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  1. Happy Birthday. We hope everything is going well for you. 

  2. Shattered Crystal sparkling in sunlight... enlightening!

  3. PippiHempSox

    ►PARTY WITH EK & Potlandia Sat June 22nd◄

    Wishing you the VERY BEST Anni-Birthday Celebration today for all you do for this Community Mr. Kirk…
  4. Not enough Shit for a Sandwich…

  5. All waiting is long…

    1. Unistasis


      Thank you Pippi. Perhaps it was subconscious, but i had a progress today, in a weird way.thank you

  6. PippiHempSox

    ashtrays and heartbreaks

    Smokin' Bro!
  7. PippiHempSox

    Are You Kiddin Me News..... Wtf?

    wtf? we know where you live… (& stay out of gresham) http://users.humboldt.edu/mstephens/hate/hate_map.html
  8. Strike the iron whilst its hot…

  9. PippiHempSox

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    Well, it's official... I'll be looking to re-locate again soon as well. Portland home I've rented with my daughter on & off for 10yrs is going on the market Interested in looking at surrounding rural areas, perhaps Oregon City or Estacadia, I'm sure there are more... just outside metro is better, going towards the Central Eastside is cool as well, tolerance for the city has it's limits after all...
  10. PippiHempSox

    ►PARTY WITH EK & Potlandia Sat June 22nd◄

    Sweet! I would like to be counted in the counts to be counted in… Yeah!!! This is bits closer to my neighborhood, too, although NOW I have wheels again, so I can also offer some transpo for the car-less
  11. PippiHempSox

    Big UPs for l3SV…

    …for being at the right place at just the right time. (like on a very regular basis, it appears)! THANKS FOR BEING A GENUINELY GREAT BIG GOB OF GIVING… I truly appreciate you coming so far out of your way, to get this medicine closer to me… I want you to know it's turning out to be quite the godsend!!! You may be correct, Brad… the cancer I see felt like it was being torn away while using the HAO, but I was able to buck it up and power through, & it has all but healed now. Fact now perhaps is HAO is focusing on cancer in my spine, i know, (?) we're not doctors here, we're just patients helping patients, but I do think it could be a viable… dying tissue breaking away… excruciating as this is, would be great news no matter how we look at it, & getting real relief is just never fully appreciated! CUZ YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Ever So Grateful, 13SV Lovin' Hugs, Pip
  12. PippiHempSox

    What a Rave!-DannyBoy "Paying It Forward"

    Alright, DannyBoy, you are GOLDEN!!! what a way to spend a picture perfect afternoon… Whooty WHOOT!!! (hope you got a hat, or at least a slather of sunscreen on?)
  13. PippiHempSox

    Specialized Formulations LLC Thank you

    Here, Here!!! I s agree, What a wondrous Blessing to you, EK and to us, …because we're all quite lucky to have you around, Mr. Kirk. You are a special gift to this community and I'm grateful for all the work you do… made entirely possible, in part, by these good folk, of course! Raising a Glass to our friends and yours' Specilized Formulations LLC (keeping Mr. Kirk inline & out of trouble… J/K)
  14. Quite a blessed day…

    1. PippiHempSox


      …luckily, unscathed by the rather large branches crashing from my neighbors tree.

    2. Just Sayin

      Just Sayin

      Glad you weren't injured. The winds here have been quite strong and we lost a pretty big branch from the white birch tree.