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    Small scale hydroponic systems. Knitting and lots of other handy crafts including,herbology.

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  1. 5 drops once a day to cover a highfree afternoon. Using brand GREEN GARDEN GOLD, veg glycerin and raw CBD
  2. Update, I'm using flavored CBD vape oil orally. Tastes great can almost cover oxycodone and klonazepam. Works about four hours and does not blow a ua. Great for anti-anxiety in autism. The anti-anxiety works short and subtly.
  3. ljkforu

    How do I make an ebb & flow hydroponic system?

    Starting an Aeroponic drip grow. How much is my heater/AC/dehumidifier going to bother my plants? I keep my house warm but dry.
  4. ljkforu


    I've had MS for a long time. Doc figures about 10 years old at onset. I'm 48 now. I sleep a lot somedays 16 hours some days 24+ hours. Hate speed so I deal with it.
  5. ljkforu

    Plants we used in the 70's

    Wow! The hours of picking out seeds been doing it since I was 4. What a heck of a lot of work.
  6. This is exactly what I'm looking for, though I would use two thermometers. One in the water and one in the solution for safety and quality. I'm so excited!
  7. Eddie I have MS and am not currently using Med Marj. You may follow and ask me any question you would like. Being a 27 year smoker I'm going to go the edible route to keep my lungs clean. I'm going to get my Card within the next week and 1/2. I have relapsing remitting with onset at age 10 at that time I did use marj and was exposed to second hand medication. I'm not 48 and my worst problems are SEVERE fatigue and muscle spasms/ticks/twitches. Along with weekness. Again ask away including medical record I have a cd of my MRI and have had a spinal that was positive for oglioclonal bands making me 100% diagnosed.
  8. I hope you do well man, mom's friend had a double and did bizarely well. So stay positive :)

  9. ljkforu

    Sexing Cannabis Seeds

    itisonlyaplant I emailed the photos to your gmail. I just couldn't get the photos to post on the site.
  10. ljkforu

    Sexing Cannabis Seeds

    Yes, I can still photo it just happened.
  11. ljkforu

    Sexing Cannabis Seeds

    Wow, it is so obvious. Everything I got that just died on me was male.
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  13. ljkforu

    the dead and dying