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  1. I have one exactly like the one in the pictures. Its an EVOD brand. Karr is right, it vapes flower... NOT-- just burns it up with the coil in the bottom of the chamber. Works ok for oil, I modified it with a little glass fiber filter in the bottom of the chamber. The chamber clogs and needs to be soaked in alcohol to clean daily (sometimes after one load). Do yourself a favor don't waste your money. Just my 2 cents. Bruce
  2. octo13

    GMO Marijuana???

    This website is a well known SATIRE site. Read it and laugh.
  3. octo13

    Strains I've Tried "POLL" ~

    Ya should add these-(they're in my garden this summer) AC/DC, Harlequin, Hurkel, Pine Tar and Purple Gansta
  4. octo13

    Thanks to KarrMcDebt

    Thanks for the lemony goodness and helping me toward filling up my garden for the summer!!!! Awesome dude. Octo13
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