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  1. Welcome back, It's been awhile, How are things?

  2. hell yea birthday is today :D turning 21 god im old



      Happy Birthday old man! lol

  3. Blackberrymaster

    YOUR VOTES NEEDED PLEASE~ommp photo of the month

    last 2 weeks before it is cut down blackberry kush
  4. Blackberrymaster

    I got plant's with mites.... :(

    Need a cure for this asap
  5. Blackberrymaster

    black berry kush

  6. It was sure great meeting you today at the party. Thanks for being here with us. :)

  7. Blackberrymaster

    I'm A DJ and I need request's!!!

    Nope looking for anything right now .
  8. Blackberrymaster

    I'm A DJ and I need request's!!!

    so as the title say's I'm A DJ of all kind of music mostly dubstep and rave music . if you have any request feel free to leave your email so i can send you the final results and links to it . My stage name is , DJ Wickedstatement You can search me on www.soundcloud.com But yea have a great one and THANKS!
  9. SO i'm thinking about having a BBQ.. I do DJ and make music and I am one hell of A cook ;)

    1. xbrpete


      wish I could make it! sounds like fun!

    2. kirk


      Why not start a thread? maybe not everyone checks these profiles,

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