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    St. Helen's Oregon under a mushroom...
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    Gardening, cooking, cleaning, construction, intelligent conversation, mycology, girly things, kids(especially mine :))good fun, good friends, good food and good ganja.
  1. Hey Eddie long time no speak I'm not a ommp card holder anymore (mostly because of a lack of money but also a lack of need) but I'm wondering if there's a way I can work with a med request. I'm usually pretty good about keeping myself covered but I've been dry for a little while now and it's still a while off until my social security is deposited I'm just really hurting and figured I'd look to the community again to see if there might be some form of aid...

  2. my appearance online will be very limited for the time bing

    1. Unistasis


      I hope it goes well for you <3

  3. Becca8991

    Kaks pre 94 bubblegum, going for a pound plant.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jealous lol
  4. Being homeless sucks, being car-less sucks worse. Being jobless is impossible

    1. xbrpete


      Sure enough is a total suck situation,,,, hope it changes asap!

    2. Unistasis


      I feel for you, Becca. Im in a similar situation soon. I pray for us all

  5. I have to concur with darth on that one only way water accrues bugs is if it starts that way or it sits stagnant
  6. Becca8991

    Pop culture picture contest,,,, prizes!!!

    yay i feel special.... youngest one in the group figures out the hippie style lol. Hard contest pete
  7. Becca8991

    Bug ID Assistance for member

    hate to say it but mitywash works wonders for many pests.... A lavender wash i've seen mentioned here would work in theory as well depending
  8. Becca8991

    Pop culture picture contest,,,, prizes!!!

    ok Nehru jacket
  9. Becca8991

    Pop culture picture contest,,,, prizes!!!

    you already guessed....... Twice....
  10. Need to find a new place for life to happen yet again and as always at the MOST inconvenient time

  11. Bump! Considering Hosting a non PIF meet n greet if there are people that are interested! I'm thinking late august for a mid summer nights eve theme. Private venue of course!
  12. Becca8991

    Pop culture picture contest,,,, prizes!!!

    Nehru jacket or tweed?????
  13. Becca8991

    Pop culture picture contest,,,, prizes!!!

    which one still needs answered this is all a lil scrambled for me
  14. Becca8991

    Cannabinoids & Breast Milk:

    Its funny my ex accuses me of all kinds of crazy pre natal imbibing of harmful chemicals but all i did was consume the pot my OBGYN suggested in my high stress high risk pregnancy..... and my baby is one smart cookie
  15. that sounds effing awesome <drools in corner> this is the sorta stuff i was daydreaming in high school a serious bit of DIY porn. Inventing is fun.... (please forgive the lewd and lascivious commentary on my behalf.)