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  1. Wishing you a happy birthday 

  2. Come on site and say hi. 

  3. Happy Birthday. 

  4. Strider555

    New Garden New Grow

    Its great to see ya back up and running man! Fine looking plants ya got there
  5. Strider555

    rolling paper depot PIF review

    I couldnt get my first Juicy wrap to seal together.. DOH.. mabey i';; have better luck with the next one.
  6. Strider555

    ZIPPO Lighter Contest Private members

    Way to go SoulReaper!
  7. Strider555

    rolling paper depot PIF review

    Man oh Man These Things Deserve an A+ in my book First off i dont roll very good joints , they always turn out to be pinners.. lol These made the job so quick and easy , I ground up some herb and used a folded piece of paper as a funnel Packed it a couple times with the handy straw you get with them, Rolled the tip and it was ready to blaze. It fired off really well and burned very smoothly The paper did not run even once. Wow.. Amazing product. For you joint lovers i highly recomend you go get you some of these . I give this product 5 stars!
  8. Strider555

    rolling paper depot PIF review

    Very nice... I have some goodies to review also, Stay Tuned..
  9. Strider555

    loophole in dispensery law

    Its all about government control,,, They must feel as if they are in control.
  10. Strider555

    RAVE- Portland Alternative Clinic

    I use this place as well and have loved it every time i have been. i agree it's the best.
  11. Strider555

    Thank You Anonymous Donors

    BRAVO!!! another reason i love this place... Way to Go!
  12. Strider555

    Couple of Garden Pics.

    Thanks bro. it was a good round for sure, Got a very rewarding harvest outta that round. The big pots is how i was taught .. More space for roots = More Bigger Buds and Yield.. , The Hydroton balls was somthing i just decided to try out with that round. My thoughts were to keep the grow medium from drying out so fast and also to not disturb the medium so much when watering, Not really sure if it helped much or not but i did have more roots establish on the top the top this way so there might be some kinda madness to the theory. Yup several months old, Just starting another garden now so we will see if i still have the touch Thanks Cheri Thanks Bro.... I miss my BlockHead., The only strain i REALLY regret loosing Again... DOH!