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  1. Just checking in. Hope all is well. Jump into chat in the evening and say hi. 


  2. Beardo

    Instagram photos?

  3. 420. I like the tray. I may just buy one.
  4. Beardo

    i miss WA

    Oh and the last time I moved, I had to leave a 55 gallon composter I'd spent well over a year cooking up. It was GOLD and I had to leave it.
  5. Beardo

    i miss WA

    Brother I feel your pain. Trust me.
  6. Well, I managed to land a spot at a company called Oregon Processing Solutions. I'll mainly be running co2 extractions, but it may also include some ethanol extractions and maybe even some terpene / cart work. It's really far from home, but I'm happy to have the opportunity. I just hope my car can keep up!



      Congrats. I hope this works out for you. 

    2. Beardo


      Thanks! Long drive to Estacada, I sure hope my car can hold up for a few paychecks!

  7. We didn't stop renewing just because we could all of a sudden just buy it in a shop -we stopped renewing because recreational meant we no longer needed to pay all the fees we were paying before just to grow and consume our own. It only meant our plant count etc went down and after doing the math, we realized we could totally live with that.
  8. Happy Birthday. :) 

    1. Beardo


      Thank you!

  9. Beardo

    The Oil Wars by Elise Herron ~

    I didn't know JD is a fellow Oklahoman. The timeline is interesting. I guess I took my workshop there before any of this happened since I'm pretty sure the first actual model hadn't been made yet. I remember us talking about how expensive butane is and how cool it would be to be able to recover it and get multiple uses out of it and I remember them saying they were working on a way to do just that. I consider myself extremely lucky to have attended. It laid the foundation for everything I've ever done involving cannabis extraction. I wish we could do it again.
  10. This picture is all that remains of the "Blush" (Blue City Diesel / Lemon Kush) my friend made. Sad that the project died. It was SO nice.
  11. Unfortunately looking for work again. Part of me would love to bail on the whole "industry" altogether, but it's what I'm best at. Furthermore, it's all I'm really qualified to do.


    I've had a couple of decent runs at a few companies and learned some cool stuff along the way (formulating strain profiles from terpene isolates taught me a lot), but I haven't found a "home" so to speak.


    All the people out there making ridiculous money in this industry that don't know a trichome from a tricycle, my knowledge and experience HAS to be valuable to SOMEONE out there.

  12. Oops, I should have scrolled back a little and noticed I'd already posted that BigWreck. That's embarrassing. Here's another purple one, but another bagseed adventure instead.
  13. You could also charge people a smaller fee if they want to do the work themselves or charge them more to have you do the work for them. I used to think you could also charge them less if they supply their own equipment or more if you supply it for them, but I think it'd just be easier to equip each room with what it needs and know the gear's not dangerous and it's run properly. I've stewed on this idea for years. I just couldn't ever figure out how to make it work financially with what you'd have to charge people vs what it's worth to them and what they're willing to pay for something like that. I have a few ideas like that. They just jab at ya!