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Good afternoon all!  
Harvest time is quickly approaching and things are looking frosty! In the past when trimming I have usually used a cardboard box but this time I am trying to step my game up a little bit. I am curious if anyone has a "harvest more trim bin" that I could borrow for five days or so?  
I would definitely make it worth your while, banana OG, tiramisu cookies, and gorilla glue are all coming down. Timberrrrr!  
Thank you!
Peace and Plants 
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Fresh eggs for sale In Medford, OR area
My free range happy hens lay cream, brown and chocolate colored eggs. Later in the year, there will also be white eggs. All of my hens are well cared for and fed only the best feed, and forage around the yard.




 A dozen eggs (12) for $5 or a dozen and a half (18) for $7.
Please bring carton(s), I have a limited supply



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Ok lets get this started

Pictures to follow.
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Free community lecture, Understanding CBD by Janna Champage, RN, BSN
When:  Feb. 24, 2018 @2:00-3:30pm
Where: 633 Market St Medford, OR


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I found a nice short accurate sub panel installation video
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Dear Community,
I am reaching out to you to let you know about this new cancer wellness class I am starting. In 2014 I received a diagnosis of multiple myeloma. I was pretty devastated. I am posting here because I want to share with you some simple powerful practices that really helped me cope with everything. As wonderful as medical marijuana is - for some people it can not address all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering of those who are in cancer treatment or wanting to stay in remission. This class could be an additional tool to your wellness. It is not a religious program.
Please come to my free meet and greet on Tuesday, January 23rd from 10-1130am to hear more of my remarkable wellness story and how it could help you. I am not selling anything and this is not a business. I am just a caring person like everyone else in this forum that wants to help others feel happier and healthier. Please contact me with any questions - sharilyn@easystreet.net.  Thank you.
Free Cancer Wellness Group Meet and Greet
Tuesday, January 23rd 2018  10-1130am
Multnomah Friends Meeting
4312 SE Stark St
Portland 97215

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I recently had the opportunity to test out a couple of products from https://24kcbdplus.com/. I was sent their Pure CBD crystals and their muscle pain salve, so I called a friend up that had been having some back problems to come over and play guineapig for me. We started with dabbing some of the pure crystals. They produced a very smooth and cool hit that tasted like the smell of cherry chapstick. My guineapig noted an immediate relaxing of his back around the problem spot. After dabs I had him try the muscle pain salve on the affected area. I have sensitivities to menthol/camphor so I abstained. We continued our conversation for a few minutes and then my friend noticed happily that his back had relaxed. Moments later the vertebrae slipped back into place and his pain was completely gone. He attributed this to the relaxing properties of the CBD and the pain salve. While this was a best-case scenario, and not to be expected typically, I'd say that we both are convinced of the beneficial properties of both of the CBD products. 24KCBDPlus now also have the capability to take credit cards. My only real criticism of the product was that the product labels, (not the company logo) were home printed, probably in an attempt to keep the prices lower, but would look more professional if they were ordered. I wouldn't let the home printed labels deter you, their products are high quality and with 24KCBDPlus' frequent discounts are competitively priced.
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I found a great deal on the magicbutter from the company itself. They have a valentines bundle for 189.99 + shipping. It comes with LoveGlove, PurifyFilter, MB Cookbook, MB Butter Tray, and Eat To Treat Gummy Trays (2-pack). This sale ends February 28, 2018.
They make Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures, Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Skin Care Products, Pet Medicines, and more.

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7 Reasons To Smoke Marijuana Every Day
As if you needed more than one.
Amy Hansen
Jan 30, 2018  
Anyone who smokes marijuana daily probably already has their reasons. The more research that comes in, the more it makes sense to smoke weed every. single. day. If you find yourself needing an excuse to light up, we actually have 7 explanations for you. Here they are, in no particular order.
Daily Delight: 7 Reasons To Smoke Marijuana Every Day
As if you needed more than one.
By: Amy Hansen Jan 30, 2018   Anyone who smokes marijuana daily probably already has their reasons. The more research that comes in, the more it makes sense to smoke weed every. single. day. If you find yourself needing an excuse to light up, we actually have 7 explanations for you. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. It Can Give You A Healthier Liver
That is, if you’re addicted to alcohol. A recent study found that alcoholics who smoked weed everyday had healthier livers.
According to BGR:
2. It Can Help Your Brain
The chemical compounds inherent in cannabis, THC and CBD, help protect our brains. This is particularly true in relation to brain injury.
But, according to The Fresh Toast‘s Trey Reckling.....
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I Conquered My Anorexia with Cannabis
0 By Guest Post on January 26th, 2018 By Taylor Engle

