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    Stubs O'Kief

    My Tincture is my dregs bottle..

    Thanks @Graywolf , you said it better and with far fewer words. @MimiEmu I usually don't eat or drink cannabis concoctions that often, but when I do, I also go the milk route. I take some already vaped bud (AVB) that I have cold-water processed to help reduce the toasted weed flavor, then mix it in with about a 1/4 cup of hot whole milk in the world's smallest saucepan for about 5-10 minutes, stirring frequently (not boiling, just on the verge of simmering). I then strain the milk to get the bud out, then drink it, pour it over oatmeal, etc. Since you're using concentrate that's already dissolved in alcohol, you can just drop it right into a regular old cup of milk and it should work just fine, no heating necessary. I just use whole milk, so I can't speak for something like skim milk... I know there's still a bit of fat present in skim milk, so it's probably fine. You'll know if it's not fine because you'll get that sticky stuff on the sides of the cup again. I usually use less than a half-gram of the AVB because I'm a lightweight, so you might consider using more milk than I do just for the sake of flavor.
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    My Tincture is my dregs bottle..

    Stop putting it in water. Try milk instead, so there are fats present to absorb the essential oil. The plant waxes, as well as the cannabinoids are non polar so they are not as attractive to the alcohol as highly polar water. When you mix them, the polar alcohol divorces the non polar elements in favor of the polar water.
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    Great starts good potential hope to see more thank you for sharing
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    I know what you mean I had to shut down for two years/grew again and had to quit again for about another two years. I'm accustomed to getting colas the size of 2 L bottles well maybe not quite so damn close I can claim it LOL.
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    Well here is a random dispensary bud seed. It's either sour kush or sour diesel. It was the first to germinate and of course had to be the guinea pig that ironed out the kinks in soil and water. It's funny how many little things you forget when you haven't grown for a while. Anyway after some sick days she is perky and stout AF.
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    Finally got around to starting a new run... WEDDING MINTS - Sin City Seeds 75% Indica / 25% Sativa, Wedding Cake x SinMint Cookies , https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Wedding_Mints/Sin_City_Seeds/ Soaked in a glass of water for a few days, moved to paper towel in a ziplock baggie for 1 day and put them in their first shoes today, let's see what happens. Starting under Lush Lighting Herbal Vador 2x - https://lushledlighting.com/product/herbal-vador-2x/
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    Stubs O'Kief

    My Tincture is my dregs bottle..

    Likely a mix of all three. Those oils and waxes are soluble in high concentrations of ethanol at room temp, but once it's dropped into a big glass of cold water, those oils and waxes are now insoluble and will have a tendency to stick to the glass. I wouldn't be surprised if you were losing a good fraction of the product to the sides of the glass. I'm sure some of the cannabis extract is suspended in the water long enough to get some into ya, but a lot of that goodness is just sticking to the sides of the glass. I'm not too familiar with the chemistry of chlorophyll, but in my experience, the chlorophyll extracted from cannabis in alcohol extractions doesn't seem particularly soluble in water. I have progressively added water to cannabis extract in ethanol and it "louched" like when water is added to absinthe or pastis (it formed an emulsion). It left cannabis extract residue on the sides of the glass just like that. The process didn't seem to remove chlorophyll from the extract to the water to any noticeable degree. Those waxes and oils are both soluble in room temperature ethanol (they are dissolved in the ethanol), but they are not soluble in water. Because both waxes and oils are hydrophobic, those oils and waxes will bunch up together and eventually visibly separate from the water as you see in your photo. Personally I'd just change my method of consumption to avoid the problem altogether. Maybe just eat it on something? Hopefully this makes sense, pretty well medicated right now, so my apologies if this turns out to be incoherent ramblings. If anything doesn't make sense, just ask for clarification and I'll stop on by when I've landed back on planet earth.
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    And if one wants to cough up a lung or two, then smoke some "bud rot" cannabis that's dusted with a generous sprinkling of aphid carcasses. IMO, life is too short to smoke shit weed. Lesson learned: inspect your crop at least 2x week and seek the least evasive/destructive solution. My first weapon of choice to attack leaf critters is "Bug Blaster BBN". It is a hose attachment that blasts aphids (under and on top of the leaf) with plain water (no poisons). Take your plant outside, connect to hose and spray under/over all leaves, then say good bye to aphids, spider mites, etc. For obvious reasons, I would use with great caution on flowering plants.
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    Botrytis produces no known aflatoxins and its spores and filiments can be removed from a concentrate by filtering at 0.2 microns with a syringe filter, which removes the odor and flavor. Botrytis is the same mold that is used to produce Grand Cru wines, but some people can have a Type I allergic reaction to the spores and mycelium.
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    Ok maybe pandemonium is a bit more grandiose than my small batch, personal supply operation but the quality and variety will surely make up for what it lacks in quantity. You will find lots of different strains with plenty of bud porn to browse and undoubtedly some breeding and experimentation. As my seeds sprout and progress I will post some pics and info for them along with any useful info I may have.
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    ShutterBuds by St0nA

