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  1. Got a call from eloquent solutions, Lady Strider has passed from a complication of Diabetes. 


    May she rest in peace, 


  2. Lady Strider

    LadyStrider's Fried Chicken Recipe :)

    Ummmmm BB, are you talking about the Halloween gathering? That was my own shake n bake recipe... That changes every time i make it though so nailing down a recipe might be a lil' difficult
  3. Lady Strider

    I need help with my math...

    OMFG that was cute!!!! LOL And ES is right.... call the fire department before the cops!
  4. Lady Strider

    Thank you Brownbear Thank you so much.

    Awesome BB, you rock!!
  5. Lady Strider

    Our Daughter Caught A Dinosaur.

    awwwwwwww matches my iguana now! lol
  6. Lady Strider

    Strider555 And Jeff Ty For The Help Today

    PIF ROCKS!! Thanks guys!
  7. EloquentSolution's mother Patrica (Laby) passed away peacefully this morning.
  8. Happy Forth Of July.

  9. Lady Strider

    Our Huge Cat.

    Beautiful Cat!
  10. Lady Strider

    Autumn's Head Stone

  11. Join us in chat tonight at 9 PM