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    Asthma/bronchitis/copd / Cannabis

    (notice on line 5 - "Your inhaler has a conservative shelf life of 6 month if stored properly) so pretty much, today I had an attack from allergies which leads to ashtma, that is when the party started 😉 so I decided to give this new inhaler a try, even after saw the date from three years ago and that warning sign , but I was desperate to find a way. I was told by the bud tender lady at the disenspary that it will work very well, and it is new enough. I took a puff from the inhaler , immediately my lungs became upset and I ended up suffer for next hour , threw up as well. I just knew in my bone that this isn't right and my body wasn't happy at all ! Then I went straight to my trustworthy vape pen and puff right away, slowly my lungs recovered and started to return back to the baseline. THE LIFE SAVER INHALER !!! (inspire mind THC Cannabinoid extract inhaler from Deanz Greenz Dispensary on 85th ave) (back of the box - notice on line 10 - made at 1/01/19) much safer, much better ! (inside the box - instruction paper, inhaler, cap, and canister) I used the inhaler when I was heading back to home from Ptown other day when I bought both inhalers for first time, and I was wheezing when I was heading home so I used this Inspire inhaler in car and it was LIFE SAVER ! It gave me the same relief just like if I used the vape pen, but without harsh heat or whatever it was inside vape pen that irritate my lungs a bit but this inhaler, smooth and it definitely open my airways and spit out all allergens out = clear lungs which means = Happy DUDE HERE ! BREATHING NORMAL!!! I should used Inspire inhaler in the first place today but I learned something at least , oh man!
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    Moved the lights up as far as they will go, lets see how they finish out
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    No shit! These inhalers aren't cheap ! It s killing me that I'm spending so much on THC but anything for good health!
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    Asthma/bronchitis/copd / Cannabis

    very cool
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    @503loyaltoker thank you for the informative review on these products. I'm outraged they would sell you a product almost 2 years out of date. Did you purposely not tell us where you bought them from? Sure wish our insurance company would pay for those.
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    Yes, and by now they are even bigger. (growing in DWC so easy to see) peace, tw
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    Asthma/bronchitis/copd / Cannabis

    hello folks, I am back. Here are the photos of inhalers that I got from Ptown One Gro inhaler from The Green Front - not RECOMMEND!!! (One Gro inhaler from The Green Front) (back of the box: notice on line 8- the product was made on 10/30/17 and today is 03/19/19) (inside the box - instruction paper, inhaler, cap, and canister) p.s. continued on next post - couldn't upload more photos due to max total size
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    Hello folks, hope y'all are doing good. After many years of talking to different people, online researches, self care, see different doctors, trips to ERs, I found out what I have is asthma along with bronchospasm/cough/allergies that trigger asthma. I went through zillion different of inhalers, steroids ones too, and none of them work. All of them make my lungs wheezing even more, or fill up with fluids even more, or /and not even help at all. I used to use rescue inhaler daily when I was told to not use it daily. Then I got to the point where I was given my own nebulizer machine that I used at home. I hated all of it, and the bad side effect so I quit all inhalers and stop use the machine. That time, I didn't know that I had allergies so I didn't know why I was wheezing daily, spitting fluids out of my lungs. For a long time until this month, I finally was able to take allergy testing and found out that I am allergic to 6 different beautiful trees, grass, cats/dogs, and hops. I live in Northwest, and love it here. My family is here, we all live in forest and I love camping , and hiking. I ain't give that up ! LOL I wonder to myself, how did I stay alive if I live in forest ? then I thought, MARIJUANA ! FLOWERS !! my mind is blowing when I think about it, then saw this article, it total makes sense !!! Flowers , well, more preferred , vaping, it is more easy on my lungs, probably because I am allergic to grass and the pollen from grass maybe somehow launch on flowers? But as it turns into oil, the pollen is all gone? Anyway so the point is that pretty much, THC or/and CBD has the ABILITY to dilate respiratory passages in my throat and lungs , and it expands , rather than constricts the passages like how tobacco smoke does. That explains why I am still ALIVE AND HEALTHY today, all thanks to miss Mary Jane. So ... after I got the OMMP receipt , I googled up the THC inhaler, that I saw in a magazine a while ago from Colorado and I couldn't stop think about it. I couldn't find any in Salem, so I drove everywhere in the town, stop by every dispensary , hoping that they would have a THC inhaler in stock. No luck, I searched highs and lows (chuckles) so I went back on internet, found two different kind of inhalers in Portland. So after work, I went straight to Portland , went through several allergy attacks along on the way, but it was worth it ! I went to Deanz Greenz Marijuana Dispensary on 85th. They have this THC inhaler called, "Inspire mind THC Cannabinoid Extract Inhaler." The guy there was nice, gave me a free blunt along with the inhaler. Afterward, I went to the other dispensary, Green Front Dispensary on Gilsan. They have one, called, "One Group THC extract Inhaler." The inhaler is from 2017 while the one from Deanz Greenz is from 2019 so I wasn't impressed with Green Front but will see how effective the inhalers are. I will take pictures of both soon and update on you on how good both inhalers are Stay lifted, brothers and sisters.
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    @503loyaltoker We've been here since, July 11, 2011. We are really happy you're becoming comfortable here at PIF (pay it forward)
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    Fishing 🎣

    About your question about bass right now the bass activity is very minimal but ones the whether warms up the bass with usually have a spring spawn tenmile lake is one of the best lakes in Oregon for bass fishing... I'm headed out to freeway lakes in albany for a little evening fishing hopefully we can get hooked up with something today!
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    A few pics to share

    Howdy y'all, just checking in... I'm still upright but struggling. I have a few pics to share. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I like taking them.
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    A few pics to share

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    the removed male and the ones left...
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    How to become a private member

    Here is the simple process. Send us a photo with your phone or scanner of your current OHA/OMMP card. Send a photo of your Oregon State issued ID/Drivers license. (You can cross out the address). Send these copies to our secure server at proofs@freemygreenpdx.com Make sure we can read the numbers on your OHA/OMMP card Read a few more introductions while we put your numbers in your profile and you can post in those forums. (Private) If you just want to read you may read without posting. You will see your ommp number under your profile avatar. Only you and the staff will see those numbers. Lastly, as soon as we get those photos in our email box we will make you private. we will then write you back and ask you to delete your copies and we will delete ours. That’s it. We can do this in a few mins if you can upload those photos to us now. Thanks for asking. Admin
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    mom was able to eliminate three inhalers and a daily pill with the use of cannabis. mom mostly ingested, but when she would begin to wheeze, nothing like a couple vape hits to relax the bronchial passages. hard to believe, but true.