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  1. I hope you had a great Birthday. 


    1. debone


      i did so ty .i went trout fishing in the mountains was great day



      Oh, that sounds fun. We're having our last run of good weather. It was pretty cold last night.  

      Thanks for coming on-line and sharing with us. :) 

  2. Happy Birthday! :) 

  3. bonelessme

    Fungus gnats

    Last time I had fungus nats I used sticky traps and potatoe slices burried in or two under top layer of soil.larvea eat attracted to potatoes eatts some posinous they die .traps catch fliers and repeat spuds every four days for couple weeks problem solved
  4. bonelessme

    lets grow and learn together

    yes lots posted on diff site
  5. bonelessme

    sick plaNT

    if you cant learn cause you know it all your in for a hell of a lesson and a huge surprise
  6. bonelessme

    sick plaNT

    after alot of research and reviewing my several diff journals on diff sites ive come to on conclution all plant deficiencies were grower caused i mixed up the ferts wrong will now rectify this and go baCK TO JAKES FERTSONCE AGAIN I ADMIT IT WAS ALL MY FAULT .
  7. bonelessme

    sick plaNT

    today it seems plants have recovered and are doing alot better
  8. bonelessme

    PHOTO Contest December 2014

    well i hate to say it but how can pp win with my picture ek
  9. bonelessme

    PHOTO Contest November 2014

  10. bonelessme

    sick plaNT

    the 24 hour report show plants resopnding well to the 10-52-10
  11. bonelessme

    sick plaNT

    im pretty much leaning that way freind.genetics.just top dressed yesterday so ill wait couple days and see ,if no better ill use wht i have for years with super successhttp://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/outdoor-living/lawn-garden-care/fertilizers/plant-garden-fertilizer/plant-prod-plant-starter-10-52-10-fertilizer-1-kg-0592308p.html#.VFQHjDTF-n0 i fed each plant 1.33 litres of half strength
  12. bonelessme

    sick plaNT

    this plant 2 weeks old in coco perlite dolimitic lime mix been acting uo since birth temp 73f light cfl 12 in away been fed once 3 days ago and top dressed with dolim.was always pale but greening up with dlomi treatment all others same everything all good.pic of her and plant that is same everything but a ok
  13. bonelessme

    PHOTO Contest November 2014

    could i please get some votes on my pictures please and thank you
  14. bonelessme

    PHOTO Contest November 2014

    butane torch pipe with ceramic stone works great. got it doing barter thing