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My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser
One of your Staff members needs our help,
Help me not only to save this young puppy's life but free her from the agonizing pain of arthritis. The sooner she gets the surgery the better her outcome when it comes to arthritis. It'll take an adult dog 2-3 months to heal from this type of surgery, but since Chloe is still a growing puppy it may take less time, 6-8 weeks.

If you would like to donate to help Chloe get her much needed surgery, please click on the link below or a picture.
On Nov 9, 2018, I adopted a 6-month-old puppy named Chloe from the pound AKA Jackson Co. Animal Services.  She had a limp on her front right leg, and I was told it's just growing pains. When I got Chloe to my vet as soon as I could a month later, I had them check out her leg since it was getting worse. The pound was wrong. Chloe isn't dealing with growing pains, but Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP fracture). This is one of four types of elbow dysplasia. She needs surgery that costs $3,400 to $3,600.
The pound wasted last month with first offering me to bring Chloe back and pick another puppy/dog. This is a death sentence to Chloe and I found it very insulting. I took it as there's a problem with your kid, bring the kid back and we'll put her down, and you can pick a new kid for free. Then they said they'll have the vet clinic they contract with to do the surgery. This took 3 long weeks to find out once everyone was on board, the pound's vet wouldn't do the surgery once he finally saw the x-ray and said it must be done at the specialist. At first, the pound refused to pay anything towards the 3400 to 3600 for the specialist, but I was able to get them to commit a measly $500 towards the specialist.
Under my vet's recommendations, Chloe is restricted from all exercise. She's in a crate (48" long) at all times unless on a leash to go out to do her business. She's also on 100mg Carprovet (pain pill, $1.50 per pill). She and I hate this. This is no life for a growing puppy to be locked up 24/7. The sooner the funds can be raised, the sooner she can get the surgery she needs.

If you would like to donate to help Chloe get her much needed surgery, please click on the link below
I'm going through a charity call Free Animal Doctor. All money raised goes straight to the specialty center who will do the surgery. With a goal of $3,000 in 38 days, about $80 a day must be raised to reach this goal.



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@ShopRPD  and PIF Rolling paper contest
Welcome old and new members, This month we would like to give away some rolling paper depot gifts. Please pick a number between 2 and 710. The person closet to the number without going over wins, this includes free shipping. The contest begins today and ends January 31st at or around 7 PM Pacific time. 
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Be sure and follow us here on Facebook to continue to see more contests. 
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Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

So here's a topic that's somewhat foreign to people now alot of people think about flushing typically from a synthetic nutrient sense. When you have salt build up you flush the salts from the nutrients out of the growing medium to prevent nutrient lock out issues! Typically this consists of flushing large amounts of water through your containers allowing sufficient run off. While doing this you are leaving out the salt, now while this is a practice that should absolutely be implemented in any bottled nutrient growing regimen this is not necessary in a living organic soil environment.
The reason Flushing is not Necessary in Living organic soil is because there is no salt build up from bottled nutrients. When you're doing living organic soil your roots are communicating with microorganisms in the soil and fungi to sequester water and nutrients for the plant. The microorganisms respond to the communication from the root exudates and deliver the food the plant needs in a plant available form after it has been processed by the microorganisms. The fungi also help with transportation of nutrients and water for the plant roots to help with overall plant health. 
When everything is in balance you will have a beautiful soil food web with all kinds of life including soil predators, worms, fungi, and depending on where you live you could have a variety of different soil life. This balance of life and death within the soil and decomposition layer will provide your plants with everything they need! 
The plant also signals when it is nearing the end of its life and even without flushing the plants will naturally fade out by themselves because of that communication between the roots and microorganisms in the soil. Also if you did flush your plants you would be washing away some of the microorganisms your trying to help thrive and survive, usually you want as minimal runoff as possible when watering living organic soil containers. 

Post in Starting my grow again!
Here's the other Oregon Pines phenos this one is Oregon Afgani dominant which is great I got a Pakistani expression and a afgani expression which was exactly what I was hoping for from this line! This pheno shows off the more Afgani type bud structure and smells. These were found out of only 5 seeds with 100% germination rates and now we're just about to the end of the road and harvest is super close now!

Post in Starting my grow again!
Here are a few updates for ya guys this is the Jurassic pheno of Oregon pines she's coming down next Sunday! 

Alright Tea Time!
This one is a crucial tea in doing living organic soil with success and is one of the first teas you should do after you mix up your soil and plant your plants!
The tea I'm talking about is a neem and kelp tea very simple tea just like the alfalfa tea your gonna want 
Per 5 gallons of water
1 cup neem meal
1/4 cup kelp meal 
Aerated for 10-12 hours 
Apply as is no need for dilution 
Also, this tea is great for both veg and flower cycles
I apply this tea once a week for best results
Neem meal is a key roll in a well balanced living organic soil and applying the teas will help with control of aphids and gnats as well as help provide some nutrients for the plants. This tea should be utilized to help maintain a healthy balance in the soil food web so nothing can get out of control. 
The kelp we have covered plenty about its uses and it's rolled in the garden but the main part of this tea is the neem meal!
Another thing I have noticed when brewing this tea is you can tell when it's ready by smell and that's kinda hard to explain but early in the brew there isn't a lot of smell and then when the brew is getting close to ready you can start to smell the neem meal a lot more but it's a really good smell. 
The Topic of Neem will be a discussion in itself for a future post but trust me it's coming because I would love to share the importance of the neem tree with all of you!

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
Not looking bad...






