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  1. I hope you're enjoying a great Birthday, cheri and I send our best. 




    1. itsonlyaplant


      Thank you so much! Hope everyone is happy healthy and safe #peace

  2. Happiest of Birthday wishes. 

  3. What's up man


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    2. itsonlyaplant


      Tired, restless, frustrated....just life man, we all have struggles.  How have you been? And we have an alchemy section here, right?

    3. itsonlyaplant


      Can you pop over to the chat?

  4. itsonlyaplant

    Are you interested in growing organically??

    That's some nice looking soil there, thanks for sharing. I'm a hydro guy myself, and had to chime in, for those who are not physically able to mix quality homemade soil. There are wonderful, certified organic nutrients out there in liquid form, at a pretty good price. They will work in any medium. and promote growth of micro flora and fauna. But keep in mind if you're a hydro fan, use a quality semi-solid inline pump. And keep an eye on your sprayers and drips if you use those(as organic nutrients tend to be larger particles than the lab stuff). Peace love and happy growing IOAP
  5. itsonlyaplant

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    The house is priced well based on comparables in the area. Thank
  6. itsonlyaplant

    DIY Hydro Flood/Drain / Ebb/Flow Unit ~

  7. itsonlyaplant

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    Definitely gonna look into this. Got to Check prices, requirements, restrictions, reviews, etc. Could be a useful place to make a difference for people. IOAP
  8. You let them sleep, and keep them hydrated. Luckily cannabis does not affect the autonomic functions. Breathing and such. So while they may look sad and sickly, they'll be fine. Also don't forget that large doses of CBD convert to THC in stomach acid, if I'm not mistaken. And don't forget that THCa is nonpsycoactive...just my thoughts, I'm not a doctor.
  9. itsonlyaplant

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    Did you ever find anything?
  10. itsonlyaplant

    ♥ CONTEST♥ -20X Watch (Winner) ~

    420 please
  11. itsonlyaplant

    Everyone likes a bad joke!

    A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs any help with his luggage. He says, "No, I'm traveling light."
  12. I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday a bit early. :) Thanks for bringing us all the extra veiws to our website.

    1. itsonlyaplant


      Thanks man...hope your day goes well and that everyone is safe.