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Understanding how and when to fertilize is an important part of growing marijuana.  Each bag or bottle of fertilizer is labeled with a set of numbers representing three of the macro-nutrients used by plants.  These numbers are always in the same order and correspond to the specific plant nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (N-P-K).  If you hadn’t guessed, the symbols N, P, and K are the same as used on the Periodic Table of Elements. An exception to this method of labeling is found in Australia where a fourth letter is assigned for Sulfur (S).
N-P-K value labeling is highly regulated by the country or state in which the fertilizer is intended to be sold.  The value listed on fertilizer packaging for N is calculated by the percentage by weight.  For example if the N-P-K reads 12-1-1, then the product is 12% nitrogen by weight.  The labeling methods used for phosphorous and potassium are more complicated and do not represent the raw elemental values.  Phosphorus is measured by its content of oxides while potassium is measured by its soluble compounds. This is important to understand because some fertilizers may contain much more of these nutrients than their manufacturers are allowed to print on the packaging.  It should be noted that some fertilizer companies circumvent regulations by printing soluble and insoluble nutrient percentages on their labels.
Nitrogen (N)
Most of what you breathe is nitrogen, an odorless, colorless gas that constitutes over 75% of Earth’s atmosphere.  Despite the overwhelming presence of atmospheric nitrogen, there are only a few kinds of plants in the legume family that can make use of it.  read more
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An old 10'x18' garden shed.
Flower room will be approximately 100 square feet.
Due to the changes in Washington's MMJ law (max 15 plants of any size on one site, no matter how many cards you have), I may just use one room for everything, flower 15 at a time, and keep babies elsewhere to stay in compliance. This way I will have a rather large harvest, but less often.
Still deciding whether to use a pile of 600's with small hoods ....or go for 1000's with big hoods. I already have at least enough 600's with small hoods to get me through a veg cycle, so I have some time to decide.  
I have a 8" and a 10" fan to use.
I am still working out exactly how I'm going to keep it warm enough in there during this cold weather while still adequately ventilating the room. Shouldn't be too difficult while all the lights are on, but.... before it's time for the flower cycle, I'm gonna need to have it all figured out.
Anyhow, I spent my afternoon tearing off all the interior paneling today so I can insulate the walls (hopefully tomorrow).
More to come........ and maybe some pics tomorrow.
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Hi viewers;

Many of you say you don't have room to grow a plant.

This thread is going to show you how to produce a quality cannabis plant for no more than 25 dollars.

The soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest. You can buy this for around $15.00 (enough for 20 ½ gal. containers).

The container is a half gallon plastic bag.

The light system used is a $7.00 Compact Fluorescent Blub. (CFL)

The plant was fed both during vegetative growth and flowering stages. (Earth Juice)

Here I show a fully mature plant in a half gallon container, This plant was vegged and is blooming under a CFL light.
It is no more than 18" tall and is 15-20 days in bloom.

very healthy plant.

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1920 American Antique Copper Jockey, Horse And Sulky Weather Vane Harness Racing. Plus Directionals

Asking 1500.00  1200.00 Here is one for 2400.00 without directionals

Contact me here at PIF or twitter @ommpeddie or ommpeddie@gmail.com


Overall length is 32" Cast iron directionals.

Needs work, but pretty sure everything is here.

Photos below


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OMMP PAY IT FORWARD & Rolling paper Depot

Pick a number between 2 and 99

The closes to the number without going over wins. 

Includes free shipping

Contest ends Nov. 3rd around 7pm Pacific


Gifts include:

One: Elements rolling papers tray (sm)

One pk: Elements ultra thin rice papers king size

One: Elements 110mm rolling machine

One: Elements pre rolled tips

One: raw clipper lighter

One pk: Elements paper matches

One: Elements magnifying card





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We Have Hundreds, If Not Thousands Of Mason Bees In Our Front Yard. What Look Like Worm Holes Are Where They Live In Nature.

Although You Can Make And Buy Little Houses/Condos For Them. They Are One Of Our Best Pollinators And They Don't Sting At All.

Funny To See Our Large Dog Zeek Laying Right Over Some Of Their Holes As They Shortly Become Everywhere Like A Cloud Around Him LOL !

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Don’t Worry, Rest of the Country, LA is Gonna Solve the Marijuana-Banking Crisis


By Duke London on October 6th, 2017


No matter how many cities and states come around on marijuana reform and realize that legalizing is the only way to truly diminish the black market, put a dent in our government debts, and solve the opioid epidemic that faces our country, there’s still a gigantic 24-karat gold-plated elephant in the room — banking.

Even in states where legal marijuana markets flourish under state regulation, federally-insured banks — that’s virtually all of them — continue to shut their doors to business accounts that deal with cannabis.

The City of Los Angeles may have a solution thanks to an idea they’re exploring from a nearly century-old bank in North Dakota......



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Dynafem Critical Mass (CBD)

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Fentanyl-Laced Weed Is Fake News, But Who’s to Blame for This Hoax?

By Chris Roberts  October 05, 2017

First: Fentanyl is a real thing, and it’s cataclysmic.

The opiate epidemic was never good, but it has become far worse and far more deadly since drug suppliers turned to fentanyl for raw material. The synthetic opiate, designed to relieve the intractable pain of terminal cancer patients and grant them a few suffering-free days or hours at the end of their lives, is prematurely ending tens of thousands more. About a third of the 64,000 people dead from drug overdoses in 2016 were killed by synthetic opiates like fentanyl and analogues that are even more powerful.

Ridiculously easy and cheap to acquire via dark-web drug marketplaces, fentanyl is turning up in bags of purported heroin, in ersatz pills claiming to be Oxycontin or completely different drugs like Xanax—and it’s also popping up in stimulants sold on the street like methamphetamine and crack....



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DIY Vacuum Purging Chamber
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Wiring a T-105/104 120/240 volt timer
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Make your own water purification device
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DIY Hydro Flood/Drain / Ebb/Flow Unit ~
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TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains~!
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