Post in Starting my grow again!
Some more Oregon pines for your viewing pleasure! This is the one I'm calling the Jurassic pheno

Grow your own
Wake up to the fresh smell of cannabis outside your window, Learn to grow your own at ommp pay it forward,
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Organic grow with super soil
Jager x DJ Short Blueberry
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Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
The 3 largest got moved to 17g tubs, moved the other 2 in 5g to the same area.  Now under a pair of Lush Dominator 2x.  Some cuttings also taken, dipped in Clonex and put into RR cubes under a dome to root.












Post in Are you interested in growing organically??
Alright time to talk about Compost Teas!
So first we will start out with my personal method of brewing a good quality compost tea. 
I use a 720 GPH (gallons per hour) air pump, getting good amount of air in your compost tea is important to multiplying microbial populations without causing a anerobic environment!
6 inch round airstone placed in the bottom of the bottom and cleaned after every tea!
5 gallon bucket of water with no chlorine or chlorimites so do not use city water this is important you want to use either distilled water, well water without chlorine or spring water to have the best compost tea, chlorine's in water will kill the microbial life you are trying to grow in your compost tea and we want that microbial life to live and thrive! 
I use a mesh produce bag easily found at any Fred Myers for only a few dollars works great and it's cheap!
Ok down to the recipe now that you know what all you need to get started!
I used 5 gallons of non chlorinated water
2 Cups of high quality compost or worm castings or 1 cup of each 
1/4-1/2 cup of molasses I usually use 1/3 cup molasses and you want to use black strap molasses because you want unsulphered molasses with no preservatives in it!
And then simply brew for 24-36 hours 
I then dilute at 4:1 or 3:1 (4 parts water to 1 part compost tea) I like to add my compost tea first then add water so if you use a resivour then add your finished compost tea at the dilution rate recommended and then fill with water so it all mixes together nicely! If you have a small garden like myself you can use a 2 gallon sprayer you can find at any big store with a garden section. In the sprayer I add the compost tea then add the water and shake it a little bit before applying! 
Pictured below is a proper example of a finished compost tea at 36 hours brew time! You can see the beautiful color in the tea and it doesn't smell bad at all! 
Next I'll cover some basic benifits of using compost teas but for more information on compost teas check out http://www.microbeorganics.com
When brewing a compost tea basically what your doing is massively multiplying microbes found in quality compost or worm castings! The molasses works as a food source for the microbial life increasing the population rapidly! 
When growing organically the microbial life is your friend and you want healthy populations in your soil to help break down organic nutrients/ matter in the soil and make it plant available as well as aiding the cycle of life in the soil food web! Compost teas can also help with fungal life in your soils which is great for helping with water retention and overall plant and soil health! 
I usually apply this tea once a week or once every 2 weeks 
Thanks for reading hope this perks some people's Interest and if it does definitely check out the microbes organics page. Let me know if you have any questions?

GroTek nutrients for sale,
These are 50% off retail, this is a great chance to get a full line of nutrients and additives.  GroTek is a 20 year old Canadian company that is trying to move into the Oregon market. Let me know!
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Post in Starting my grow again!
The Jurassic pheno is gorgeous definitely gonna have to dig through more of these beans! 

Post in TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!
So, for the buckets, I am doing (till transplant some of them to larger ones) and have done start to end, just basic anywhere 5g bucket with a lid, small basket to hold the plant within the lid, airstone in the bottom, then water with some basic nutes
if you don't have temperature problems it's way easy and simple, plus low maintenance
NOTE; extra air should not hurt anything, especially if keep bubbles small (factor of the airstone and pressure applied), but not enough air in the medium is a bad thing. that can cause things to rot

Forum on the current/future state of the OMMP Program
Forum on the current/future state of the OMMP Program
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Post in Starting my grow again!
The hell's angel was looking so great this morning after it got topdressed with compost last night and watered! Then tonight all the plants got a top dress of neem, kelp and crustacean meal and some crushed malted barley as well! Then covered everything up with more barley straw to get the decomposition layer started this is where things really start to take off! 

Post in Starting my grow again!
So pretty sure I'll be pulling a male out tonight and this one I think will be a girl really loving it's structure so far but this one isn't showing any sign of sex yet but the bigger one looks like it's growing a penis lol so chop chop for that guy so really hoping this one's a girl so I can get a pretty decent sized plant to try 

Are you interested in growing organically??
Hey guys I'm starting this thread as a place for those interested in learning about how they can start growing organically and get away from bottled nutrient! Increasing you health, potency flavor and reducing the amount of money on inputs for the garden. I have been thankful to be friends with some very knowledgeable people and have gained a good amount of knowledge from them as well as learned how to apply it myself!
So my goal is to help others on the path to organics and towards better health for you! I believe in living organic soil and working with microorganisms to help break down organic matter and make it into plant available nutrients this way you are not measuring Nutrients and checking PH or PPMs! Utilizing the proper soil mix ratio as well as good quality soil ingredients will ensure you get started the right way. I do have a recipe I would like to share, this recipe is from a good friend of mine that taught me Alot of what I know about living organic soil and still helps me to this day! Even helped with my most recent batch of soil which came out great!
So I'll get this started with this introduction post and then within the next day or two I will put up a soil mix recipe as well! And then we will get going from there! Here's my Hell's angel OG in  the new soil mix I made up! Just a example of the health were looking for in our plants and this is just the start! 
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Starting my grow again!
So started with just 3 seeds to do in my yard not much space but getting together stuff for indoor, I started with 3 huckleberry kush x pinetar Kush seeds a friend made, stay tuned!!
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Wed Nov 08 13-17-07.jpg
Wed Nov 08 13-17-07.jpg
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Rolling Paper Depot & OMMP-PIF Giveaway @ShopRPD
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The closest to the number (Without going over) WINS
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