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The "Sativa Blend" has a bright and clear headed effect, probably from the Beta Caryophyllene, so there is probably less risk of the anxiety that sometimes accompanies the more energetic Sativa strains. 
While it is not modeled after any strain specific profile, I found it's flavor pleasant and if I did not know, i would probably not identify it as "Terpene Enhanced."
I have to say that I have yet to be disappointed with a product from this company, from packaging all the way to quality and effectiveness.
Mixing up some "Sativa Blend" concentrate enhancer from True Terpenes
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December 7, 2017 — So much has changed in the last few months for OMMP patients and their growers that we thought a chart explaining some of these changes might be helpful (see below). From the new “12 plant” rule to tracking in METRC, this chart should help folks sort things out.
The key things to remember are: 1) If you are growing for yourself at your own home, your grow site is limited to 12 plants. And, 2) If you are a couple growing for yourselves at your own home, you can grow six medical plants each but you cannot grow any recreational plants.....
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OMMP Pay It Forward & @RollingPaperDepot
Pick a number between 2-199
The closest to the number (Without going over) WINS
This gift includes RAW cones re-packaged by RPD
Everyone except Cheri and myself can play.
Free shipping
Facebook and Twitter followers can play as well. Use our easy sign-in options. Choose any username if you wish to keep your anonymity, and then make your guess,  
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See How Daily Doses Of CBD Oil Saved This Young Girl’s Life
Sophie Ryan undergoes chemotherapy and cannabis helps her survive.
Terry Hacienda
Dec 06, 2017  

Sophie Ryan has been a cannabis consumer for four years. She started when she was not quite nine months old when she was diagnosed with Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor.
Sophie’s heart-warming story was featured on Tuesday’s syndicated talk show The Doctors. On the show, the Ryan family share the story of how CBD oil helped save their daughter’s life.
At 8 ½ months, Sophie was diagnosed with the brain tumor that was wrapped around her optic nerve. The doctors informed Sophie’s parents, Tracy and Josh, that the only treatment was chemotherapy. Tracy began researching CBD oil for use in pediatric cancer, and in consultation with her oncology team, they began dosing Sophie alongside the chemo.....
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So I moved wrong, and a vertebra slipped out of place, along with the attached rib. That and the accompanying muscle spasms were all the excuse I needed to review TrueTerpenes "GRANDDADDY PURPLE" concentrate enhancers. 

I had already been impressed with TrueTerpenes "Super Lemon Haze", so I jumped at the chance to try out the effects.
I mixed a portion of a drop out by dipping the dropper and touching it to 4 or 5 good dabs in a petri dish and warmed it until they liquified, then mixed thoroughly. I set the dish in the fridge for a few moments so it would set up and took a good dab.
The GDP has a very intense flavor, but I really enjoyed the way it painted my tongue.  It has a nice earthy/spicy kinda thing going on. 
Within a couple of dabs I was starting to feel my muscles relax and the spasms fade till I was finally able to find a comfortable position.  The infamous GDP couch lock set in and I spent some time just watching a video game.  By the time I was wanting to get some food I had nearly no pain except for the occasional twinge when I turned wrong.   

I have to say I'm convinced that the Entourage Effect is a real thing, and I couldn't be more excited that we can now customize our flavors, and even more importantly, the effects of our concentrates.   
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Among Heart Failure Patients, Cannabis Users Have Better Outcomes
Marijuana users have lower risk of AFib, study suggests.

Trey Reckling
Dec 04, 2017  
As any cannabis enthusiast will tell you, all experiences with marijuana are not the same. While people use it for its pleasant effects and therapeutic benefits, the experience isn’t fail-safe.
Cannabis is known to sometimes cause an excited, even nervous or anxious reaction depending on the user, sample composition, amount consumed and other elements. Doctors call it an adrenergic state. This state is known to increase the risk of atrial fibrillation, the irregular, chaotic beating of the heart’s chambers and is also known as AFib...
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From Home-Grown Cannabis Academy




Links no longer work


Curing Factors

Curing Methods




So you’ve finally harvested your plant. You think the process to make your own top quality Cannabis has finished. Well… think again. We’re here to inform you that you are just about half way there. After you have correctly harvested and dried your crop, the real work begins to obtain the highest quality of your harvest: the curing process.


