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Post in Starting a small indoor grow.....
Thank you Backdoor!!  So would you say that the picture here is of a female?  If it is, her “preflowers” don’t look like the ones I am used to seeing....but they don’t look like males either....

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Doubled up with the @LushledLighting

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
btw, I think I ended up flipping them 5-6 days ago...

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
4 weeks since planted the seeds, 12" tall and 24" wide...

A nice gesture from the owner of “The Green Future”
Today I bought three bags of FFOF from “The Green Future” store in Wilsonville.  The owner was nice enough to throw in a complimentary bag of Fox Farm Coco-Loco Potting mix after having traded grow stories.....
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Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Both are approx. 8" tall and 16" wide

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Both are between 5-6" tall and approximately 12" wide.

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Almost 2 weeks now

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Moved into 5g buckets, DWC, Cutting Edge 3-part nutes, starting PH 6.0

Let's observe the sugaring process of a Zookies flower under CDM lamps
This is the final run of Zookies (was not thrilled with the end result) and I thought it would be a good specimen to use for a little fun and observe the advancement of trichomes. I will take pics of the same bud every other day or so. To help us, I notched one of the fan leaves and will position the notched leaf to be at the "6 o'clock" position.
Here, I am pointing to the bud we will track with the notched leaf circled.
Date flipped: 2/13
Days in flower: 23
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Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
4 weeks since flipped to 12/12

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Light has been changed to a LUSH Dominator 2x and it (lol) has been flipped to 12/12, let the flowers begin

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

Scientist receives $3.5 million NIH grant to study pain-relief and cannabis
Scientist receives $3.5 million NIH grant to study pain-relief and cannabis

Marrecca Fiore | November 13, 2019 Ziva Cooper, research director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, has been awarded a $3.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct a five-year study assessing the pain-relieving effects of cannabis and cannabinoids, the chemicals in the cannabis plant.
The grant will fund the first clinical study for the Cannabis Research Initiative, which was founded in 2017 as part of the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Cooper joined the initiative as its first research director in January.
“This is an ideal first project as it probes significant public health questions related to the potential medicinal and adverse effects of cannabis and cannabinoids, a central mission of the Initiative,” said Cooper, professor-in-residence of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.
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Post in White Rhino
Post in White Rhino

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Moved them into cubes, lets see if they sprout now...

Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!
This thread is to showcase big, Lush buds. All photos posted here by me were grown with Lush Lighting LED grow lights. So, sit back and enjoy!
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A pic of my DIY CFL light (unfinished)
Hi so in the evening chat room it was brought up what type of lights I was using and the image with this post shows an incomplete DIY CFL setup (24” x 24”) and I plan to use multiple ones for a typical grow.  You are seeing the “guts” of it but in operation, there will be another piece of wood with individual cutouts for each bulb.   
I went with CFLs instead of T8s because awhile back, when I came up with the idea, I couldn’t find any UVb lights in a T8 form factor- that is the sole reason I went with CFLs instead of T8s.  
There are 4 fans (1 on each corner) that pull air from inside (to pull air away from the plants and into the bulb area then out) and blow out to keep any heat from the CFLs away from the plants....
I intend to use this one for starting seeds then move on to T8s for the biggest part of veg, then on to flower with maybe some LEDs....dunno yet.
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built this cabinet for around 65 canadian
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Summer giveaway, Set of 4 Medical Cannabis Coasters
Karr McDebt's Custom Laser Engraving @DalanMorgan
Ommp Pay it forward
Summer giveaway, 
Set of four Medical Cannabis Coasters. Custom engraved. Free shipping.
Pick a number between 1 and 710 the closest to the number without going over wins. 
Contest ends August 29, 2019.
Remember custom orders happily considered. Contact Karr McDebt's Custom Laser Engraving
4"x4"  Stone Ground laser engraved.
Set of four. 

