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  1. MistressJan


    I've never used BHO, but I've made RSO a few times now. I don't have cancer, but I use it for RA instead. I make it with 99% ispropyl alcohol. I have also used Everclear/Clearsprings. I take my time with the preparation of it and I leave it on the coffee warmer probably longer than I need to. I wouldn't buy it from anyone because of the very reasons you warned about. If I couldn't make it myself, then I wouldn't have it at all. The BHO stuff seems scary but that's probably because of the horror stories I've read about. But I agree, you have to know what's in it. Or, in the case of RSO, what's still in it after you think you're done. It's why I grow for myself and I use no pesticides. I'm fortunate enough that my husband got rid of the spider mites a couple of years ago and we've not had them since. The notion of pesticides, fecal matter, etc. on plants that will become medicine makes me nuts, so purity is definitely the key to safety.
  2. MistressJan

    My first attempt at RSO

    Do you have a link to validate this statement ? I have never seen or read such , even spoke with Rick and was never informed to use anything except the prime buds , as well he just released a video showing inferior Simpson oil that is green and in comparison to his that was golden . He advised there as well not to use trim or shake and only the best buds should be used to make a curing oil of the Simpson grade ! I remember seeing the same about using bud. I can't remember if it was on the phoenix tears site, or another site that I've been on. I remember a couple of years ago watching a video that said to use everything, but then I saw this other about using premium bud recently, so that's why I felt comfortable doing it.
  3. MistressJan

    My first attempt at RSO

    We actually washed it longer than the 3 minutes - I used Everclear. We did that twice. I also used only one strain - Flav. I like that one a lot, especially when I used to get serious muscle spasms. A couple of hits off of a pipe and I swear to you they disappeared immediately. I haven't ever seen anything else do that, so we always grow Flav. And as it happened, that's what I had left before we harvested, so I used that. We grow indoors, so our yield is limited and it takes a while to get this much up to use for oil. I'm really looking forward to the next time and I'll check out the info you recommended!
  4. MistressJan

    My first attempt at RSO

    I'm on Humira too. I don't experience what your wife does though. I have RA and I've been able to stop the tramadol, both blood pressure pills, and the anti-inflammatory drug I was on. Now, it's just Humira and Sulfasalazine. For eleven years, I went from it nearly killing me to the much better place I am now. The eleventh year was a million times worse than the other ten put together. I still have RA and I still have symptoms. It's just that I can deal with it now. I was intimidated by the process as well until I did it. You'll see.
  5. MistressJan

    My first attempt at RSO

    I didn't have a whole plant(s) to use. I had bud in jars that I had to do something with or I would have been out of compliance. So I just used that. My main focus has been on making capsules, tincture and salves. It would be nice though, to use the whole plant. If I had fewer restrictions on how much I can grow, then I might feel comfortable with designating a certain number of plants for oil. But right now, I did what I did and it turned out well or at least well enough ;-)
  6. MistressJan

    Vegetable Glycerin Sources

    Amazon has it for $39.95 for Prime members. The advantage to that is you have free shipping. The disadvantage to being a Prime member is that there's yearly membership of about $80 I think. But if you order a lot from Amazon, then it ends up being worth the initial yearly investment. I do a lot of gluten free stuff with them, and if I do a regular shipment order, I can get an even better price. I'm not sure that the glycerin is available for that though.
  7. MistressJan

    My first attempt at RSO

    We made RSO this weekend for the first time. I had never used it before, but I got a couple of vape pens to try and it seemed that we needed oil for them to work properly. The kid at the liquor store was adorable when he asked me what I was going to use the Everclear for. I answered honestly, because I really don't care who knows I use cannabis, and after he stammered, and couldn't seem to form coherent sentences anymore, I signed the credit card receipt, thanked him very much and left. Never a good idea to ask me a question that you think I'm going to have a hard time answering. Because I won't. ;-) We used Rick Simpson's recipe, complete with rice cooker, and wouldn't you know, it worked. I've made capsules, tincture, butter, salves and all that. My husband has made candy, other baked goods and hash. But the oil seemed scary, so it's taken us a couple of years to get up the nerve. How silly was that! It was easy. We used the deck outside (it was in the 30's) and there was a little wind so I didn't feel we needed any fan and we just followed the recipe. I ended up with about a 1/3 of a cup. I think we started with just under 19 ounces. Using the oil in the vape pen is really nice. It's a different feeling than with a pipe. At least that's my experience. And, I can take the pen to work with me if I need more than tincture during the day. Note to self: start EARLY in the morning next time. Starting at 2pm means you finish at 4:30a the next day. And God help us, we're too old for that.
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