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  1. Dudz

    FIM Pruning Technique

    Version 2


    Shows you how to FIM your plants.
  2. Version 02


    This book pretty much RULES for plant problem diagnosis and remedies.
  3. Dudz

    Sativa vs Indica

    Version 02


    Shows the main differences between sativa and indica strains.
  4. Dudz

    Cannabinoid Cheat Sheet

    Version 2


  5. Dudz

    Just made some Isopropyl hash

    Fred Meyer sells 99% iso. Just make sure you purge iso extra well, as it's *very* bad for you.
  6. Have you tried using rigid duct elbows?
  7. Dudz

    My New Garden

    All plants are Lemon Kush. Here they are in my ghetto-fab cloning machine a few days ago: And here they are today:
  8. Dudz

    My New Garden

    Manicuring the buds first and then using the rack dries them faster, which can actually make them smoke slightly less smooth. In my opinion drying by hanging them upside down still attached to the branches gives the best results. The slower you can dry them without getting mold/mildew gives the smoothest smoke. I suppose a person could argue that hanging the full plant still on the main trunk may be even better - I would not personally know, as I have never tried, but it wouldn't surprise me. Me personally... I am willing to perhaps sacrifice a small amount of smoothness and get the mess consolidated and curing sooner, in the mason jars. As far as density, I think that's far more affected by factors during the grow cycle. Unless you are not gentle with the buds, it shouldn't make much difference.
  9. Dudz

    My New Garden

    Nice! I failed to plan ahead and found myself in bit of a rush, so ordering online wasn't a good option for me. The only advantages I see to mine are that the shelves are removable in pairs. I can use 2, 4, or all 6 at a time. Also it has adjustable straps through the center so it doesn't sink in the middle from the weight of the all buds placed on it.
  10. Dudz

    My New Garden

    I got mine at a local grow shop, for like $45. They also had another one that was 2ft wide with 8 "shelves" for about $10 less.
  11. Dudz

    My New Garden

    Sorry I kinda haven't posted on this in a while, things have been hectic lately. Anyhow, I finished chopping them down this weekend. 3 full jars are already curing, plus this. The drying rack is 3ft wide...
  12. Dudz

    Spider mite infested flowers

    I use unbleached coffee filters
  13. Dudz

    Water Cure

    I have never tried water curing either, and my worrisome self would worry about getting them dry fast enough. I have seen and smoked water cured buds however. They look sort of strange due to the lack of green color. A lot of the chlorophyll gets rinsed out with all the water changes. Sounds like a particularly good idea if planning to make oil using that material
  14. Dudz

    Spider mite infested flowers

    It can be done either way, but I have never tried using "fresh" buds myself. I always dry and grind it up first.
  15. Dudz

    Spider mite infested flowers

    Might not hurt to send Graywolf a message directly as well - he is pretty much our resident expert on this sort of stuff. I doubt it, but he might know of and recommend a slightly different process aimed more specifically at removal/decontamination of mites (and their feces).
  16. Dudz

    Spider mite infested flowers

    Yes - if you make oil, there are processes you can use to remove just about anything from it. Make oil via whatever method you want. Then "winterize" it by diluting with ethanol in a jar, freeze it overnight, remove any ice, and pour through a paper coffee filter, then boil off the alcohol. Now you have a much cleaner oil. This also removes a lot of chlorophyll, plant matter and waxes. Of course every time you clean the oil, the yield will shrink ...but really you are just getting a more pure product. More detail, compliments of Skunk Pharm: https://skunkpharmresearch.com/getting-the-green-and-waxes-out-afterwards/ You can take this a step further too... Which is actually a process used to remove pretty much anything and everything including mildew and bud rot (and the spores) *and* from what I understand... most, if not all, of the gross flavor it produces as well. Here is a quick rundown... Cut the oil wayyyyy back down to a very thin liquid using ethanol. Obtain small micron syringe filters and related syringes online. Run the liquid through those filters, then boil off the alcohol again. You will be left with a very pristine oil. Here is a much more detailed rundown, compliments of Skunk Pharm: https://skunkpharmresearch.com/salvaging-moldy
  17. Dudz

    Just wondering...

    You can put them outside now if you want. The only concern is the possibility of a late freeze overnight which sometimes occurs before memorial day... Which *can* of course decimate every plant overnight.
  18. Dudz

    Whats Your Nutrient Recipe?

    Looks like your soil may be just a bit acidic, but if you aren't seeing any negative effects, keep doing what you are doing. Especially if they are outdoors. If you can water straight from the hose and get away with it.... Awesome!
  19. Dudz

    My New Garden

    End of day 30...
  20. Dudz

    my first grow log, please advise LST

    Prune what you must to in order to not give moisture a place to hide, and to maintain good airflow through the plants. I really can't stress enough how important it is to have lots of airflow. There are some people who will want to try to argue about this, but we live in the Pacific Northwest and, in this climate, you put your plants at an exponentially increased risk of contracting powdery mildew and/or botrytis (bud rot) if you don't keep things thinned out a bit. If you lived in a drier climate, you could more easily get away without doing so. I would personally never spray ANYTHING once buds have formed, unless I absolutely had to ....and I would be very careful about what product I chose to use. Remember - anything you get on those buds is also going to end up in your pipe/bong/joint/vape/etc. Many products are systemic and they will get into your bud via the roots, leaves, etc. Also, don't let the word "organic" make you believe anything is safe. Many of the most toxic substances on Earth are organic. That said, I am not very familiar with Azamax and cannot advise anyone about it. Edit: Added content
  21. Dudz

    Slow Seedling Growth

    Epsom salt is cheap and you pretty much can't overdose the plants with it. Use it in small amounts throughout the entire cycle.
  22. Dudz

    Whats Your Nutrient Recipe?

    Yep! And you can dilute the tea ...or just use it full strength and water over it again with plain water. Organics are nice and forgiving like that. Gives you more leeway.
  23. Dudz

    My No-Till Garden ~

    Lookin' good!
  24. Dudz

    My New Garden

    A few new pics. Day 20. The first two are tiny clones I am going to flower out just to see what happens. Not the heathiest specimens for sure.
  25. Anyhow, back to Redmud's show... @ Redmud: Sorry I wasn't trying to hijack your thread.