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    Moved into 5g buckets, DWC, Cutting Edge 3-part nutes, starting PH 6.0
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    Some of the 73 micron ice water extract from her
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    Its all good. If growing great cannabis was easy/not complicated, then everyone would be doing it to the tens. Imo, providing a few of my personal recipes and shining light to a "non-cannabis" agricultural publication about foliar feeding (avoiding bro-science and stoner logic), I thought would be the best and simplest and best way to introduce an old and proven technique to someone unaware of the magic of foliar feeding. Cut and paste from https://www.smart-fertilizer.com/articles/foliar-feeding/ UNDER WHICH CONDITIONS SHOULD YOU USE FOLIAR FEEDING? Under certain conditions, foliar feeding has an advantage over soil applications. Limiting conditions – A foliar feeding is recommended when environmental conditions limit the uptake of nutrients by roots. Such conditions may include high or low soil pH, temperature stress, too low or too high soil moisture, root disease, presence of pests that affect nutrient uptake, nutrient imbalances in soil etc. For example, micronutrient availability is greatly reduced in high soil pH. Under such conditions, foliar application of micronutrients might be the more efficient way to supply micronutrients to the plant. Nutrient deficiency symptoms – One of the advantages of foliar feeding is the quick response of the plant to the nutrient application. The efficiency of nutrient uptake is considered to be 8-9 folds higher when nutrients are applied to the leaves, when compared with nutrients applied to soil. Therefore, when a deficiency symptom shows up, a quick, but temporary fix, would be applying the deficient nutrient through foliar application. In specific growth stages – Plants require different amounts of nutrients in different growth stages. It is sometimes difficult to control the nutrient balance in soil. Foliar applications of essential nutrients during key stages can improve yield and quality. Hope this helps.
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    You're doing it! To help in training and support, I've used pipe cleaners and electric wire (14ga) to position branches where I want them. And when its time remove fan leaves, I would not remove more than 20-25% at a time. Some now and some later is what I would do.
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    I examine the area near the plant stipule (the "v") between days 36 and 42 after germination and focus on identifying pistils with white (never green) hairs.. Female parts show 4-6 weeks (before day 42) and are less confusing to identify. Examine the for pistil shaped formations with 1 or 2 white hairs peeking out of the pistil. Notice the shape of the pistil is long and not stubby like the male part (ace of spade). Male parts show 3-4 weeks after germination and are sometimes confusing to identify with great certainty. You are looking for a growth that resembles the "ace of spades"--no white hairs. Practice make perfect. BTW, photos were lifted from other websites.
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    Got some old WhiteNightmare (f) beans I made to sprout, started 3 and 2 showed tails. (A couple of weeks earlier I started 5 old TW8 beans and not a single one sprouted)
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    This is the final run of Zookies (was not thrilled with the end result) and I thought it would be a good specimen to use for a little fun and observe the advancement of trichomes. I will take pics of the same bud every other day or so. To help us, I notched one of the fan leaves and will position the notched leaf to be at the "6 o'clock" position. Here, I am pointing to the bud we will track with the notched leaf circled. Date flipped: 2/13 Days in flower: 23
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    1 cuft of anything is about 7.5 gallons. Three 5 gallon buckets will hold 2 cuft. Black absorbs heat better than white or colored buckets. 2 bags of soil, 3 black buckets (with lids), fill em and set buckets in a sunnier spot on porch for 3-4 months. You're good to go for August/September transplanting. Just a thought.😷👊
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    thanks know and grow....
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    My guess is 73
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    Getting closer to harvest time
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    plum crisp

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    Purple Power

    Midnight & Moon

    Last Christmas, Midnight & Moon were still adjusting to home life, so I didn't get a tree. This year these two precious kittens are fully adjusted and I got a free tree. It's not even or full, but for a great price of free. The cat first got to do some reading of the bottom part of tree. I turn this into a reef later. There were a few frisk/ambush attacks during this. The mighty queen Nut Nibbler is now seeing how poorly she's trained her minions. This round was being ambushed by Midnight who was using the branches as cover. Next was see how the kittens would react to a few of the things going in the tree like pine cones with glitter and beads. I'll start with my adorable little princess Moon. Sorry for the burry pictures, but she was moving like crazy during this test. Needless to say, Moon really liked them, so they were put high in the tree Midnight wasn't to sure with the pine cone, but loved playing with the beads Nut Nibbler was just not impressed in the slightest. Moose trained her very well The tree is a lot smaller then I normally get and put it up on the sewing machine table. My pup, Chloe, thinks the tree is a stick. My tree stand is heavy and lays flat on the ground as the picture with Nibbler shows It can be hard to get your cat to look at you long enough to take a picture. Luckily for us, we have doughnuts. Nut Nibbler loves doughnuts. This is how we got that great shot As I decorated the tree, the cats watched. After I let them explore for a bit here's an old trick I used all the kittens I've raised besides a heavy stand. I never had a cat even a big cat like Moose in his prime (20lbs) take a tree down. Cats love boxes, that's a fact. I use boxes that were used for shipping and put a few holes in them: entrance/exit, a couple side hole for poking then I wrap it. Moon helped. Cats seems to enjoy the boxes and play in them vs going up the tree. As you can see, these boxes are a big hit. not the tree Midnight has settled in and laying down when his sister come up. Isn't Midnight a good looking boy? Nut Nibbler has spotted her poorly trained minions and are at it again Will Nut Nibbler decided she wants that spot under the tree, but her minions are giving her some looks. I'm not sure what she said to her kittens, but it was out of range for our hearing This Morning, Moon found a new spot Moon has some special quarks like every cat does. Every time I go in the bathroom she follows me. She'll rub up against me on her way to the shower and rub and roll around every where she can reach. Then she's off to the sink and lays in it. She go in the sink 1st if she sees I turned the water on. Here's pictures from this morning. Nibbler waking up after a good night of sleeping. Every morning she gets tuna with her herbal meds
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    Instagram photos?

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    Here is a picture of our Daisy....
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    Current Fishing Prospects

    My suggestion would be spend a little extra and include your wife and take her and yourself out on a smaller charter boat
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    Current Fishing Prospects

    The wife and I spent the weekend in Yachats, Oregon which is on the coast south of Newport. I brought the fishing poles and got skunked throwing a Gulp ghost shrimp on the bottom. I still do like to climb around those basalt rocks in the surf knowing that I just might haul in a nice rockfish. I ripped my jeans at the inseam and got soaked so it is me, 0, Pacific Ocean 1,
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    RPD & OMMP Fall Giveaway.

    333... If I win please give the prize to a needy patient in your area. I can't afford enuff herb to roll a fatty any more. Love you all. i'll shut up now