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  1. RT @hippiebutter: Google & YouTube are dumb as Trump. They consider this blog post about hemp soap to be drug use. Is refer madness from 19…

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  4. @BernieMinkler2 Nugs and hugs!

  5. @LouisFarrakhan Seriously?

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  7. @steve808103 Yow! Hope you feel better soon, my friend. Nugs and hugs!

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    1. Brother Will

      Brother Will

      Hey My Brother Hello ! Oh This Queen's Gold Cup-winning racehorse Estimate tests positive for banned drug morphine... Is So Funny/Not Once Positive But 5 ! The % Horses Had Horse In Them Alright !!! LOL ! Great One Bro...

      Thank You. Much Peace & Love, BW


  14. RT @DYRMusic: @OldHippieEnt The Band that Created the Summer of Love http://t.co/cKxg9sbQ15 really nice article, nugs and hugs!

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