    Ahhhh the good old days! I wish I knew what came of all these guys. I can't really find words to say how happy I am that this is all still here.
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    You bring up a very good point Eddie and yes theft can sometimes be a problem. This is a good place for some creative thinking let me come up with some ideas that may help. I say may help because of a thief really wants it he'll get it no matter what you do. ( sad fact) so let me see here the first thing of course would be to lock it up. That's if you can on your particular canoe. Mine has an eyebolt on the bow is not actually called an eyebolt I just forgot what it was called LOL. If you cannot lock your canoe up then you can try to find a person and ask them if they wouldn't mind watching your canoe while you pick up your supplies at the post office or grocery store. I personally will be looking for a stoner and will pay him in weed a bona fide stoner will stay for hours for 1/4 ounce or so LOL. A lot of this depends on location as well for example if there is a beach with woods you can take your canoe and hide it in the trees and underbrush should be safe. And there is of course the possibility you will have a partner along in that case one watches the canoe while the other fetches the supplies. If there's quite a bit alternate. Then there are places you can more where there are lots of other boaters around so a thief wouldn't feel comfortable just up and taking it. Boaters are generally really good at looking out for one another. Always be willing to assist someone in trouble as you may need assistance yourself one day you never know. If you are really worried about it and there's no place available to lock up whatsoever have good insurance on your canoe just in case a thief does get it. Yes your trip may be ruined But the insurance company will pay for a new canoe. It is always a good idea to have insurance. I'm going to be looking into a policy that will cover all my gear aboard as well. Be sure and take pictures of all your canoeing supplies so they can be presented to the insurance company if need be. The bottom line of course is you pays your money and you takes your chances LOL funny but no joke!
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    Now what I am basing this post on is by no means anything new. In one very well-known experiment plants were grown accompanying them with music. While other plants were grown with none. Everything else was the same for both plants with one exception of course some got music others Silence. I propose we do our own experiment with growers such as myself who have never done this experiment before. The other thing that makes this post interesting is the fact that I do not listen to music at all!, Anyone who knows me is aware of this. It started in school I was in music class and given an instrument the drums well drum anyway. I couldn't help it if all I knew was how to hit it like a caveman. Long story short I was soon kicked out of music class. I guess I just wasn't the musical type. Later in life my teens I had a stepbrother who crammed rock 'n' roll down my throat and I despised him for it. So now many many years later I still do not listen to music. But this old dog can learn new tricks. Let's select some songs were types of music that I will play for my plants and myself I want to see what benefits my plants again as I know approximately what to expect out of them I would definitely be able to see the difference if any. This may lead to my liking music and perhaps a whole new world opened up for me. If my plants like it I'm going to love it I also want any of you out there who have not done this, Experiment to join me in this quest. I would like to also hear input from the growers who have done this or who are currently still doing this .It would be wonderful to have your input. So hit me with it give me your best shot what is it that my plants and myself will listen to? And what changes will occur in both. So my experiment slightly different as a person is added into the mix. Think of it as a kind of musical gardening therapy. For that's exactly what my Grow room is a place of therapy. So without further ado let's proceed Shall we. With my plants 30 days in flour It is the perfect time to start as I know approximately what to expect being so familiar with this strain. And I would like to thank everybody for your participation
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    where art meets science.

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    where art meets science.

    We oftentimes hear that growing is an art and science, most often the science is spoken of but what about the art. This is where art meets science It all began for me when I started growing in a grow tent measuring 4'6"x 4'6"x 7'0". It was a limited amount of space that I had to work within flower. I was running three plants in flower. But as you already probably figured out it was choking themselves out. I needed a solution to the problem. So I learned how to grow my plants square with rounded edges of course. So I started cutting them back as soon as possible to produce 4 limbs done correctly you will have a plant with four limbs Starting Just about 2 inches above the roots. Then I had another problem I had a ceiling of 7'and I use a 6-inch cool tube so now I only have a 6'6" height limitation I wanted my plants to be big so I would take those four stocks and bend them out the word to the outside 15-gallon pot And Secured the limbs to bamboo stakes 4'0" now the plan has all the stock of a large plant and all the lower limbs are cut off as the plant grows maintaining a 16 to 18-inch canopy. The advantage you have now is that you can put the stocks anywhere you like. So that the colas get the best light. This requires you to bend and shift until you have a canopy and rows of tops to become colas. All done from yo-yos from the top of the tent Attached to 1 x 2 slats secured to the tent frame with zip ties. Coffee cup hooks will hold your yo-yo in place anywhere you like thereby allowing you to pull the plant into the desired position That you wish you wish. Just by pulling in the right direction from the top. This is the first step in learning how to bend and break. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to this post. In my next post, I will go more in-depth about bending breaking shaping, etc. etc. I will give you a list of items needed to accomplish this growth style. Before you know it you will be doing your own artistic expression in the stocks of your plans it really is a kind of living art and you have to experience it in order to fully appreciate the art form.
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    I would not use a chemical at this point, Try using a spray bottle with ice water in it. to knock them off, then kill them?
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    Fishing in 2020

    If there stocked rainbows powerbait, worms and mini marshmallows is my favorite way to catch em
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    By the way, I found that fungus gnats are apparently attracted to the “hardener” component of 2-part epoxy (the two-part mix where you mix equal parts of hardener and resin). I have attached a picture of the bottle of epoxy “hardener”, showing a bunch of dead fungus gnats that got stuck to the excess, spilled hardener. Note that this bottle of hardener was kept quite far away from the plants and they really seem to be attracted to it. This is just the hardener part of the 2-part mix NOT mixed with the resin.
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    Succulents, Photos

    These are a Trichocereus hybrid SS02xSS01 X Bertha
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    Day 69, 4/23 harvest Profile View of whole plant And the gang drying And since this is the last Zookies run....
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    Green Leaf Labs is supporting our website so we in turn will help them all PIF members will get $10 discount when they order any of our services. The service will include an official laboratory report. ommp - PIF members use promo code GLL-420 (coupon cannot be stacked) The Northwest’s Premiere Cannalysis™ Laboratory. Green Leaf Lab is Oregon’s most trusted name for medical cannabis potency testing and safety screening. Know What You Grow™. We are here to help you navigate and comply with Oregon State Law for PRFs and Medical Marijuana Facilities, and OAR 333-008-1190 testing rules.