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    Old school, gamer, and geek. Wanna be web developer and grower. Long time connoisseur. 710 all day, every day. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey, I miss you. Thanks for popping on. 😊

    1. ssfubar


      I need to pop on more.:sweat:

  3. Thank you ♥ Its people like you that are the true. philanthropists.

  4. ssfubar

    Rosin anyone?

    I helped put this together for a friend of mine. Was relatively cheap. Still waiting for him to finish. Rosin is the way to go, though. Tasty dabs with a good yield mostly in my experience. :Big Grin:
  5. ssfubar

    Medical Dispensaries in 2017

    Very surprised Alternative Solutions is staying medical. How do you find out? Just ask whoever is working there? Or is there a list or something?
  6. ssfubar

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    I'm still in need of something. Right now I settle for a room or a couch. I've been replying to Craigslist ads and not too much luck so far. I could use a place as early as tonight. Thanks. (Edit admin)You can contact ssfubar by clicking this link (Staff only)
  7. ssfubar

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    I'm apparently about to go through a divorce. Needless to say this has caught me a bit unaware. Not really surprised by my situation, but extremely surprised in how I got myself in this situation. Anyway, I left Oregon to be with family in Alabama. I plan on being back in Oregon in a few days and I'm in dire need of a cheap place to stay. I'm trying to get my cousin to come with me. He has a magical touch and a lot of knowledge. I'm really looking for a 3-4 bedroom place where I can start a grow with my cousin. I don't want to add my phone due to not wanting to break any rules but if anyone knows of a place or can recommend something i would be forever grateful. Thanks for looking. Peace. I may be able to purchase a place depending on price and location, but looking for anything really. Thanks. EDIT (EK) You can also contact ssfubar via twitter @ommpeddie or at ommpeddie@gmail.com
  8. ssfubar

    Med User Friendly Employment in Oregon

    Awesome! Thanks to the world wide web my businesses can be done rather easily in any state as long as you have a data plan or internet of some sort. And I can also wait until you get here as well. Feel free to connect with me via Skype : ssfubar74 or even by chat here if the admins don't mind or my cell at your convenience. Have a great one! Peace.
  9. ssfubar

    Med User Friendly Employment in Oregon

    I have the cure all for employment. Work for yourself. Let me be very honest and upfront...especially since I know no other way to go about my business:) There is no magic button, there is no guaranteed way to get rich quick, and I do not promote scams or anything shady that I would have an issue putting my name along side of it. There is some cost associated with you starting your own business just like the real world. Depending on your situation and experience I can try to minimize that for you but it is unavoidable. I'm looking for some qualified, motivated team members to build one of my businesses. There are literally hundreds or even thousands of home business opportunities. If you are comfortable with a computer, or just socializing on social media, not afraid to talk to people, like to have fun, but know when to get serious, I probably can find a spot for you. Just throwing it out there for anyone interested. Have a good one! Peace
  10. ssfubar

    YDSLLC and Lightyear Wireless

    Hi all! I really need to come here more often. Hope all is well and everyone is happily medicated! Still have my LLC for what it is worth. There have been a few changes. Lightyear Wireless is now Tempo Wireless. Still offering wireless service and when you refer 3 your wireless service is FREE! http://freecellpromo.com http://celltrofreedom.com http://scott399065.tempowireless.com If you are a network marketer or would like to get into a legitimate home based business please contact me. We should talk! Also trying my hand at developing sites and coding...these are just some links of sites I've done personally. Feel free to critique! Just don't be too harsh http://insomniacwebdesign.com http://young-scott.com http://ydsllc.com http://youngdigitalservicesllc.com http://ssfubar.com Constantly improving when I learn more and have the time. Peace.
  11. ssfubar

    YDSLLC and Lightyear Wireless

    LLC is still intact, I can't believe fees are almost due already. Has it been almost a year since I put it together? Wow, where does the time go? Still learning to code and put websites together. I'm still promoting Lightyear Wireless. http://freecellpromo.com http://celltofreedom.com http://ydsllcly.com Also promoting Motor Club of America. http://ydsllcmca.com Young Digital Services LLC PO Box 6553 Beaverton, OR 97007 971-238-2613 info@ydsllc.com info@ssfubar.com 503-703-0090 (cell) http://about.me/ssfubar So, basically I'm still kicking! How about yours?
  12. Thank you for your generosity.

  13. I just got my reapplication form in the mail and this form was included. I know the one already filled out and 200 bucks and you are good to go. Is this form necessary as well? Is there a cheaper alternative to the MMCS clinic?? They are the ones I've gone through the pass couple of years. Friendly, expedient, but spendy in my opinion.
  14. Congrats, you have been placed in the Seniors group.