Marijuana is infamous for its gift of “the munchies.” But, cannabis can do much more than stimulate an anorexic’s appetite.
Ten months ago, my weight was in the double digits. I hated my body and I hated myself. I didn’t see any point in living. I began experiencing heart problems, causing a trip to Urgent Care and a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa.
Immediately, I felt my heart drop into my stomach — it was the first time I’d felt anything in my stomach for what seemed like years. I knew I might die, suffer permanent heart problems, and lose the opportunity to bear children, but I didn’t care. I still didn’t want to eat....
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DIY Homemade Worm Bins
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Center For Cannabis Research
One download per person
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             Beneficial: Fungus Gnat Predators  (Hypoaspis sp. Hypoaspis aculeifer, Hypoaspis  miles)
Hypoaspis  miles feeding on a fungus gnat

The link below will take you to "An Intro to beneficial bugs and beneficial insect food" it has a list (been worked on) to pests and beneficial insects.
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Plans for a stackable wooden worm compost bin. Found these online.
This one is 14.5" square.
Worm Compost Bin.pdf
I am finishing up with a re-design of these plans for the same exact thing but in 24"x24" size, as I am designing one for myself. Will post those as well once completed.
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Research Deep Dive: Little-Known Health Effects Of Medical Marijuana
A deep dive into what research tells us ... and what questions remain to be answered.

David Trilling
Jan 15, 2018  
As marijuana use becomes ever more socially and legally acceptable in the developed world, researchers are scrambling to understand how the plant — more potent today than ever before — impacts our health. Marijuana is now legal in 28 U.S. states for medical use and in eight for recreation. But the policy has far outpaced science, with almost every clinical study calling for a further inquiry and many researchers complaining their work is stymied by federal regulations, which still treat cannabis as an illegal substance.
Judging by the available research, ample evidence exists to say that marijuana can treat pain, nausea and multiple sclerosis. It can harm lungs and the developing adolescent brain. Under certain circumstances, it can be addictive and increase the likelihood of auto accidents, low birth weight and, in cases of heavy use, schizophrenia.
The open questions about marijuana and its derivatives are far more numerous. How do benefits balance against side effects? How well can these substances treat seizures? How exactly do they affect the brain? How dangerous are the barely regulated chemicals used in processing weed for commercial use, like butane, pesticides, and food additives? What other regulatory loopholes could lead to dangerous effects on consumers?.....
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Mixing These Drugs With Marijuana Can Be Dangerous
On prescription pills and consume marijuana? Read this and then go have a talk with your doctor.

Terry Hacienda
Jan 10, 2018  
Medical students do not get an education in the endocannabinoid system, which is a shame. Most doctors have a firm understanding of pharmaceuticals and other traditional Western medicinal therapies. You might get lucky and have a personal physician who has a basic knowledge of holistic medicine, herbal therapies, and other integrative health techniques. Sadly, this lack of information puts patients at risk and encourages some to self-diagnose and self-medicate. If you are consuming cannabis — for medicinal, recreational, spiritual, wellness or any other purpose — it is vitally important to share this information with your doctor. While cannabis is a safe drug, you need to be careful when you mix these drugs with marijuana.
Don’t be afraid to share; there is a thing called doctor-patient confidentiality. Besides, eight states have already legalized recreational marijuana and 29 states allow some form of medicinal use....
According to the Mayo Clinic, cannabis may adversely interact with:
anabolic steroids barbiturates benzodiazepines central nervous system depressants corticosteroids dopamine antagonists nicotine nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories opioid receptor antagonists pain relievers phytoestrogens Another trusted source is Drugs.com, an independent medicine information site that provides “independent, objective, comprehensive and up-to-date information for both consumers and healthcare professionals.”
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Greetings CannaFam,
  I am currently resurrecting my medical grow, and I figured it would be a good time to start a grow journal. I think I have most of the basic principles down, but I am by no means an expert. This is the first garden that I am putting together in our new home.    The veg closet is pretty much setup and functional for my starters. However I still need to get my aero cloner bucket up and running.     The flower room is still a work in progress. I am still kind of debating on whether or not I should devote all my time and energy to getting my other LED light mounted, since I am planning on installing some HPS lights, an A/C, and some fans & duct when we get our tax returns        So, here goes:   Veg.    Lights: (2) 19w LED fixtures  Grow Medium: Coco Coir/Perlite  Genetics: GrandDaddy Purps      I put up a layer of cardboard on the windows before blocking them out with the panda film, to help with added insulation and light blockage. I also put up some panda film around the edges of the door, since I saw some light leaking out in to the (soon-to-be) flower room.        There was a single hook already mounted in the ceiling when we moved in, but i wanted to mount two lights, so I Engineered this little setup with an old fast-food tray and a single lightweight chain.        I have the lights mounted about 3 1/2 ft. From the grow cups (can’t really call it a canopy yet, lol).           The first bunch of sprouts died on me because it was too cold in there, so I put the radiating space heater in there and added a small fan to circulate air/heat 
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Sessions Rescinds Cole Memo, Which Protected State-Legal Cannabis From Feds

