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    So hey yeah that works, but people look at me real funny when I go outside with that bottle strapped to my face.........:)
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    Hah! The bottle! Brilliant! That's what I was missing today when I was cleaning off my oil scraper tool...
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    Hey yeah I had forgotten that method! My wife has simply added some to flower in a pipe but I will try that way and report back....
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    Hi all so I went to the dispensary last night and purchased some hash.....I had been looking for some but I cannot vouch for this stuff yet. Two pictures are attached to show what it looks like and to show that I can be a real, grown-up scientist too! For the amount shown I paid twenty dollars which included a 10% veteran's discount. I will send more data from planet Nebulon 5 after I have tried it.
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    Hah! I'm tempted to make one and wear it around the house just to see my wife's reaction.
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    So anyway an interim report.....my wife has added some to some Gorilla Glue #4 (flower) in a pipe and smoked it.....she simply reports that "it was good". I will try it tonight maybe and report back.......nebulon 5 out.
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    Have you ever tried hot knifing it? Take 2 knives and heat one up almost red, put your fresh hash on the cold knife and place the 2 knives together with the hash in between. Use a straw to suck up the smoke it makes when the 2 knives connect. This guy uses a Gaterade bottle it looks like. lol
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    Maybe I am showing my ignorance, but I tried to smoke a piece of this "hash" in "old-school fashion" - by putting a piece of it on a pin (fashioned thru a little piece of cardboard - see first pic) and lighting it with a Bic lighter.......and "BOOOOOOM"!!! --- no not really just kidding! Seriously though, this piece of "hash" ignited and burned like a piece of plastic; and did NOT just glow red and smolder and give off smoke that is normally captured by the small glass placed over it (second pic). I know this is old-school ghetto-style hash smoking but it worked in-that-day many years ago. I expected the hash piece to "glow" (like the "hash" we got back in the late 70's early 80's, where there is a thick smoke or vapor that comes off the glowing piece of hash) and the glass cup or snifter to be put upside-down over the smoldering hash piece and the smoke/vapor rises up into the cup and is captured there. When you wanted to take a hit, you just placed your mouth down near the lip of the glass, lifted the side of the glass next to your mouth and inhaled the vapors. Man those were some of the most enjoyable flavors I have ever tasted! This was not enjoyable at all. Anyone is welcome to criticize anything and everything that I am doing wrong here....
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    Welcome to PIF Ask us for help if you need it.
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    We look forward to hearing your review, These not only help us but other dispensaries know what OMMP members expect.
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    My wife and I occasionally visit one of these places in Portland that is such a fantastic little venue and I hope that it continues to operate in a "pseudo-legal" fashion. Several times we have visited this place and there was an obvious and overt city police presence outside and guess what?!.......Nothing happened!!!! No riots, brawls, fist fights or any of that, just some folks went home with some new ideas about growing, curing, etc. and everyone seemed to have a good time.
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    I am quite sure that they can't figure out how they can TAX these places.......It is a NO BRAINER to allow such establishments, especially given how many alcohol dispensaries there already are.....Oh and by the way, how much does it cost the state to enforce alcohol consumption laws????!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!
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    Last one left and time to chop... such a waste Nice roots on the White Nightmare, Napali Pink was not bad for a 5g bucket, Pineapple Upsidedown Cake suffered from lack of light being shaded by everything else