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  1. Did I miss the bubblegum show? Just popped a 10 pack from THSeeds myself, lookin for a stud......
  2. Eloquent, graywolf...you guys are amazing. Drayco, I'm so glad you are doing better! This is one of the most emotional posts I have ever read, no joke. Keep on keepin on brother
  3. MxBrown

    Hybrid/Elite Clone Stabilization

    Here are 2 different strategies for back-crossing, taken from another site: Here are two examples of how one may come to a BC3. Example 1: step 1) A X B = F1 step 2) A X F1 = BC1 step 3) A X BC1 = BC2 step 4) A X BC2 = BC3 (<-- Souls "cube") Example 2: step 1) A X B = F1 step 2) A X F1 = BC1 (if we went A X F2 the progeny is still a BC1) step 3) BC1 X BC1 = B1F2 step 4) A X B1F2 = BC2 step 5) BC2 X BC2 = B2F2 step 6) B2F2 X B2F2 = B2F3 step 7) B2F3 X B2F3 = B2F4 step 8) A X B2F4 = BC3 All of these may be a single plant or group of plants. To further broaden it, A (the recurrent parent) might even be and is often a group of closely related lines.
  4. Hello PIF Community, I have a question for the breeders... I have a couple of clones that I would like to breed with and attempt to stabilize. Is "cubing" a reliable method for this task, or would it be better to line breed? I've attached the strategy used for Great White Shark, I hope its a good example of line-breeding. In this example, I would choose two traits that I wanted to replicate from the F3 gen, take the best male and female and breed them together for another 3 gens, then combine the two separate lines. Now we are back to P1 and we can start all over again. This seems like a whole lot more work than simple backcrossing/cubing. Is it worth it? Kak, pete, what do you guys usually go for? ThX MxB
  5. MxBrown

    Looking for a clinic

    Thanks mednurse but I am looking for a Doc in the Eugene area. http://southernoregonalternativemedicine.com/certification.htm I've been there. They will sign papers, but they dont really offer ongoing treatment.
  6. MxBrown

    Room finishes and properties

    KILZ... white paint for the win!
  7. MxBrown

    how to tell if your bulbs need replacing....

    I had weird ongoing problems in my flowering room for a while last year, turns out my bulbs were very old (6 cycles maybe), and most likely the culprit. Grabbed a new bulb and within a week I noticed the problem halted. I would not underestimate the importance of fresh bulbs.
  8. MxBrown

    Chris Robinson Brotherhood

    Any fans out there?