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    From: Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Beautiful tech. I would have never thought. A few questions I had was how much alcohol did you use per liter?
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    I can vouch for this dispensary not that my word means much or anything. But I met up with the two owners of the place and they are really good people. They seem to truly care about the patient and their business as a whole.
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    DIY CO2 Extraction?

    Hehehe, Im lovin that! I know butane is safe and science, but I trust ice and CO2 more than anything at heart. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for being the V-plow of information Im lookin forward to future observations by folks that make me use a dictionary to understand
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    From: Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Also to answer your other question, the wash removes 97-100 percent on the first run. I've never pulled more then 3 percent on the second wash. After a few attempts on second runs, I decided to abandon the last run as it was not worth the return. thanks for the compliment! Best of luck!
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    From: Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Depends on the size of your batch and the size of your whipper. I use a pint sized whipper with 30-90 grams of material. I probably use under a half pint of alcohol but there Is a max fill line on the bottle. Once the herb is added I fill the bottle with alcohol up to the line.
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    From: CuredGreen Strain Review: "Cannatonic"

    I agree with the statements above. I think they have a med for everyone, but I also think everyone needs different meds. Good on em for keeping something for everyone!
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    Brother Will

    From: Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    As Always P8 Most Excellent To Read Your Entries. Thank You I Learn Alot From You. The Pictures Are Really Very, Very Good As Well... Thank You From All Of Us For Sharing So Much ! Most Sincerely, Brother Will
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    Greywolf, I would to thank you for your continued efforts and experiments. It is always a pleasure to see your great information here. Thank you.
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    You know how there are butchers who will dress the animals for hunters? I wish there was a lab here in Cali, where I could take my flowers and have them processed like this. I feel like the meds I make are so inferior.
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    A Note About Skyler

    Your okay in my book.
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    This is the only entry I have written so far that I would consider ready for print. I think it was a bit pretentious but otherwise okay. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    By the way, this schedule failed. I try to research too many articles at once. My bad.
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    The Cannabis Salvation Blog On Tour

    Thanks big guy we need our followers to be able to find you.
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    P. Aiden Hunt

    The Cannabis Salvation Blog On Tour

    Ah! Yes. Links: Blog- http://www.CannabisSalvation.com Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/The420Army Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/skyler.cannabaceae Reddit- http://www.reddit.com/u/The420Army
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    Some people you just want to high five......in the face.....with a shovel.....