tempo Wireless has acquired wholesale access to ALL the Major Cell Phone Towers..... Verizon, T- Mobile, Sprint & (AT&T in September)" .... True?
  6. geotree

    What to look for in a dispensary?

    All great points in this thread, and thank you all for the kind words about curedgreen. Just a couple things I'd add: dispensaries have the option of being listed on the state run site. We opted out due to the overwhelming solicitations it invited, but we may opt back in at some point when we have more people power. Researching through Leafly and Weedmaps will not give you access to all dispensaries' menus. It can be difficult to even locate the closest dispensary if they're not paying Leafly (495/mo. minimum) /Weedmaps(295/mo. minimum) to display their menu. Our dispensary menu is only viewable on our website right now (curedgreen.com). There's also Allbud.com now, an interesting alternative for researching dispensaries that doesn't seem to play favorites like the big 2 does. As a patient, I look for friendliness and don't like being herded here and there. In my year of regular dispensary visits, I've found genuine friendliness is often reflected in the quality of meds. Are they in it for the love of the plant and its healing powers, or just the money? I also want to feel comfortable conversing openly about knowledge, current affairs and current research; and I want access to such research. But first and foremost, I look for quality of selection over quantity of selection.
  7. Long time no update. I'm hosting a Meetup Group in the space on the 2nd Sunday of every month (currently at 7pm). The venue is at CuredLibrary, just around the corner from CuredGreen. We've got a good core of focalizers who want to help it grow as a community space. It would be nice to see some of you there, though I know transportation in evening can be a challenge. Last night's meetup was a lot of fun. There was a fisherman/grower who shared his fish ; a kind bag of caramel chews, the volcano (as per usual thanks to core focalizer Saundra), good tunes, smiles, stories of courage and success (congrats to Ken spearheading a winning case against Paul Stanford, who tried to take advantage of his young workers/canvassers in his bid for the alternative legalization measure). Greater PIF presence will bring the group to the next level of fun wholesome community healing/bonding/sharing that the OMMP community has always been about! Words veil the heart of it all though; the community is full of characters; we're all focalizers in this story, and we shine in the CuredLibrary as the true characters we are; gee, we're all characters, and characters getting together strengthens the character in us all, eh? Medicinals are always appreciated; the sharing mentality is beautiful. Current OMMP ID and photo ID required for entry. Join us if you haven't already : http://www.meetup.com/Oregon-Medical-Cannabis-Community/ Know any musicians, performers, or artists out there who would like to share their work with the community? Please reach out to me through PM to start arranging for an event in the CuredLibrary. If you have your own audience, we can arrange for special events; or if you're just getting out there [and have OMMP card] we'd love to see what you're up to at the next Meetup (2nd Sundays at 7). 7500 N Washburne Ave (N Washburne and N Lombard), Mock Crest Grocery building, parking around back, CuredLibrary around front.
  8. So its a patent on a particular use of what the applicants dub " phytocannabinoids" throughout their application.... Maybe not a genuine invention per se, but if it helps get better medicine quicker to more cancer patients, you know... Great link! Thanks Purple Power!
  9. Yeah, kinda sad, but they've been doing this stuff for years to the Earths original creations for years. Monsanto tried to patent the neem tree to use for the same thing it was already traditionally used as (dental care) for centuries or more in India...everything under the sun (and probably the sun too) is patented. There's a Google search engine devoted entirely to registered/pending patents. Wacky stuff, sometimes helpful though when trying figure out howstuff works
  10. geotree


    Thanks for reminding me Ranchero it's been a while and been through some transitions since last visiting this thread. Hoping to have the website up in a couple weeks! Have another project in the works that's eaten a good chunk of time. Anywho, any vape-related questions are welcome, and can recommend good setups and battery models. I've also got essentials on hand. Anyone interested can contact EK. If there's any interest, I've got pics and all that. PS. Happy Birthday Ranchero65 ..... you ever seen the 3 Idiots? It's one of the best Inidan movies in recent times, and the hero's name is Rancho
  11. geotree

    [Fake Article] Walmart is Coming

    PS, I had no idea that the article was a lie when originally posted [Reminder Note to Self: always cross-reference and double-cross-reference articles]. When I got word that it was a fake the next day, I almost deleted it, but wanted to make clear that it was a fake for anyone who'd seen it already!
  12. geotree

    [Fake Article] Walmart is Coming

    Walmart is NOT coming ... retreat... lol, how to change thread title? More like "renaissance is coming" ... Yet, it can't be all peaches and cream and stroopwafels ( http://www.thcmag.com/stroopwafel-100mg-by-colorado-cannabis-co/ ) mmmmmmmm, can it??
  13. geotree

    never look at a Banana the same way again

    My wife was talking about the wonders of bananas the other day .... said it was a great alternative to wheat-based carbs (?) maybe because of the energy boost.... Anywho, think I'll head out for some bananas.
  14. geotree

    [Fake Article] Walmart is Coming

    All on-point responses, taken together highlights an issue that can either bring us together or tear us apart, like the double-edged sword...but as long as there's PIF-minded people with a hub like this, the green power core goes to the People No need for it to tear us apart, as long as voices like ours are heard out there. Right on Suzycrmcheese , I'm also seeing how mass production is a huge boon to economy and ecology BOTH .
  15. geotree

    [Fake Article] Walmart is Coming

    VERY FUNNY ... satire article! Just got word that this article is NOT true.