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  1. Happy Birthday. 

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    Pancho, Lucy, Lilly & Ziggy

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    CSI Humboldt Mendo Bx1

    Nice, what strain?
  5. tumbleweed

    Room setup

    Adding a pair of 2x4 or 1 2x4 and 1 4x4 or a pair of 4x4 tents (with shelves in at least one) could really help maximize the space if the budget and lighting allow. Lots of possibilities in 8x8 space.
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    DIY Hydro Flood/Drain / Ebb/Flow Unit ~

    bigpapa, other than what I listed, I really don't have one, will see if I can lookup the tubs, but the drain/fill fittings I just bought from the tubs they have at my local grow shop... I also connect the plug of the pump to a timer and set for 15-30 min a few times a day, adjust as needed for environment. The first time filling, fill from the top to just below the top of the top bucket to be sure it can't spill, the clay pellets will float as filling. peace and be well
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    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    happy chickens
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