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  1. Happy Birthday!  :D

  2. sinful

    work I'm doin...

    man, come do that for me!
  3. sinful

    In my garden

    yeah, rave scene in So Cal, just before PLUR (peace love unity respect) started.... LOTS of blotter, lots of tabs (X), and smoke for days. I miss the candyflip.... Then I remember I am middle aged, and need to grow up, and just smoke my reef...er, medicine. Different DJ's, but the soundtrack was the same. But so much like a grateful dead concert, when the drugs were gone, the music sucked.
  4. sinful

    In my garden

    mdma no lsd? Weird, man. Just weird.
  5. sinful

    Removing Pollen form Grow Room ?

    water. I think 'Pete says he sprays the surrounding branches with water, when he pollinates one branch, I think. Get room wet. Water will stop the viability of pollen. I can't remember the thread, but someone was talking about how the fancy breeders in holland use a water curtain to secure pollen from escaping. you might change your title color, it is really hard to read, may keep other people from responding. Good luck!
  6. sinful

    Striped leaves

    I use vinegar, but not for anything special. A small adjustment to make it happier for the plants. If I have organic apple cider vinegar, I use that. I don't want to guarantee it, but it has worked for me in the garden and for my trees and roses.
  7. sinful

    Striped leaves

    pH of 10? that seems nuts!
  8. sinful

    Striped leaves

    when you get pH lockout, you get multiple deficiencies at one time....
  9. sinful

    Striped leaves

    not nitrogen, at a glance, maybe phosphorous? You don't have much in your nutes. would be my first guess.
  10. Day 43 Changed nutes. cut Calcium by 1/2, magnesium by 1/4, and am running my base nutes about 20% stronger. PK Boost (late) at 5ml per gallon, per directions.
  11. so what do you think, just use 1 pump for the tanks in the tent, then use a separate pump to keep the outside resevoir moving, too? pH water for flush, and cutting the cal in half tonight when I do the nute change. Thanks jm
  12. wow. Some amazing first steps, these days. We live in interesting times.
  13. 3 days, stable pH. much nicer than .5 drift every 12 hours. Still and all, not too bad. A question for the audience: when do I cut back on my calcium? it has nitrogen in it, I noticed, can I cut it out 2 weeks before harvest, or do I need to keep it going until the week before with the rest of the nutes?? Instructions show using it through to the next to last week, but I was hoping someone might have advice. heading into week 7, might be the last nute change, then 8-10 day flush in plain water. Do I pH the water I use during the last "flush" week? one last question: in my plain water res, do I need to keep airstones?
  14. sinful

    Grow Closet Help!!

    if you find a way to aim the blue duct fan 90 degrees counter clockwise, pointed towards the hole, it will speed up air flow a great deal. Other than that, it looks amazing, my man. Great job!