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  1. The skunk event at the cannabis cafe was amzing and very successful! Thank you to everyone that took part, our family appreciates the generous help and the love and respect from everyone who supports our journey.

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      that's cool to hear..

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  2. People globally enjoy partaking in the pungent flowers of the Cannabis plant, seeking the euphoric psycho-activity unique to this plant, whether for pain relief, pleasure or pastime. Many people though are unaware of the amazing benefits of Raw, organic Cannabis Juice. In raw form, Cannabis leaves and the tri-chrome covered flowers are concentrated with non-psychoactive, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-regulating and anti-cancer nutrient compounds including lesser-known Tetrahydrocannabicannabidiol (CBD), and Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) both of which are proving to be therapeutic substances capable of preventing and/or reversing a plethora of chronic and debilitating illnesses. When you begin juicing “raw” cannabis, you will consume cannabinoids in their acid forms. The raw form of CBD is CBDA or cannabidiolic acid. The raw form of THC is THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. These are the A arrangements of the molecules, the non-psychoactive forms. The acids of this plant are not psychoactive unless they are decarboxylated, or heated. When decarboxylation takes place the acids are converted to Δ9-THC and CBD. Recently CBD is making waves in research, being regarding as a highly medicinal substance with unique immune-regulating capabilities. The human body already contains an endogenous cannabinoid system, complete with different types of cannabinoid receptors, introducing cannabinoids to your systems can help normalize the body's functions, including cellular communication, regeneration and repair, as well as regulating immune function. JUICING WORKS! Because it provides the cannabinoid acids, which are potent anti-inflammatory compounds that help activate and regulate the endocannabinoid system. When you juicing is done properly, you should not have to worry about psycho-activity. Though preparing the juice improperly may lead to heating the solution and causing THC to form, this can be said of pasteurization, even flash pasteurization. I utilize the power of raw Cannabis in juiced form myself. This juice possesses a powerful grassy taste, definitely lacking in the flavor department. It is best mixed into a smoothie for those with sensitive palates, chased with apple juice or lemonade or just straight for veterans and die-hards. No matter the taste, it is worth the power-house of nutrients found within. Canna Juicers will notice a strong increase in energy levels, feeling invigorated almost immediately. I am unsure as to why this amount of energy is produced, I am pretty sure it has something to do with the metabolism of the acid components of the juice, leaving it exceptionally beneficial to those with chronic-fatigue issues. This juice has appetite suppressant qualities, as you do not feel the urge to eat as often, and there are no “munchies” associated with raw Cannabis juice. One downfall is, in its raw form Cannabis Juice does not have a long-shelf life. The neon-green juice begins to turn the mucky-brown of oxidation about as quickly as an apple once bitten into. I would not recommend keeping juice longer than 12 hours as the nutritional value begins to degrade. You are able to store the juice in the freezer for a period of 6-12 months, though fresh is best! My friend and Juicing Guru, Dr. William Courtney, of Mendocino County California recommends that patients juice 15-20 leaves per day. Cannabis leaves have the highest CBD levels, and therefore are the best for juicing. Prime juicing material is found when the plants are between 70-85 days old. He believes that individuals with compromised immune systems from autoimmune disorders, cellular dysfunction, chronic inflammation, cancer and various other illnesses can derive a wide range of health-promoting benefits by consuming organic raw Cannabis Juice. I believe that Cannabis, and the compounds found within are vital nutrients missing from our modern, prohibitionist, western diet. Give raw, organic Cannabis juicing a try, feel the benefits for yourself, and then share the news with your friends and loved ones. Don’t be afraid to cure yourself! Cannadad
  3. I wrote an article, High Times Editor in Chief wants me to submit it! Yeah!!

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      Article submitted today!!! Now I await their editors decision. The subject matter is our story...

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      Right On! You guys ROCK!! My kids <3 Brave Mykayla =) thanks for the picture and bracelets they love them, wear them to school and everything. :) ~Peace, Love, and Strength~ from Pa Hope Mykayla is feeling ok after the chemo this week :( she is so Brave!! Tell her Julian and Marley are thinking about her and wish her a quick recovery <3



  4. Thank you GrayWolf! We are very low on her supply. What an awesome offer., Erin and I appreciate this so much.
  5. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! kiss the ones you love and hold them close for a minute longer than you normally do, today is a special day for that... Good Energy, Peace, Love and Happiness to all...

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      Happy Valintines day...to your and yours..

  6. Cannadad

    A great long laugh!