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My way of rooting clones fast.
My videos cannot load here, but you can check out some of our work on ig. When cloning/rooting, it's not rocket science. There's no 'one way is the best way'. The fact is, the majority of growers struggle to root their clones in a timely fashion and sometimes destroy them. Experience plays a huge factor but once you understand how to root your clones in your environment it should be like clockwork. I've seen people do it all, score the stem, shave the bottom, alcohol/bleech/burn/prx their blade, cut it 90 an  from above or below a certain node, take it from healthy mothers.. the list goes on.. It's not that serious. I say this because I know my plants. I've made countless mistakes and done side by sides to see which methods work best under my conditions. Genetics. Personally, it doesnt matter where you clone from. There are certain stains that root fast, and some don't. I personally keep strains that root fast, finish fast, good structure and hardy.  I stay away from clonex or any synthetics during this stage. (I go hard on syths during flower)  It actually takes longer for roots to form when I'm using it (DYOR) The difference is night and day. I simply use tap water. No RO, and I don't check my PH or PPM's. Been there done that over a decade ago. I just finished a handfull of trays and cloner a few days ago. Picture and below from the cloner. 100% success rate everytime. No dome, I don't score my stems, there's a lot of things I don't need to do because I know my plants. I know some of my plants take literally 12 to 14 days to root. You should definitely be near your babies as much as possible, so you can diagnose the problem at hand. One thing I do religiously is cut the fan leaves. You don't need too, the hippies will give you some science BS on it, but I simply do so I can fit more clones next to each other. I also don't like using humidity domes. Algae, diseases, mold, mildew and susceptible to the plants.

Click and read more.
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RESULTS RAW Donuts Mini Tray with Lid Bundle Giveaway #2
RAW Donuts Tray Bundle
Rolling Paper Depot & OMMP Pay it Forward are Proud to announce our Summer Giveaway. 
Pick a number between 2 -1710
The closest to the number (Without going over.) WINS.
Contest ends Friday, July 26th between 7 and 7:30 PM
(Additional samplers can be found and bought on our friend's website)

Bundle includes:
RAW Donuts Rolling Tray
RAW Large Tray Lid
RAW Cone Loader
RAW Smoking Wallet
RAW Clipper
RAW Hemp Wick 20ft
RAWket Launcher
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Indoor equipment for sale CHEAP!
My hubs and i have a bunch of indoor light setups that we are selling to a good home. 
In Total- 8 lighting "kits" including reflectors (unassembled  but screws/nuts included in baggies), light fixtures, ballasts, cords, and associated bulbs. A florescent light, a dehumidifier, and random necessary  grow room items.
--- 8bulb 4 ft T5 teklight with bulbs- used to veg our girls. Works perfectly. 
--- 2- 1k watt digital ballast with 4ft petal reflector.  All cords, and fixtures included. (Each set has everything needed to hook up and hang) Slightly used 1k watt HPS bulb included.
--- 2- old school 400w hps ballast / fixture setup with cords and used bulbs. 3ft petal reflectors attach to fixture.
--- 1k watt hps harvest pro ballast with cords (goes with below)
--- 6" 1k watt reflector with connections but missing glass.
---110w to 220w electrical conversion box. Wired up and ready to connect to the mainline 
--- Exhaust tubing, exhaust connectors, timers, and a few more light fixtures and bulbs. All bulbs have EVER been touched with bare skin.
--- LG dehumidifier that works like a boss and isnt an electricity hog.
We stopped growing about 5 years ago cuz we moved into an apartment and just threw the equipment in storage. We grew for my dad and a few other friends, and this equipment grew our garden lush for many years. Its sad to see it here in the living room but we really just need it gone. I promise you that you just have to plug it in and stick the girls underneath. Please make me an offer...its priced to sell. Email me: chantellelace83@gmail.com for pics. Thank you
Edit: We live in SE Portland, 122nd close to Foster. We are looking for cash or paypal. No trades please. We are willing to deliver, within reason. Feel free to ask. Also...we have just started a handyman business and will be using this money to put towards the licensing costs. Thank you all. 
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