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  1. Hello everyone, been a while eh? I've been struggling with my health and PTSD and the struggle is real.

    I deleted my Facebook account and doubt i'll be going back to the drama no freedom of speech website.

    i'll be hanging my hat here. I'm hoping cannabis will be rec soon in Ohio and i will again have the right to grow my own medicine. I do hate it here in Ohio, it gets bone chilling cold here. I miss WA something fierce.

    Since we've been kidnapped by the grandkids we bought our last home next to a very large mud puddle named Grand Lake St Marys. Our neighbors are really good people and we help each other if anyone needs it.

    I've had 6 surgeries on my spine alone and I found records from one of my er visits that showed bone lesions and no one said anything to me. They were found to be non cancerous and the Ortho surgeon said he could do surgery on several issues... Torn tendons that need reattached too.

    I need additional surgery on my cervical spine.

    I have to live with chronic pain issues that incapacitate a normal person. Not even doctors can grasp this kind of pain. I use no opiates and cannabis is not cheap here.

    I am also 100% military disabled, I put in for it and my VSO's would tell me i wasn't there to telling me the shootings never happened. It took a VFW attorney and a federal judge to open NIS & CID records to prove where i was and what i was doing.

    That's my update, I'll shut up now



      hey, @bigpapa, Long time no see. 


      It's good to hear your still kicking, have you gotten any new cravings for us to look at? 


      Everyone is still here, 


      Standing by,



    2. bigpapa


      Yes sir, I've lost a lot of use of my left arm but I do a little at a time.

      I'll look through my pics. I have spoons to tabletops but I may have to get them off my old phone. I think I have most on here... i'll shut up now








    3. bigpapa


      I asked several VSO office museum within VA hospitals if they would display the deer rack with the Ceremonial staff and atlatl in honor of all who served but none gave me an answer. To me it depicts the very first wars of this nation where many Native Americans were slaughtered and their land became for sale... the day the white man stole Indian land. I was going to do a raised carving in a piece of live edge walnut that said... In memory of Donald Larry Walters (my pastor who passed in a nursing home @ 84) and to all who served.

      Larry was the only pastor/man i ever met that actually walked in the fruit of the spirit. i'll shut up now