The most important post-production step is the curing process. If you’ve never heard of ‘curing’, you are not alone. Maybe you know the process under another name: ripening. Just like a ‘Chateau’ leaves its wines to ripen in barrels or a Scottish distillery ages its Whiskey, you’ll have to cure your harvest. The Cannabis inflorescences need time to reach their full potential.



We cure Cannabis to obtain and preserve the best aroma and taste possible and to make sure the bitter tasting chlorophyll (green color) is broken down. This makes the Cannabis very smooth, tasty and ready for consumption through inhalation.


As soon as the inflorescences are harvested, the curing process begins. For the first couple of weeks, the Cannabis inflorescences will be drying and curing simultaneously. When the harvest is almost fully dry, the relative humidity of the air surrounding the flowers has to be slowly brought down to a specific level. This will allow further curing without the risk of molds infecting the inflorescences during storage or your harvest becoming too dry. When an inflorescence is fully dried without being properly cured, the bitter chlorophyll is ‘locked’ inside the cells and cannot be broken down further. This will give the inflorescence a bitter taste that is very hard and near impossible to get rid of.

The specific level of humidity is different for each strain but will generally be somewhere between 55 and 65%. Most strains are cured with a relative humidity of 62-65% to bring out the best aroma’s and retain the best structure of the inflorescence.


There are many ways you can cure your harvest. Each strain has a specific method which will bring out the best aromas. Some strains are fairly easy to cure, but other strains can really lose their magic if you choose the wrong method or cure for too long. It is very important to remember that curing is a strain specific process and is dependent on the configuration and presence of the,....................




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Medical Marijuana May Have Long-Term Advantages For Pets
Cannabis could transform veterinary medicine.
November 30, 2017
Adam Drury

Very little is known about the use, role or potential for cannabis in pets. There are hardly any veterinary researchers who have investigated the subject; schools of veterinary medicine have produced no significant research on it. But the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine hopes to change all of that. To do so, the school is conducting an anonymous survey of pet owners to find out if, how and why they’re giving medical cannabis to their pets. Researchers with the school say data from the survey suggest medical marijuana may have long-term advantages for pets.
UC Davis School Of Veterinary Medicine Gathering Data On Cannabis And Pets
There are just four states in the U.S. that have yet to pass a law legalizing some form of medical marijuana. Everywhere else, medical cannabis is available or will be soon—though some places still prohibit THC and/or only provide extremely limited access.....
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Marijuana Basics: What Is Kief And What To Do With It
Just a little of that trichome-rich powder packs a powerful punch.
Al Olson
Nov 29, 2017  

Photo by Flickr user Nickel Bag of Funk If you are a new cannabis consumer, you may have heard the term kief and may even know what it is. But you may not know the many benefits of the trichome-rich powder you’ll find at the bottom of your grinder.......
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66 Congress members make plea to extend protection for medical marijuana states
The letter about the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer appropriations bill provision that targets DOJ spending on marijuana prosecutions was signed by five of Colorado's seven House representatives
Nov 29, 2017
By Aleta Labak, The Cannabist Staff
With the current federal appropriations bill set to expire Dec. 8, there’s a new bipartisan call for continuing protection of medical marijuana states.
Two congressmen behind a namesake provision for medical cannabis, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-California, and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, on Wednesday sent a letter co-signed by 64 of their peers to House and Senate leadership.
The letter, addressed to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, urged them to extend the “Rohrabacher-Blumenauer” provision that has been in place since December 2014, which “has successfully protected patients, providers, and businesses against federal prosecution, so long as they act within the confines of their state’s medical marijuana laws.”
The missive also listed the 46 states, along with two U.S. territories and the District of Columbia, which have enacted some form of legalization of medical cannabis, “from CBD oils to the full plant.”.........
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Clinical Application of Cannabinoids & Terpenes for Chronic Illnesses
What Are Terpenes? 2:45
Importance of Entourage Effect 6:21
What is a Cannabis Strain? 10:18
How it Works with Cancer 15:18
How it Works with Epilepsy 24:59
How it Works with Intractable Nerve Pain 28:21
How it Works with Insomnia 35:31
How it Works for Hypertension 36:25
How it Works for Crohn's Disease and IBS 41:58
How it Works for ADHD & Tourette's Syndrome 43:34
Conclusions 44:03
Refrences and Q&A 47:42
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I recently had the opportunity to sample some of True Terpene's products. When they arrived I just couldn't wait to try these out, so I enhanced a small sample of some so-so dabs with some super lemon haze by True Terpenes. WOW!!!
Now the label says to let the flavors cure into the concentrate for 24 - 48 hrs, but I couldn't wait. Right off I noticed a major improvement. Limonene was the obvious flavor, but there are many others in there, creating a complex flavor experience. I am excited to taste the fully cured product. 
The flavor was very intense, but I used too much of the product, (it is difficult to get the dosage right on a small amount of concentrate since the dosage is 1-4 drops per gram), and I expect the flavors to mellow and blend as it cures.

