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  1. Thanks for checking in. :)

  2. LisbethS

    Prayers Needed For My Mom...Please.

    My heart goes out to you. I'll send healing prayers to you and your family.
  3. LisbethS

    Thank you Kirk

    For giving me a reason to post this....
  4. Found a bud when cleaning out my dryer's lint catch today. And... I smoked it.... YUP, still worked! yay! And for some reason my lungs feel Springtime Fresh Scented....

  5. LisbethS

    Thank you Moderator SPLIFF

    well hot damn! good job
  6. LisbethS

    The My Girls <crossing fingers>

    I love seeing these! (oh nice new avatar pic)
  7. I've had Jack Herer and Lemon Larry tonight. They made me feel so relaxed and happy! hehe

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    2. GutenHi


      Those two sound like a couple of " wild n crazy Guys!"

    3. LisbethS
    4. kirk
  8. Well, since there's no money involved, I'll bite (as I'm not a gambler). 13,753
  9. LisbethS

    Prayer's for our own,

    I send love and light to your loved one
  10. Mouth watering here. Great pics!
  11. LisbethS

    My wifes New pet....

    This little one looks smart, lookin' right atcha! Nice cage too. Congrats on the bird love
  12. Made a gravity bong today, out of necessity! I felt like Dr. Science! hehe. Works great.

    1. KarrMcDebt


      Nice. I myself am a graduate of McGuiver tech university. LOL

    2. kirk
  13. LisbethS


    *whew* well, I'm just back home, after driving an OMMP friend from Eugene to Dallas (she is alas, carless). My niece is in town Saturday the 10th, and the family's getting together, so I'm gonna miss the party with you guys! Would love to hear about it after
  14. LisbethS


    That list is looking lovely I just got notice of a family event taking place on the 10th, so might have to change my status from "attending" to "maybe". Will update as I get more info! TY
  15. LisbethS

    Frustrated with the current Health Care System!

    I hear you on our medical system. It is very frustrating, and a worry on my list too. Sending you a good thought!