    Today we got an amazing gift. Josh White and his family from Prineville Oregon Sent us this video dedicated to Mykayla today, We spent over 4 minutes laughing... These kids are totally awesome! Mykayla and Ryleigh Loved this video so much! I wanted to share it with everyone here. This was a much needed laugh for all of us. I hope you all find it as funny as I do... PeaceloveCURE Cannadad Check out the link below.. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=301028280020106
  7. Where is she? Where's Mykayla? There she is! rolling in the green grass, giggling away, up and running, she's off to adventure... twinkling sapphire eyes, hazel toned mahogany hair, and a leopards pelt worth of creamy umber freckles... that's our baby girl right there... full of life, independent, determined, stubborn, curious, imaginative, spirited, enthusiastic, intelligent, artistic, an amazing big sister and so full of life that she is always bubbling over with happiness... our daughter has this flair about her, she lives life to the fullest. She is so special to us; she is her sister Ryleigh's special best friend in life... One day she woke up tired... she didn't feel like playing much. She was just a little tired. We noticed she was coughing a little bit... so we let her sit around and watch movies for the day. She wasn't too hungry, she just wanted to snack. We thought she had a bug, so off to urgent care we went. Strep throat was what we were told it was. Awesome strep is not that bad, antibiotics and rest, maybe some salt water gargle here or there, standard treatment for strep... Two weeks or so pass, she still has this lingering cough... it sounds very much like an allergic cough, and given the season it fit. Well that cough and the random sneezes. Then the stomach aches. Daddy, mommy, I hurt, it’s my belly. Strange. So we called a pediatrician and set up an appointment. After a few selective questions and a relatively quick appointment we were hustled out the door with the advice to discontinue milk and dairy in her diet. OK doc, you bet. Sorry Sweetheart no more cheese, butter, milk, mac and cheese, yogurt, you know the drill... buy the almond milk and alternative cheeses, replacement comfort foods and put your foot down when she gets to missing all the old foods. such a struggle to eat. Two weeks go by, the cough is still there, even more apparent however. louder, more forceful, and a raspy. The dietary changes led to no more bed wetting but the stomach pains did not subside. Now they were constant. Added to that were the complaints of back and joint pain. She was tired all the time. We noticed she was short of breathe... what is going on? She hasn't ever had allergies before. She is our healthy daughter. Time to go to the doctor again. What was he thinking? Lactose intolerance? Then came the night sweats and the labored breathing. Every night became a decision to go to the ER or not. Finally the appointment. The doctor listened, he ran some tests. A lot of people came to see the results... who are all these people? Why are they looking at us this way? We found a large mass. Then came the Whirlwind... extra tests, children's hospital called, sent home, pack pack pack, time to go to Portland... drive drive drive, check in, go over the stories time and time again, what has Mykayla been like? Any exposures? Poke prod, touch, listen, question, wonder, be scared... wait stop! What is going on? Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia... A cancer of the blood and bone-marrow. A tumor literally the size of a basketball in her chest. Not Strep, not lactose intolerance, not allergies nor a cold... cancer. For some reason this little angel's life path has brought a journey of this magnitude into her life. It is terrifying. It is strengthening, it is sad... we have heavy hearts and melancholy minds...no parent should have to watch their child go through this. Children are innocent. They are not deserving of a disease such as this... Mykayla has a treatment plan in place for chemotherapy. She is receiving a multitude of chemotherapy drugs both intravenously and through intramuscular injections. She has to undergo treatment for the next three years. Until she is 10. she will lose her hair, feel nausea, pain and depression. She wont feel like a child. She wont feel like herself. but it always gets worse before it gets better. She will have to pull from the deepest within herself to fight this off. She will have to be determined, resilient, strong and unyielding... good thing our little girl is all of these things. B. This was written before Cannabis Therapy... A little prologue to Brave Mykayla. The picture is one of Mykayla before diagnosis...
  8. getting ready for tomorrow. we have a chemo appointment, we have a radio show tomorrow @330pm @ www.420radio.org -- Auction benefit for our family...

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      Hope all goes well :)

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      May the benefit help loads!!!

