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  1. Does anyone out there no if I can grow a additional four plants besides what I already grow for medical. I just want to know what I can and can not do. I grow for myself and three other people. I understand it's only four plants for recreational on each piece of property. But, does the fact that I grow medical make it illegal for me to grow recreational for myself? Need some clarification. Thanks, Cat
  2. Catwoman


    This is the plant that needs to be cloned. It is covered and still outside. Base is covered in straw. It is in full bud. The plant was harvested in October. I have been unable to get even one clone off of it. It's time to call in a expert , perhaps a genest. I am willing to compensate someone to have this done. It is a strain that we have had for quite awhile and is my husbands favorite. We took second place in the Oregon cannibis cup in 2010. So, we really want to save it somehow. Calling all or any mad or sane scientists................. Thanks, Terri
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    I have a plant that is outside and in full bloom. It has been partially harvested. I am looking for someone in a lab to clone it for me. I have been unsuccesful at trying to clone it since before it started budding. I have tried using both a clonenator and also the old fashion way of using medium. Nothing has worked and now I am about to loose it. I am willing to compensate someone who can get me one good clone from what is already there. I am not willing to try any longer or destroy any more of what is left. I have a pic of the plant in my album that I need cloned. Calling all mad or sane scientist's.
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    Ok, and thanks for your help. Have a nice Thanksgiving!
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    Great! If you can put me in contact with growgeek that would be wonderful. He can contact me at: crazycatwoman@charter.net
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    The plant is still out in the garden. It is covered with straw and has a plastic tent over it with a heat lamp. I have been trying since before blooming in early August to clone it. It is way past the stage of cloning . I have tried both my cloneator and even the old fashion way in medium but have had no success. I left some branches on the plant with buds on it hoping that there might be some way of retriving the strain. I guess I need a gentist or someone who can get me one good start from it. The plant is about 8 months old and went thru the whole veg and bloom cycle.................. Oh, I am in Southern Oregon. But if I need to I can drive it anywhere with in reason..............
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    In hopes of gaining more attention to this thread I have moved this into cloning from introductions....ODB.... Hi There! My name is Terri and I am a OMMP paient and grower. I am in the most dire need to have someone who has the expertise to in a lab, bring back a strain that I am about to loose .I have heard that this can be done but I don't know anyone who does this type of thing. I have been trying since early budding (August) to clone my plant and for some reason have been unsucceful. Which is a problem I have never had in the past. All I have left of the plant is a few branches with some leaves which are in full bud. If anyone otu there can help me or lead me to someone who can I would really appriciate the help. Sincerely, Terri
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