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  1. I have a few older friends who are using this successfully to combat the high. Works great! http://www.cannabiscure.info/files/citicoline.htm
  2. RSO

    BHO/RSO Safety! Please read!

    Great BHO tips! Thanks GrayWolf ✌&❤
  3. RSO


    A day after taking our dog to get neutered half of his head literally turned into a giant repulsive scab, It was so sad. It may have been a reaction to some of the vaccines he got while he was there but I'm not 100% sure. Whatever this was it continued to spread fast. We decided to use some cannabs oil to heal it instead of wasting thousands of dollars on multiple visits to the vet. Needless to say the oil worked instantly and after about 9 days ~Rasta was completely healed and starting to grow new hair again! TIP: When applying oil topically on your pets head and he/she is wearing a protective cone, the oil could rub off onto the inside of the cone and your pet will most likely lick it off... All of it lol. Rasta ate over a gram of high quality oil and ended up being heavily buzzed for a few days ( which can be a little sad to watch in a way) but overall 100% worth it, he is now a happy and healthy dog again thanks to cannabis. ✌&❤
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    <3 this website! Can't thank you guys enough for all the great info. ;)
  5. 8 lbs of flowers! Happy Harvest Z!
  6. RSO

    Cannabinoid Receptors

    I scream this every morning when I wake up....in my brave heart voice. Ahahaha
  7. This is so awesome! Skunk Pharm ROCKS! I don't think Mykayla will be eating 5 grams of GW's oil a day brandon lol I would imagine thats some of the cleanest, most potent extract in the world. Hmmm I Wonder if it will be made from the cannatonic strain. I hope to make it to the auction I'm sure it will be a great time! Hopefully see you guys there =) Peace, Love, and Joy from Pa
  8. <3 Brave mykayla! She is an inspiration to all children. My kids adore her! Keep up the fight little one we're all behind you! Much respect to Brandon and Erin for teaching their daughter about Cannabis medicine. YOU GUYS ROCK!!
  9. Hi I see you on the site. Thanks for joining us. If you would like to make an introduction in this forum by starting a new topic, the rest of the site will open. Thanks for looking. If you need help just ask me here. EddieKirk http://freemygreenpdx.com/index.php?/forum/33-introductions/