That being said...
I noticed an immediate change in the effect, seriously improving and tuning the high into a bright and energetic buzz, with a clear head.  I absolutely believe that the added terps upgraded my so-so dabs to a much more effective and pleasant experience.
If the rest is anywhere near as good I will be well on my way to being a true believer of this product.


True Terpenes website
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Science: Regular Consumption Of Marijuana Keeps You Fit And Active

A study confirms that cannabis consumers are more fit, remain more active.
Al Olson
Nov 24, 2017
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Here’s a new health-related adage to consider: Regular consumption of marijuana keeps you thin and active.
According to researchers at Oregon Health and Science University, people who use marijuana more than five times per month have a lower body mass index (BMI) than people who do not marijuana.
The researchers concluded:
The study also suggested that people who consume marijuana on a regular basis are more physical activity than those that use it sporadically or not at all.....
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Let’s Talk About The “New” Syndrome In Which Weed Users Can’t Stop Puking

What you need to know about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.
By: Al Olson Nov 25, 2017  
ted Marijuana has long been used medicinally as an anti-nausea tool, most notably for cancer patients going through chemotherapy treatments and AIDS sufferers looking for relief.
But a puzzling, counterintuitive syndrome is making headlines that suggest chronic cannabis consumers are becoming violently ill. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, according to researchers in Colorado, can trigger stomach pain and nausea in a small number of patients. For reasons that are still unclear, the symptoms can only be eased by hot baths or long hot showers......
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DIY Hydro Flood/Drain / Ebb/Flow Unit ~
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How Hot Peppers And Marijuana Help Pain In The Same Way

Wait for it.
By: Maria Loreto Nov 25, 2017  
What do hot peppers and marijuana have in common? Research has recently uncovered stomach calming properties in both cannabis and hot peppers, bridging two things that at first can seem like polar opposites. Cannabis has a lot of healing properties and uses, so it’s no surprise to know that it’s capable of calming your gut; on the other hand, hot peppers don’t always come to mind when your stomach is in pain.
Recent studies have discovered that both plants have healing properties when it comes to diabetes and colitis. Capsaicin, the chemical that gives hot peppers their hotness, binds to a receptor in our stomachs called TRPV1, producing a chemical called anandamide, which is also a cannabinoid. Chemicals that are present in cannabis stimulate this anandamide, linking both plants together in way scientists weren’t aware of.....
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How Cannabis Effects The Brain

Marijuana is the buds and leaves of the
Cannabis sativa
plant. This plant contains more than 400 chemicals, including
), the plant's main psychoactive chemical. THC is known to affect our brain's short-term memory. Additionally, marijuana affects motor coordination, increases your heart rate and raises levels of anxiety. Studies also show that marijuana contains cancer-causing chemicals typically associated with cigarettes. In this article, you will learn about marijuana, why this drug is so popular and what effects it has on your mind and



