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  1. we'll see bro, we'll see. lol, Wonder how many appeals are scheduled? Wonder if any cases overturned? Wonder if we'll ever hear about it. From what I understand, most OR troopers who pull you over and you are in posession with a card, most of the times they just let you go. I think the dogs are more for the city boys, but we'll see how it all plays out. Kinda like MJ being nothing more than a drink of alcohol in some states and a medical resource in others, lol. Which is it? We see how long it took for the local gov'ts to supercede the legalization law, NO COMMERCIAL GROWS, LMFAO http://kdvr.com/2012/12/26/douglas-county-approves-ban-on-commercial-marijuana-operations/
  2. sme as the dogs, I know someone that got into huge trouble for not killing one, but hurting one, they are considered officers also.
  3. will those rulesin FLA help the peeps in OR? They still have strict growing and possession laws in FLA, dlon't they? Plus all those pain pill factories, lol.
  4. dogs hitting on your car or on your home is still admissable in court. Shoot that dog and see if the court helps you in the cases listed above, lol, Also, shoot one of them drones down and see what happens. If you are holding your breath, have someone behind you to catch you when you fall, lol. FLA is one of the worst, they'll pass those laws, wait and see. I have a friend who is a pilot and last summer they were taking pics for calenders over josephine county, LMFAO and the growers were so paranoid on the ground with their super plots, lol, they got on the radio to ask the pilot what he was doing. They also had their own lil airstrip, wonder if theats how they get all that extra out of the area for top dollar?. The us forestry guy that was along for the ride told them to get off the radio, they were conducting business that had nothing to do with them, so quit worrying. The pilot noted the guy made note of the area. LMFAO, paranoia will destroy ya, lol Or a loud mouth puts you on the radar. The Patriot Act pretty much made it legal for them to do anything they want with those drones or dogs, or whatever they want, all in the name of investigating domestic terrorism, lol. So whoever has the money to hire those case law lawyers, have at it. Maybe Sopha King will do it pro bono, LMFAO. Or Paul Stanford can pay his bill.
  5. the ones we seen down south are just the surveillance ones, not the armed ones, LMFAO. They aren't coming for us yet,. Merry Christmas. Its prolly to double check those six foot tall by six foot wide bushes that are on the hillside that only produce 4 oz per plant, LMFAO, Keep loading up the hillside with big plot grows and you'll end up gettin a better look at em, lol
  6. I'd use five gallon pots, how many of them 15 gallons can you get in there, just your 6? Thanks. I' think you could max em out a bit more with a smaller smart pot, but thats just me, top the heck of em. IMHO
  7. JackFrost

    Where to purchase

    bhydro, discount ligting or 1000bulbs, ebay for the grow materials, many out of Cali, , I've found all online prices better than local shops, sorry,, Except for the really heavy stuff minus lights, i.e. coco bales. Most with free shipping or very little., especially given your location. Unless you are buying bales of coco or heavy stuff, check ebay out for online with no shipping. Yea, Dominic has a rep. LMFAO. don't ask me bout the guy or his friends, please, I'd have to tell you the truth in my dealings with him and his friends and you won''t like the story. Let's just leave it at that. JMHO
  8. JackFrost

    Here's hopin...

    yep, the doctor signing off is the kicker, you wouldn't believe how many won't. My back doctor wanted 1500 to do it LMFAO. I just got a copy of my records and took it to an advocate, not an attorney, didn't cost anything, same records passed me, I knew how messed up my back was, wasn't paying that doc to hear it again. Also, FYI, I know of 3 people personally been turned down using attorneys instead of advocates, most advocates have worked at SSA and know the ins and outs, not all attorneys do, no matter what they say. Can you say we can win this lawsuit.LOL. Good for you phil, my SSI payments trumped my SSiD payments per 3 years back pay as they were the lesser amount and that's what SSA would pay for backpay. They make sure you don't get both, you'll get one or the other, those SSI payments may be deducted from the final disability total or backpay payout. They only give ya so much, they don't double pay, and if you make more than their limits on income with their money. You might have to pay taxes, its not all creme and gravy, but good on you for getting it. As I said, most I know even with atty's right now are NOT getting it, but their docs wont sign. Most docs don't believe anyone under 55 not with terminal or in a wheelchair isn't disabled. I fight it everday. Don't forget to get your doc to sign the paper for DMV for that front row parking sticker, that's worth its weight in gold. Also, so you know, atty or advocate will all get paid the same, its all a percentage based on the amount of money you got coming from backpay, which is decided by the judge at your hearing, not what you think. So don't be disappointed if they find you disabled, but much later it seems than you were, i.e. instead of 5 yrs ago, documents prove only until 2 yrs ago, etc. that was just an example
  9. JackFrost


