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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. RagelessPanda


    Hi there! Iv been lookin for an artist who does good work in the traditional japanese style. I was looking to get my right half-sleeve done. I wanted an octopus to be attached to my arm with its tentacles wrapping around my arm and up my shoulder a little. I also wanted to incorporate many other things into this including things like: Japanese crest waves lotus flowers A turtle with a tree growing off its shell maybe a few additional things here and there Pain isn't an issue so I can do a sitting for as long as you can do If I were to want to get my right upper half sleeve done, could you give me an estimate based on my post? Also, what are we looking at for a date if I were to make an appointment?
  3. RagelessPanda

    Healthy plant based drinks!

    Hey guys! I recently tried wheat grass juice for the first time and iv got to say, I can actually feel it give me a bit of an energy boost, but it did taste pretty damn bad. Although I didn't like the taste, the effect were noticable and I think it would be a great flavor combo for some medical drinks or maybe a detox smoothie. I was wondering if any of you have tried this stuff and fest the same way. maybe you had a different experience or maybe you have never had it! Let me know what you guys think of this little plant.
  4. RagelessPanda

    CONTEST A Greenhouse Grow,,, RESULTS POSTED!

    Im going to say 28.6 Lbs. Maybe?
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