  9. Lymphoblasts are immature cells which typically differentiate to form mature lymphocytes. Normally lymphoblasts are found in the bone marrow only, but in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), lymphoblasts proliferate uncontrollably and are found in large numbers in the peripheral blood smear. July 14th 2012 (diagnosis day and steroid treatment began) Mykayla’s Lymphoblast percentage in her blood smear was 33% July 15th 2012 - 51% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear July 16th 2012 – 11% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear (began chemotherapy) July 17th 2012 – 14% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear July 18th 2012 – 16% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear July 19th 2012 – 3% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear July 20th 2012 – 29% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear (got released from hospital) July 23rd 2012 – 31% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear July 24th 2012 – BEGAN CANNABIS OIL (RICK SIMPSON OIL, WHOLE EXTRACT CANNABIS OIL) July 26th 2012 – 5% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood smear July 30th 2012 – 3% Lymphoblasts in Mykayla’s blood (doctor spoke to us about Mykayla’s Lymphoblast count failing to go down to 0 and said that a Bone Marrow Transplant MAY BE in our near future because her blasts are not gone from her blood. August 2nd 2012 – 0% blasts August 6th 2012 – 0% blasts August 13th 2012 – 0% blasts August 20th 2012 – 0% blasts TODAY – 0% blasts! July 30th 2012 was THE VERY LAST TIME THEY HAVE FOUND LYMPHOBLASTS IN MYKAYLA’S BLOOD SMEAR!!!! The very next time we saw the oncologist they told us Mykayla was in remission. Some may say that cannabis does not “cure” cancer… I am not saying the steroids and chemo didn’t help… but this right here shows something… proof enough for me! Some say cannabis is inappropriate for children… We Say cancer is inappropriate for children. <3 PeaceloveCURE
  10. Cannadad

    A standard belief system

    You are born… you come into this world with no opinions, you have no concept of the world around you… You are taught to live life a certain way. There is a belief that there is only one right way when it comes to medicine, this belief is forced upon you, your very first day on earth in the form of a vaccine. From then on out it becomes a steady onslaught of prescribed inoculations “for your health” and chemical remedies; Tylenol, Ibuprofen, anti-histamines, cold medicines, etc. Breast feeding has become looked down upon, taboo, not as good for the child as a laboratory designed and produced infant formula. Food has changed, it is now rows upon rows of boxes and bags of premade processed foods, mixtures full of chemical preservatives, additives, chemically derived vitamins and corn syrup. Scientists have genetically modified foods and changed the face of this planets plant species forever. Our human bodies, do not recognize these new “foods” the response the body has to GMOs is the same as the response to any toxin. When GMO crops are being cultivated they require many different chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals are aerially applied, from planes passing over our homes, next to our schoolyards in many places. There has been a misleading campaign of beneficial health results from mass fluoridation, which has been shown to be false, fluoride is not healthy, it is very toxic. Everything around us is toxic; our environment has degrading into a blighted land. Our children are sick. Our children are afflicted in so many sad ways that it becomes a question of who actually has a normal kid anymore. What is normal? Our generation’s children have an epidemic of disease. Autism, Mitochondrial disease, Cancer, Metabolic disorders, these diseases are on the rise. This belief system, that man-made pharmaceutical medicine is a miracle, is the answer, is an acceptable cure, it is failing. Parents are speaking out from all corners of the earth, questioning the reasons, wanting to know why? Why are our children sick? Why are our children afflicted with disease so young, why is it such a fight for survival? When did all of these medicines, these protocols, these requirements become necessary? Why did food have to be modified? Who decided that chemicals became mandatory? Are we supposed to believe in the miracle that has caused more death and disease than it has cured? Are we supposed to sit complacently by and accept the lies as truths when faced with these illnesses? Who says we are not supposed to seek out and use what works? I am done with the rules. Rules are meant to be broken. Rules are nothing but obstacles obviously, because what we were told is the only answer is wrong. It is a lie. I refuse to participate any longer. I choose to question the system that is here now. I choose to find my own answers. I will do my own research, I will question protocols. I will question procedures and prescriptions. I choose cannabis. I choose organic. I choose natural. I choose freedom. I oppose what I was force-fed from childhood on. I have been beaten down by this system. I have watched children be poisoned day after day. I feel the effects of 27 years of this system internally. I choose change. I choose a new independent way of thinking. I no longer accept your inoculations, I no longer accept your medications, I no longer accept your reasons, research, theories, laws or punishments, because I am free and I know they do not work. I am one of the many who demand change. Together we can and we will bring about this change. peaceloveCURE B.
  11. Hi I see you on the site. Thanks for joining us. If you would like to make an introduction in this forum by starting a new topic, the rest of the site will open. Thanks for looking. If you need help just ask me here. EddieKirk http://freemygreenpdx.com/index.php?/forum/33-introductions/