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  1. Cheri and I hope things are going well for you and the family. We miss seeing you. 

    Happy birthday. :)


  2. Happy Birthday. :)  

  3. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    I see. I should Be aerating everything for a bit longer. I’ve only been aerating the TEA for about 14–16 hours.
  4. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Other updates: We finally got some Red Wigglers for our home-made earthworm bin. My buddy is supposed to come up with some additional worms this Saturday. When we go to tailgate for the Dead & Co. show in Eugene. We now have 1 earthworm bin, 2 compost tumblers, and 1 compost heap, out back. The Blackberries and Grapes are engaged in a death-match, on the roof of my shed. We have been cutting the blackberries, and pouring vinegar on the root based when we find them. This might have contributed to giving the grape vines the upper hand in the struggle, because they are now winning. One of our Medium sized mystery trees out back is not actually a tree, but a Monstrous Bush; and now we will have all the fresh blueberries we can eat, in the next couple weeks. (Note to self: we no longer need to plant blueberries next spring) Brewed a big batch of tea overnight, and gave it to the plants and food garden this morning. It had:Compost (fine material from bottom of yard heap)Liquid Kelp MealBat GuanoFPJ (strawberry + leafy greens from the yard)Molasses Gave all plants a foliar application of the compost tea this morning also. I didn’t notice many bubbles at the top of the tea this morning. Am I supposed to brew up just the compost and molasses first, and then add the other stuff after? I’m pretty sure i dechlorinated the water well enough, it was aerating with air stones for 2 hours before I added anything. And the ppm was in the 50’s to begin with...
  5. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Omega Star omega star Toxic Healer (high CBd pheno) (Critical impact x Hash Bomb) #2
  6. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Beldia #2, Post break beldia #1, after losing the top half of main stalk. (Critical impact x Hash Bomb) #1 (Critical impact x Hash Bomb) #1 toxic Healer (in back) & Alice (in front)
  7. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Thanks Purps. I like what you got there. If I need added support later on, I have dozens of bamboo stakes that I can add. I have been slacking on spraying the plants with the Dr. Bronner’s, but I will probably start spraying that a little more often. I was planning on getting some beneficial nematodes in there shortly too.
  8. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Thanks Brother Will!! Glad to finally be growing my own Meds in my own backyard of a house I own. It’s what I have always dreamed of.
  9. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Last night all plants got their first feeding of the Nectar For the Gods + Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus. I made a bunch of mistakes, AGAIN. I over corrected when adjusting the water pH, and brought the water pH down too low. So when I gave it to the plants out back, i ran the hose at the same time, hoping they would balance each other out, since the pH runs high. I had used bread twist ties, to tie down some of the plants to their tomato cages. When I went to untie and adjust, the top half of Beldia #1’s main stalk broke off, as well as a good sized branch from Beldia #2. I used a bunch of spare parts I had on hand to piece together an aero cloner (sub pump->riser->sprinkler head), and cut some clones from the Beldia #1 and Beldia #2. They are under my weakest LED lights (18/6) . Sprinkler head mister is 10min on/10min off. Beldia #3 just showed me his balls last night. So Beldia got me pulled and chopped up and blended in my vegetable juicer. I accidentally broke off a couple more branches of Beldia #2, while pulling I got some Before Pics of the Beldia #1 (before the top half broke off)
  10. MedicalManny

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Greetings Green Thumbs. New Round with a new grow, so I’m starting a new thread. I will try to update this one a little more often than the last one. This is an outdoor grow- in my backyard. I started all plants from seed (most of them haven’t shown sex yet) I started a bunch of other seeds, but these are the ones that made it. Genetics: Beldia (Morroccan Heirloom) x 3 (Critical Impact x Hash Bomb) x 2 Toxic Healer x 1 “Alice” (Snow Dogg x Gobstopper) x 1 Omega Star (Cannabis Family Seeds) x 1 1 plant is in a pot, the rest are in holes in the ground. 4 of the holes are 3ft deep w/ 12” diameter 1 hole is 12” deep w/ a 3ft diameter Grow Medium: Compost + Amended Soil Compost: I honestly don’t know how many years this material has been composting. There was a big pile of brush/yard waste that had been composting in our backyard when we bought it. When we had the majority of it hauled away, there was a layer of fine brown composted plant matter on the ground left behind. It had the color of coffee and the consistency of sawdust. Amended soil- I used a base of ProMix, Filthy Rich, Earthworm Castings, Vermicompost, and Perlite, and I amended that mix with: Humic Acid, Bone Meal, Kelp Meal, Green Sand, Bat Guano, Epsom Salts, Oyster Shell Flour. (I let this mix sit and cook for a few weeks before mixing it with the compost in the ground, and then waited another couple weeks before planting the seedlings) Feeding Schedule: So far I have given them 3 applications of LABS, 1 compost tea, and, 2 feedings with ALaska Fish fertilizer. The plants have received 3 foliar applications of LABS, and 2 foliar applications of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap. Along with the Bokashi and LABS, I have been trying my luck at making some FFJ’s and FPJ’s, using food/plant scraps from my kitchen and yard. I always try to mix the fruit scraps from the grocery store with at least one plant from the yard, to get some of the local microbial life in to the mix. Last night 6/24/18, they got their first feeding of Nectar for the Gods + Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus THANK YOU to the Jedi KarrMcDebt and the PAy it Forward Family for donating the (Critical impact x Hash Bomb) seeds Thank You to Martin From Cannabis Family Seeds for donating the Omega Star. Thank You to my Homie “Morganik” for donating the Toxic Healer and “Alice” (Toxic Healer is a High CBD strain- which usually tests at a ratio of 1:1 THC:CBd, which is a highly effective ratio for treating my specific kind of Muscular Dystrophy)
  11. MedicalManny

