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  1. bigpapa

    5 gallon bucket dwc system

    . On closing... EK, I truly appreciate you brother for your love and support. I'll check in from time to time or maybe i'll get off all these social media sites, maybe it's best and will let you know if and when you can delete my account. I'm no longer in the NW and folks just don't care about those outside the NW territory... I am Marine Recon and a survivor. God bless you my dear friend. i'll shut up now. Stuck and forgotten in Ohio... big papa
  2. bigpapa

    5 gallon bucket dwc system

    anybody home? y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving and life. Reckon i'm on my own. i'll shut up now. peace out, big papa
  3. what's your opinion on a 5 gal bucket dwc system. i want to set up a small room and want to know if this will work for starting garden veggie clones. Making all my own clones for our veggie garden in the spring i will start doing this in Jan. I'm giving up on getting any help on meds around here... waiting patiently for the dispensaries and finding the docs who will help me with a recommendation, it's all very grey and confusing around here. i see the pain specialist on the 30th. And to think i was free of opiates for over 5 years. i'll be fine. i'll shut up now, big papa
  4. bigpapa


    Ohio has a medical cannabis (OMMP) website. Our dispensaries are supposed to be open in December. But it will take a while longer to find the doctors who will want to participate. Ohio has been behind the times for many years as being a conservative state. Web address for Ohio medical cannabis program. https://medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/physicians i'll shut up now, big papa
  5. bigpapa

    i miss WA

    i miss growing so i can have adequate medicine at hand. And all grown with compost tea. Using a composter with the reservoir at the bottom.
  6. bigpapa

    i miss WA

    what i used to grow... i niss it SO
  7. bigpapa

    DIY Hydro Flood/Drain / Ebb/Flow Unit ~

    TW, could you PM me a specific parts list, i truly would appreciate it... @tumbleweed
  8. Happy New Year. 

  9. bigpapa

    LED or HPS

    Everyone who knows me knows i hate paying an electric bill, i've always grown outdoor medicine. So i come to those who know more than i do. Outside i can grow with the best of them. Uh maybe i should get to my question aye? Which is best... LED or HPS? i am a cheap date and to me LED makes more sense when it comes to no bulb chages, can be set either to veg or flower but with with HPS i hear it gives more of a harvest. i did a test a long time ago with 2 UFO LEDs but the bud was airy but it was tasty herb. i know these lights have come a long way... but can any one tell me which is best? There's no way i can grow outdoor here and when they start building our new home in the spring i will need a uhhh guest room. i have no medicine here and it's not cheap off the street. Most of my old friends here are either dead, moved away or stopped using because of the system here is run by a bunch of rednecks. It's legal here in Ohio but you cannot grow or smoke it. Vaping is allowed along with the use of oils and tincs. Dispensaries won't be opened till about this time 2018. i apologize for the lengthy post for a simple question. i'll shut up now, big papa
  10. bigpapa

    (WINNER) WIN OMMP-PIF and RPD 2pc Elements Grinder

    i'll shut up now, lol, big papa
  11. bigpapa

    ♥ CONTEST♥ -20X Watch (Winner) ~

    277... we love and miss you all very much but this old man doesn't have another move in him. So i will stop by from time to time. Until we meet again on those golden shores you are always in our prayers. just us, big papa and moww
  12. bigpapa

    Magical Butter 2e

    i thought i had posted this on here so everyone would know how to make my oil. i guess i must write out again! i just deleted it from my files by accident and word will not copy and paste into this box... This will be every step you need to take to make the best oil you will ever use. First off you should get a magical butter 2e machine. Take 2 ounces of herb put in a baking pan. Cover tightly with tin foil and preheat oven between 170-190°, place pan in oven for 10 minutes. Remove and let cool with foil still on pan. If using the 2e machine do not break up material. If doing it old school break it up as much as possible. Put your liquified coconut oil up to the max line on your machine. Add 2 Tbps soy lecithin. In a pan on the stove fill pan with oil just over the cannabis, just so it floats. The 2e machine set the temp for 160, time 2 hrs. In the pan on the stove, take a thermometer and make sure the oil temp dies not go over 190°. Add 2Tbsp of lecthin. Cook herb for 2 hrs. After it's done cooking, strain the oil with filter that comes with your 2e or with a gold coffee filter. Now add your 2nd round. Set temperature to 160° time for 2 hrs, i sometines do it for 4 with the 2e but 2 hrs on the stove is fine. Don't forget the 2 Tbsps of lecithin to your machine or pan. Strain the oil, let cool to room temperature. Now you MUST place it in the freezer and i usually have it in the containers i store it in. enjoy... i know i have i'll shut up now
  13. bigpapa

    Magical Butter 2e

    i apologize for my absence but this old man has been sufferin but still upright. i have it posted on here, so let me do a search and i will PM it to you. i'll shut up now... bp