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    Lots of factors play a role in this ultimately first is what genetics are you working with if your working with Indica or ruderalis type strains you will typically have shorter squat plants that wont stretch as much and are friendly for small spaces but if you are growing hybrids or sativa's especially from seed there can be alot of variance in size and stretch so those a bit more unpredictable. Another thing you wanna consider is how you are training your plants or if your not training your plants at all both approaches will work but they work differently if you are running them untopped/untrained then you wanna try to fit as many as you can in your space and create a sea of green however if you plan to top or train your plants then I recommend growing less plants in slightly bigger pots and low stress training. Them down and keep doing that until your canopy space is full this can keep your plants really low and help maximize your space to get the best yeilds! But if you are gonna be using small pots I'd really recommend using kelp and enzymes weekly
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    So what advice would you give to someone like me who doesn't have the grow-space to let my plants reach full-size after a "normal" veg period? In the one and only indoor grow I did, when I put the plants into flower (12 hours of darkness), they easily tripled in size. I guess it would work to switch the plants into flower after just a few weeks of veg........?
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    It happens....and when it does I use raw honey to dress the wound. I also use the honey whenever I take cuttings or just shaping the plant. It helps prevent infection and other pathogens from forming at the damage site.
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    Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

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    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

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    Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

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    Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    With a goal of 3,000 so far raised 610 need 2390 25 days left, so 95.6 must be raised a day to make the goal
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    Yeah exactly if you can set up a small trellis net inside of there it will help alot with keeping the height low just keep weaving it through the trellis till you fill the space
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    Thank you for the advice, Popeye!. I plan to use the Costco tote I posted above, but as the plants mature, I planned to add another tote to the top of the first one (and inverted) to give it a little more room to flower and also to use LST (Low-Stress-Training) but even then I believe I will still have to switch them to a flowering photo-period very soon after they sprout (like no more than one foot tall). When I say low-stress-training, I mean NOT topping (or cutting the main sprout) but rather bending the main stalk and using a coarse net or mesh to support all of the flowering branches.....
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    So right now I am putting together some cannabilized Costco LEDs into some home-made grow lights that will fit on top of a Costco plastic tote....it will have a glass separator to keep the heat from the LEDs away from the plants....still in development stage. For this to work though, I will have to put the plants into flowering photoperiod (at least 12 hours of darkness) when they have not been in vegetative state for very long at all.....
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    Purple Power

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    Purple Power

    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

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    Thanks Popeye! Great info......also the bit about emulsifying the neem and karanja oils is a cool benefit as well! My grow is on temporary hold until we get out of this damned apartment, although I suppose that I could do a micro-grow in a tote, but the plants would have to be put on a flowering photo-cycle only after a very short time in veg.....
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    Lastly we have the Protists and I'll show you the 3 main forms of this first is the animal form and second is the plant form, and third is gonna be the soil Protists which I have two different pictures of how it can form it's very interesting Protists rely on water to survive so likely not something that you would find in dry soils! So soil moisture is key to maintaining a balance and helping the biodiversity
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    Here's the Predatory Nemotodes and some examples of how they eat as well as the different types of nemotodes and what they feed on! As I mentioned these are microscopic!
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    That could have been so much worse. Sorry you had to go through this. Grows babies grow,