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  1. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    You must not be following along, lol yea you should refer to the link i just gave for post #11 seen above ^^^^^^^tells all about it. it is built similar to a pallet...
  2. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    No they are not. In the begining of the thread I talked about how I built the floor to fit the light footprint. I was going to use pallets but decided against it becuase of cleanliness issues. Post #11 http://freemygreenpdx.com/index.php?/topic/5525-fanatical-organic-al-botanical-methodology/&do=findComment&comment=49912
  3. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    You want fast growing healthy plants? Start with a healthy LARGE clone. Here is a clone @ 14 days that was left over. All the other cuts were in pots @ 7 days, this one was still hanging around...
  4. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    I also mulched w perlite about 3" deep. When trimming up branches always remember to sterilze your cutting tools between plants. i use a jar of 99% iso alc to clean my pruning shears or scissors. Always cut the branch back to the base of the main stem where it can heal properly. Nubs of plant material are vectors for mold and infection.
  5. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Let it grow. I did nothing to it. I did not top one plant or tie anything. The plants fill in any space were there is light. Since I built the floor to fit the light footprint the canopy makes itself. I dont top because I dont like unbalanced plants. Topped plants make more buds, but they can only make as much as the food in the soil provides energy for x your light source. So it may appear that you get more with topping but thats not always true, most times its more illusory than anything. Since I didnt top and I have limited space the colas that pack on directly under the light get really big. Thats what I need them to do is stack right where they are instead of branching out everywhere and making smaller bud spots that make more work and give relatively the same yield. One thing I did do is remove the underbush. Some call it lolipoping I dont care for that term for some reason.. lol, my canopy is flat any thing small and spindly is removed. I dont need to have small loose nuggets stealing energy from my tops. This is my I like 1k watt lights for light penetration into your canopy..Ill show you iin a second what I mean...
  6. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Well I wouldnt plant my cannabis in that soil. Amend it and do you veggies in that...For your meds build a soil base and ammend that, (do not use coco). You will be far better off in the long run. Dont worry about diggin holes you can just make a mound and plant right in that. Seen it done many times. Also a method called hugelkultur that is similar but a bit more in depth. If you wanted to diy, you can rent a bobcat for about 70$ a day in some places. I would dig a long trench 2ft deep and as wide as you want or can afford to fill with your mix. A truckload of compost from natures needs is cheap at the right time of year. They will deliver for free if you buy enough yards of compost..
  7. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    so the best place for organic amendments in all of PDX just dont buy their compost... Hands down, best in town http://www.concentratesnw.com/ pdf of all the things they carry for your gardening needs! http://www.gubbin.com/concentrates/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/retaill-list-130220.pdf Here is the place for some good compost from time to time its not that great so ask to see a current analysis before you buy! This is the place that most other places who sell compost get their supply from, skip the middle man go straight to the source! Ive purchased yards of their best compost here for 6$ out of season, other places were asking 24-30$ for the same compost made here!! http://www.naturesneeds.com/
  8. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    13 days of flowering 15 days 18 days
  9. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Big co op? 24 plants is only one grower/patient with 3 cards +their self. This grow is 24 plants. The co op has the potential to do 96, but nobody wants to max out just because we can. To remain legit we only take on truly sick patients that have been well interviewed and selected over time as truly in need. We dont normally even take donations for the people we care for. To our patients their needed meds are free as well as oils and medibles. We are in it to heal the sick, not get rich and bend the law. Only the best growers who truly care about what they are doing are going to be around after everything goes 100% legal. We intend to be those kind of people. In Love and Light, Holistic Healing
  10. Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Too involved? Depends on your level of dedication/ passion I guess. Cannabis is my passion. Its what I love, its what we need. The only passion I have with an equal flame outside of my family and growing food, is Fungi. IMO equally as amazing with potential to change the world as well. Internship? Nah, Im a student at the University of the Universe myself, just trying to share what Ive gathered along the way. Still a long ways from a professor heck even a graduate. Im still an embryo.
  11. A prologue to Brave Mykayla--words from before Cannabis TX..

    Wow, very powerful. You all are in my heart and prayers. Thank you for sharing your story. With Love and Healing, H.Organics