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  1. kirk

    couple pics of my latest grow

    Those look like they are dripping resins. Thanks for sharing.
  2. kirk

    Sam's Photo Shoot

    He is a good looking hound,
  3. I Love you Big Papa, @ Shroty, Now we can be more specific in our prayer, God have mercy on our souls.
  4. lucy you got some splainin to do
  5. I miss your posts. I hope you did not cry all day. Sometimes I just sit here on you're profile and think about how sad you must be. I know I would cry for years.

  6. kirk

    Question about LED lighting

    Mine run so much cooler and use so much less electric, that the initial cost is gained back by the savings in just about a years time. You get almost $170 in savings if you use promo code OMMP710 at Lush lighting, http://www.lushledlighting.com/
  7. The month of JUNE 2015 will be brought to us by Tumbleweed His photo is being displayed on our HOME page You may leave the current photos you have up now or add a new photo at anytime, You are not limited to one photo, please add as many as you like. Voting will continue on this thread through out the month of JUNE Hi members of PIF The Staff and i would like to offer our front page for one of your personal photos of your garden. This will help liven up our website as well as get us more views and members,. So please submit your photos below and whomever has the most likes at the end of the month will have their photo displayed as one of PIF's favorites, Thanks for looking and playing. Member zzzzzzzz having the most likes on any one photo at the time of this post will forever remain below. Thanks team PLEASE ADD A LIKE TO YOUR FAVORITE PHOTO BELOW
  8. kirk

    Photo contest May 2015 (Add your photos)

    Number 6 is the winner. Tumble weed
  9. I opened a new power supply for some gizmo i had, inside was a little piece of paper that said this product can or will cause cancer. Everything around us. probably even this keyboard. I was watching this show on the Rockefeller and Morgan's and they said all they wanted was the Kerosine (sp) and the by product was Gasoline. which they had no use for at the time, because its was so flammable. So they dumped it out. On the ground, in the rivers, wherever they could. For 20 some years all those oil rigs just dumping gas in the ground water. RANT.
  10. kirk

    Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    LOL "Mug Shots"
  11. kirk

    How hard is it to grow cannabis? ~

  12. kirk

    My 3 Furry Baby Soulmates

  13. kirk

    YOUR VOTES NEEDED PLEASE~ommp photo of the month

    Man the photos just keep getting better and better.
  14. kirk

    Unknown Genetics Siamese Leaf

    What does the fox say? lol just playing