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  1. bigpapa

    RPD & OMMP Fall Giveaway.

    I'm upright my brother and awaiting the stenting I've been needing for over 2 years. I'm having it done outside the VA and then I have 3 hernias that need repaired. They won't operate because my blood sugar is too high... just my luck
  2. bigpapa

    RPD & OMMP Fall Giveaway.

    Who won eh
  3. bigpapa

    RPD & OMMP Fall Giveaway.

    333... If I win please give the prize to a needy patient in your area. I can't afford enuff herb to roll a fatty any more. Love you all. i'll shut up now
  4. The pieces are well done, respect to the artist. And congrats Darla|! bp
  5. bigpapa

    wax/ear wax help!!!!!

    In Ohio, it's against the law to grow and I don't want to lose my forever home over a plant, besides Moww would like kill me. lol Ohio's 10 yrs behind the times my brother. Yes sir I can grow with the best of them but I must wait for cannabis to become legal nation wide
  6. bigpapa

    wax/ear wax help!!!!!

    Oh how I wish I could grow... I have so much compost and tea, so I use it in our veggie garden. Tomato plants are 5 ft tall and they're soooo good. We are growing everything from aspargras to zucchini n I'm loving the green beans 😎
  7. bigpapa

    wax/ear wax help!!!!!

    Cannabis is legal here but it's 486$ an ounce and a cartridge for vaping is 170$. I can't afford those prices so I go up to Michigan because it's 250-300$ an ounce and the cartridges are 40-50$. I have to have someone take me is another issue. i'll shut up now
  8. bigpapa

    wax/ear wax help!!!!!

    I'll try to remember... That's usually this old man's bed time. lol I'll just have to keep praying and hoping I run into some one soon. Love you brother
  9. bigpapa

    wax/ear wax help!!!!!

    Been struggling but upright. Praying that one day I will find a grower in Michigan... With my income I can't afford Ohio's dispensary prices let alone Michigan's club prices. Can't grow here yet and won't because I'd hate to lose my home... still praying and hoping. i'll shut up now, big papa
  10. bigpapa

    Heres to change (RIP ED)

    R.I.P. and may the sunshine and fair winds be yours brother bp
  11. bigpapa

    Fishing 🎣

    You have sea fishing which we do not but mostly the same. I love walleye, perch, brim and crappie, then trout. I love fly fishing and to tie my own flies in the field is the sport if champions, then fishing with Dupont lures never fails unless you're indoors. I'll shut up now
  12. bigpapa

    Fishing 🎣

    Needless to say I haven't been able to locate any Dupont lures so I reckon dynamite is out of the question here in Ohio. Time to break the fly rods and float tube out and hit the stone quarry. I'll shut up now
  13. bigpapa

    A few pics to share

    Howdy y'all, just checking in... I'm still upright but struggling. I have a few pics to share. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I like taking them.
  14. It's a sad situation when poor veterans can't afford the help needed where they are. We have 6 dispensaries in Ohio and the meds most certainly can't be for real patients. The cost of a rec is 300$, 50$ for your state card and your meds are costing you 460$ an ounce. And there's only bud to be had for now. I can only imagine what the oils and tincs will cost the poor and sick patient here in Ohio. I wonder what other states are charging their sick. I'm waiting to hear back from one doctor who's office is 3 hrs away. I want to find other advocates here so we can fight for affordable meds and recs for real patients and veteran's use of medical cannabis. So if you know any information this old man would appreciate the help. i'll shut up now. big papa