    For the record, bro, many use a sandwich method with their coco to eliminate that finer bottom of the bag or bale coco. Some use chunky perlite or hydroton, small layer at bottom of pot to guarantee drainage there, fill with coco and then I put a layer of diatomoaceous earth, the chunky stuff is called diatomite I think, or reg perlite and put a topping on that pot. then you have a perfect sammich, lol, no for real, Also, given the strain, it may not be a big producer, which sometimes looks funky if you aren't ready for it, IMHO. I also don't charge my coco, as many do, I just rinse and rinse and rinse again, before I use, then charge one time with half strength nutes or just ph'd water. I love coco though, and hydro, hehe, its just too easy Dudz hit it right, also IMO. Get rid of that koolbloom, I even tried smaller doses, it would always burn the crap outta my girls, If you are wanting a bloom additive, just use molasses, or Sweet, I even got some Humboldt Honey ES way cheap on sale this week to try. I also been hearing bout coconut milk doing the same as molasses in bloom, carbo boost, etc, but I have to do more research
  10. JackFrost


    I think you're plants are fine, the purpling is IMO due to the temps and I quit using Koolbloom because it was too hot for me. I can see some either light burn or nute burn on that bud shot, I suspect its from the Koolbloom, again, JMHO. Im just a small timer. Other than that, Id scope and wait for amber, hehe
  11. JackFrost

    in need of a cloner?

    3 woody Kromeheads bathing in powerclone juice in an aero cloner, 6/6 of LSD x Alien4, from beans,looking for gals, and 3 of Humboldt Express x Alien4,also from beans. the Alien4 male came with a great rep,, These crosses came from a great pal who made the crosses. and got the Alien4 male from obsoul long time ago. The Humboldt Express Im a lil scared of, its the E32 Trainwreck crossed with an authentic Thai, ala BillyGoat x the Alien4, I hope to get a gal and get some cuts out, I wonder if that one wouldn't be one to get out early, even in OR, hehe. for outside just to see what happens and let her finish as late as possible. I realize some of these will be untested cuts when and if I get em out and about, that's the plan. Its a persons choice if they have the time, room or numbers to try. that's all I got. The alien technology4 is alien technology x Chem4, the main one you see these days, very good, ala AlienDog, etc is Alien Technology x ChemD. Alien technology is supposed to be a really good affie. I love really good affies sorry guys, I got excited bout the plants, I know Im off topic, apologies, won't happen again:hungrey_smiley:
  12. JackFrost

    in need of a cloner?

    great post and I got it covered. I have found someone close to me, so no travel woes or transfer probs. Hopefully, may have more to share coming up, don't want to count chickens before hatched. Anyhow, that's the plan. But as soon as rooted, at least get one up north for yall. Peace. May also have a purple candy to spare, not sure yet, Have some LSD x Alien4 popped and some Humboldt Express x Alien4, nothing sexed, guess Im having early spring fever on poppin beans, having ungodly luck with just peat pellets in a six banger dome, don't even have to soak, just plant, been awhile I had beans pop that quick and easy, Anyhow sorry to ramble. By far the best way to preserve genetics is to spread it around to anyone and everyone you can find who will take it.
  13. JackFrost

    in need of a cloner?

    I hate to keep buggin him, but he's a heck of a relay person for me. lol, I was just asked to keep one of these goin, as the gifter is givin him mom up for awhile but may want it back later on, you know how it goes. And many do like the Blockhead and Krome's Cut is a doozy, its a shorty indica, thick and frosty. And if we can just keep it goin, I honor my part of sharing the love and keepin it goin. win win plus I owe you guys.
  14. JackFrost

    in need of a cloner?

    I may need help, ES, for real, maybe we can figure out a way to get the cuts up to you this week without killing em, just too many probs Im having with the roomie, Im not gonna lost this cut again and now I was told I couldn't use my new cloner. Bout had enough. At any rate, I will look for someone in the area, but I was coming halfway there this week to look at rental properties, I'll see what I can do on my end, I may have to bug Dudz again for relay, I just do not want to trust these babies round this roomie. just a thought