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  1. keoni

    The Lush LED Lighting challenge

    I am waiting to see how this goes but all the photos of flowers grown with led have looked very leafy to me ,very healthy looking but leafy so hoping I am wrong and we shall see.
  2. keoni

    Kaks Dreamy Affy. by Dlo

    Love me some D,A. Big dense colas looking good nice work !
  3. Hows everything growing love to see the girls , hope everything going good for you !
  4. keoni


    Do you know if they are still doing free tea tuesdays ?
  5. It suck but if some ones a grower only in oregon from the way i understand it that does not make it legal for them to medicate they are aloud to grow and possesses cannabis same for the caregivers diffrents being caregiver are the ones that pick up meds for patients that are unable to get out of the house but they legally are not covered for medicating only the patients are covered been this way from the start but no one enforced it lame gray area .
  6. keoni

    The Lush LED Lighting challenge

    Thank you , Let us know when you get it how well it's made i'm allways cocerned on the zipper , I dislike buying from the enternet I preffer to see how well thing are made but thats just me .
  7. keoni

    The Lush LED Lighting challenge

    How much did your tent run you if you don't mind me asking this would simplify things for a new veg area !
  8. I hear in California plant limts 99 and no weight limt this seem a little insane to me and has the potential to cause problems, 99 plants outdoor all around 10 feet tall is a lot of meds i know some one that bought 6 acres and has has done this for at least the last 4 years.
  9. http://www.usatoday.com/news/ DENVER (AP) — Colorado plans to crack down on medical marijuana patients, state health department authorities announced Friday, saying it would challenge patients and medical pot growers with permission for more than six plants. The head of the state Health Department, Dr. Larry Wolk, announced Friday that those so-called "high volume" patients and their designated caregivers will have to show physician justification for "medical necessity" waivers. Colorado has about 5,000 designated "caregivers," people with permission to grow pot on behalf of a medical marijuana patient. Colorado limits caregivers to five patients and 30 plants and requires them to have significant responsibilities for caring for their patients. But 24 caregivers have waivers to grow higher amounts because they've been granted "medical necessity" waivers. One caregiver has 84 patients, Wolk said. Wolk said Friday that the Health Department questions the medical necessity for more than six pot plants per marijuana patient. The agency plans to crack down on those high-volume caregivers. Wolk argued that a high-volume caregiver "is in fact a small unlicensed business" and should instead apply to become commercial marijuana growers. Commercial growers must pay licensing fees and undergo criminal background checks, which aren't required of caregivers. A bill to make that change is expected to be introduced in the Legislature next week. Colorado's pot-legalization measure approved in 2012 did not dismantle the medical registry. The state Health Department oversees the medical marijuana registry, which had about 110,000 patients at the end of January. The Health Department wasn't sure how many of those medical marijuana patients have "medical necessity" waivers to exceed the state limit of six plants per patient. Wolk argued that there isn't adequate research to justify the higher marijuana plant counts. "Single plants can produce significant amounts of usable cannabis," Wolk said. However, the crackdown sparked a fiery backlash from about 80 marijuana activists who criticized the change at an informal listening session at the state Capitol. "This is criminal and this is mean," argued Jim Clark Jr., a high-volume caregiver. Clark says marijuana patients are best treated with oils and concentrates that require large amounts of raw pot. He said that regulated caregivers have never been accused of diverting pot to the black market since the state medical marijuana system was adopted in 2000. "We don't sling pot to the other states," Clark said. Others argued that Colorado simply wants to drive medical marijuana patients to the recreational market, where taxes are higher. Colorado's caregivers are already prohibited from making a profit under a law adopted in 2010. But private caregivers can recoup expenses without paying sales or excise taxes, while commercially grown recreational pot if taxed at least 27.9 percent, in addition to local taxes.. "Let's just get off the greed bandwagon," marijuana activist Timothy Tipton said. ___ Kristen Wyatt can be reached at http://www.twitter.com/APkristenwyatt
  10. keoni

    hydrogen peroxide

    Just wanted to share this dealing with a fungus Mixing charts for gardening with hydrogen peroxideIf you want to start gardening with hydrogen peroxide, you need to know how much peroxide to use. Here are charts to tell you how much! To water or mist plants, to soak seeds, to add to water used to wash sprouts: TO THIS AMOUNT OF WATER ADD THIS AMOUNT OF 3% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE --OR-- ADD THIS AMOUNT OF 35% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 1 cup 1 and 1/2 teaspoons 7 to 10 drops 1 quart 2 tablespoons 1/2 teaspoon 1 gallon 1/2 cup 2 teaspoons 5 gallons 2 and 1/2 cups 3 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon 10 gallons 5 cups 6 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons 20 gallons 10 cups 3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon bathtub (aprox 25 to 35 gallons) * 12 to 17 cups 1 to 1.5 cups * bathtub sizes vary. It is okay to use more water and/or less peroxide. To spray on sick or fungusy plants: TO THIS AMOUNT OF WATER ADD THIS AMOUNT OF 3% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE --OR-- ADD THIS AMOUNT OF 35% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 1 cup 1 tablespoon 1/4 teaspoon 1 pint 2 tablespoons 1/2 teaspoon 1 quart 1/4 cup 1 teaspoon 1 gallon 1 cup 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon 5 gallons 5 cups 6 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons 10 gallons 10 cups 3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoons 20 gallons 20 cups 1 and 1/2 cups plus 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons Please be mindful to choose the correct column in the chart depending on whether you are using 3% hydrogen peroxide or 35% hydrogen peroxide!! As you may notice, the amount of peroxide in the chart for sick and fungusy plants is twice as much as in the first chart. I have heard of people using stronger solutions, but more is NOTalways better. So be careful, and when in doubt, stay safe. You can always apply more another day. If you decide to use a bit more, please make it only a bit more, don't get carried away. Gardening with hydrogen peroxide is great, but too much can harm your plants. 10% hydrogen peroxide is recommended as a week killer -- in other words it will kill your plants at that concentration....
  11. keoni

    Removing Pollen form Grow Room ?

    Thank you great info , rooms 5x8 cement floor and half wall both are sealed wall with drylock extreme floor with a floor epoxy so no real open pores to where about . i know i would have wiped my fan blades but would have forgotten about the inside of my fans thanks . Thinking about using my shop vac blower on the room after first wipe down ,good idea or bad idea ?
  12. keoni

    Removing Pollen form Grow Room ?

    Thanks I've heard water works and i've heard it don't work lol one of those things no one seems to want to agree about , guesse i need to stop being a wimp and start scrubbing figure a lite bleach water mix should work just trying to avoid messing my back up more :-)
  13. Ok as most of know my last Girls seeded and now that they are hanging by their ankles I need to do a huge clean up in my Bloom Room and was wondering the easiest way to kill any pollen that might be left behind in the room ? I'm thinking wiping every inch of the room down with bleach water is going to suck i'm hoping someone has a better way that would kill any pollen left behind .
  14. keoni

    thank you ek and Cheri

    Hope you enjoy it , you can buy replacement heating elements if ever needed http://www.flipens.com/#!product/prd16/1583122165/new-micro-fli-pen-atomizer i don't know if you have used or thought to use the e juices but you can buy a Atomizer for using ejuice http://www.flipens.com/#!product/prd16/1583143525/micro-fli-pen-eliquide-atomizer this will plug right in to the Micro FLi Pen
  15. keoni


    Nice to hear it worked out for you :-) I really enjoyed the flavor out the butter it produces , the magical butter guy's have a bunch of videos on youtube showing diffrent recipes and how the get the most use out of the machine that are worth checking out when you have the time , i'm thinking gummies are next on my list to get made .