    Manny’s Mini MediGrow -

  12. MedicalManny

    Manny’s Mini MediGrow -

    Hello folks!! Hope all is well with everyone. Been a while since my last update and this will be my final update for this grow thread. I cut down my plants about 10 days ago. I only took one good pic of them. There was still a bit of yellowing/browning in a few of the leaves, when they finished. I remember one of the dudes from Constant Gardener telling me that giving one of the NFTG food bottles too easily would make the plants hunger for even more of the same stuff so it would give the appearance of a deficiency. Not sure whether that was the case this time, or if there really was a deficiency. When I cut them, 2 of the plants had slight yellowing/browning on a few leaves (not all). The Tragic (Douglas County Heirloom) had little to no discoloration. That being said. This has been my best run, to date. Shitty ventilation in the half-bathroom I was growing in, just the cheap generic LED growlight I got off of Amazon, and they still finished with NO BUgs, NO Mold, NO Mildew, NO other major problems. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this thread, especially those of you who commented with your own pro tips. -MedicalManny
  13. MedicalManny

    Manny’s Mini MediGrow -

    Thanks TW!!! Didn’t mean to ignore everyone. Forgot my login info again...
  14. MedicalManny

    Manny’s Mini MediGrow -

    Hey friends!! Another update. I took some clones about a week ago, they aren’t really looking too well. I would have liked to have been able to use my aero cloner bucket, but I didn’t really have the space for it, and honestly I was kinda lazy to put all the parts together. I have had my soil mix cooking outside in the shed for about a week and a half. I was able to get the contractors to dig four deep holes for my plants, when they replaced our fence last week. Those 4 holes are each 2ft deep, 1 foot in diameter. I have another wider hole a little further back, about the size of a kiddie pool. Side note: when the contractors hauled away the yard debris, there was nice layer of composted plant matter on the ground, where the oldest pile had been. (Not sure how long it was there composting, that pile was already there when we moved in last year). I have most of the rest of the equipment purchased for the bigger veg and flower areas that this extra bedroom will be made in to. Plants aren’t too happy with me right now. I gave them rain water that had collected in our kiddie pool, but didn’t check the pH on it or anything, cuz i thought straight rain water was like as good as it gets. So now I’m waiting just gonna try and get them to calm back down a little by giving just water for the next couple weeks, but will pay a lot closer attention to the pH of the water. Side note: i thought it would be a good idea to keep a premixed bottle of water and pH down in the grow area, for last minute minor pH adjustments. Today, I observed some kind of thin film floating on the surface of that water. It smelled kinda like aloe (not really rancid or stinky). Forgot to post this last update so I will just add today’s entry to it. About a month ago, I noticed some yellowing and browning around the edges of some of the lower leaves, on all plants. I’m not sure if this is a sign of lockout or burn, but I think my ppm was a bit too high, my first few feedings. So for the past few weeks I have tried to flush them out a bit with just water. A few days ago, I gave them a bit of hygrozyme and microbe life yellow stuff. (Shout out to the Homey’s at Oregon’s Constant Gardener for the free sample size bottle of microbe life) None of the clones survived. Definitely going to use the aero cloner bucket setup next time. I flipped the seedlings into flower about 10 days ago. 3 of those revealed their sex as male, so they got the axe (not a complete waste leaves went in to the juicer, and stalks went in to the compost) This leaves me with 3 females : 1 CraZy Horse (by Canna Fam Seeds) 1 Tenderheart (by Canna Fam Seeds) 1 Douglas County Heirloom (locally sourced) -it would be way too much time and effort to pull tarp every day, Doing a light depo for just three plants. So I’m just going to finish these three off in my bathroom. Which leaves me kinda empty handed for the outdoor long season. So I popped a few more beans, tossed them outdoors and crossed my fingers. There are: 4 Beldia (Morroccan Heirloom indica) 8 Toxic Healer (a pheno thAt is supposed to have a ratio of 1:1 THC to CBD) And a few others, courtesy of the PIF Seed Bank: 1 critical impact x Hash Bomb 1 Grape Skunk x (Casey Jones x Purple Urkle) Hash Bomb x Bubble Gum 4 of the beldia are in holes in the ground, because if they turn out to be males, I will be saving their pollen for breeding purposes. All the other new sprouts are in small pots in the backyard
  15. MedicalManny

    New REC Grow - what would YOU choose??

    Thanks to every person who added their input. I recently gave them their seedstock and cut ties with them. I am focusing more on my own family and garden