Leafly Staff January 4, 2018  
Editor’s note: This story will be updated throughout the day Thursday following reports that US Attorney Jeff Sessions is rescinding the Cole memo, an Obama-era policy that protected state-legal medical cannabis from interference by federal law enforcement.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding the Cole memo, an Obama-era policy that had paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country, two people with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press. Sessions will instead let federal prosecutors where cannabis is legal decide how aggressively to enforce federal marijuana law, the people said.
The people familiar with the plan spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it before an announcement expected Thursday.....
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My old prescription
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So by now you've probably guessed that I have a fairly positive bias towards this company and their products, so I decided to try something a bit different.
I invited a couple friends over for dabs, a former large scale grower and blaster, and his fiance'.  We opened with a dab of GDP and a bowl. After BSing for a while I loaded up a dab of "Indica Blend" for my friend.  I gave him a minute to catch his breath and asked him what he thought of the dab,...
10 minutes and 21 subjects later he looked at me and asked "What was the question?"
I'm pretty sure that is a better review of the product than I could come up with.  
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How to Build a Gingerbread Bong in a Few Simple Steps!
0 By Allie Beckett on December 20th, 2017  
Well, we are officially in the midst of holiday season. And if you’re in a stressful whirlwind of finding the perfect gifts for all your loved ones, let’s take a break and have some fun — that’s what the holidaze are about anyways, right?
We at Marijuana.com love stepping up to the challenge of turning anything into a bong — and we mean anything. So this year, we’re going to transform the traditionally innocent gingerbread houses of our youth into a pot-smoking chimney of daaaank......

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Which Is Cheaper: Walmart’s ‘Weed Christmas Tree’ or Actual Weed?
Bruce Barcott  
A few months ago, Leafly contributor Chase Scheinbaum noticed that Walmart was offering a cannabis rosin press on its website for $299. So we ordered one and put it through its paces. The result? Not bad.
Now it appears that the nation’s largest retailer is continuing its rollout of cannabis-themed products.
For the holiday season, Walmart is selling “the original Weed Christmas Tree,” a seven-foot fake tree made up of cannabis leaves, for $249. It looks like this once you Photoshop ornaments and a bow onto it......

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The "Sativa Blend" has a bright and clear headed effect, probably from the Beta Caryophyllene, so there is probably less risk of the anxiety that sometimes accompanies the more energetic Sativa strains. 
While it is not modeled after any strain specific profile, I found it's flavor pleasant and if I did not know, i would probably not identify it as "Terpene Enhanced."
I have to say that I have yet to be disappointed with a product from this company, from packaging all the way to quality and effectiveness.
Mixing up some "Sativa Blend" concentrate enhancer from True Terpenes
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December 7, 2017 — So much has changed in the last few months for OMMP patients and their growers that we thought a chart explaining some of these changes might be helpful (see below). From the new “12 plant” rule to tracking in METRC, this chart should help folks sort things out.
The key things to remember are: 1) If you are growing for yourself at your own home, your grow site is limited to 12 plants. And, 2) If you are a couple growing for yourselves at your own home, you can grow six medical plants each but you cannot grow any recreational plants.....
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OMMP Pay It Forward & @RollingPaperDepot
Pick a number between 2-199
The closest to the number (Without going over) WINS
This gift includes RAW cones re-packaged by RPD
Everyone except Cheri and myself can play.
Free shipping
Facebook and Twitter followers can play as well. Use our easy sign-in options. Choose any username if you wish to keep your anonymity, and then make your guess,  
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