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Scientists have long known that the brain possesses natural chemicals similar to marijuana. While little is known about their precise function in the brain, studies suggest that these compounds, known as cannabinoids, and the receptors they bind to, play a role in diseases, including schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, and obesity.
Now researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed a way to image cannabinoid receptors in living animals. The tool will help scientists figure out how these receptors are altered in drug addiction and disease, as well as helping pharmaceutical companies to design drugs that better target this system.
"This is a real breakthrough," says Richard Frank, vice president of medical affairs at GE Healthcare in Princeton, NJ. "Scientists have long believed that the cannabinoid system is involved in diseases, but they've never been able to measure the receptor in living people's brains." The tracer is very specific, and can, therefore, be used in low doses. That's important, says Frank, because the compound has no pharmacologic effect. In other words, it doesn't make the user feel "high." source
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Click the photo to jump to their website. 

@Lush LED Lighting is having their once a year %25 off deal, Anyone who has been considering LED's should take advantage of this, You can save literally hundreds of dollars, 


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Hello everyone I am building a tent it's going to be 4 x 8 by 7 feet tall from various Lumber, Panda plastic, pond liner for the floor, and a couple light tight zippers, the intake is going to be passive and I have an air purifier as the exhaust, not sure on the cfm but I can add my 6 inch inline fan and speed control if I need too but I hope it's up to the task.
For the lights I plan to veg under the same two led panels the Mars Hydro 300, and the Illuminator jumbo ufo, then add a 400 hps for flower.
I'm undecided on my medium right now I recently heard of, certified pharmacutical grade nutes.
I have Bubba Kush, and Eugene OG Kush, I lost my clone of my Blackberry Kush when I brought it inside this fall but I hope to get a cut of her back.
And a few others will be in there too, green onions, Italian sage, lavender, avocado my daughter and I planted together this last summer, pineapple, and a winter bloom cactus my mother in law gave us, and hopefully, cilantro, maybe rosemary to.
I have some ideas I want to try out, and do more root bonsai.
I'll keep you guys posted on my progress but working has slowed my home builds down.
I can be forgetful so I'll say thanks in advance.
Here's the build so far I'll get pics of the plants when they are in the tent this week
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parts of life cycle...

Sometimes you'll need to slow down a fan in a tent setting. This is a simple way to accomplish this
You'll need
A fan controller. (not to be confused with a light dimmer switch, ($12.00)
A metal or plastic box to stick it all in. ($2.00)
A couple of wire nuts, (should come with fan controller) (.50)
A electrical outlet (about 2.00)
A cover for the electrical box. ($2.00)
A long piece of electrical wire with a plug in on one side
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Chickens & Cannabis Photos 
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heres a very cool video i found... i just tried it but with no mildew .. just to see if it effects the taste and effect... there drying now and ill post back results...but my bro has pm and hes gonna try it also and ill post his results...
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Cops seize 3,000 lbs. of pot grown for 5 medical patients, authorities say

Updated 1:19 PM; Posted 12:23 AM

By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

The Oregonian/OregonLive

Police seized nearly 3,000 pounds of marijuana from a Southeast Portland warehouse suspected of illegally processing hundreds of harvested pot plants, authorities said Tuesday.

The Portland Police Bureau's Drugs and Vice Division began an investigation into the operation taking place on the 6000 block of Southeast 111th Avenue after receiving an anonymous tip, Sgt. Chris Burley, a bureau spokesman, said in a news release.

Investigators on Friday found 16 people working in the large warehouse, which contained 500 mature marijuana plants weighing 2,998 pounds, the statement said.  

According to police, documents provided by those associated with the operation showed the marijuana was being grown for five patients under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program — which would amount to about 100 plants and 600 pounds of cannabis for each patient.  

Under Oregon's medical marijuana law, a grower is allowed to cultivate six mature plants for each patient.

The individuals also claimed they were obtaining a license to sell recreational marijuana through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, though no license had been granted, police said.

Police made no arrests but seized the entire marijuana haul inside the warehouse, Burley said. The case is being reviewed by the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office for prosecution. 

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