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    CBD oil, MCT and CBD Distillate

    Goal: Combine Organic MCT oil with CBD Distillate (70% CBD with terpines not removed) Used a double boiler, water top and bottom to heat the distillate to 180 degrees and set aside. (used a candy thermometer for temperature verification/control) Emptied out the top of the double boiler and dried and added 200ml of MCT oil and heated to 180 degrees. Then added the CBD distillate, wisking into the MCT oil until thoroughly mixed, I used 15 minutes. Using glass basting bulb moved the final product from the double boiler into brown 30Ml dropper bottles. Labeled and put away in the corner of the food cabinet, cool dark back corner, stored in the original box the droppers were delivered in. Presto
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    Purple Power

    New Chicks

    They aren't here yet. They started their trip in Ohio, last night they left Portland. I'd turned on the new brooder plate this morning. It takes a hour to heat up. It's nice and warm now, doesn't burn when I touch it and the shaving are cool. Their water is filled with water and vitamins & electrolytes. Just waiting for my new babies to show up
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    New Chicks

    Bad cats, spray them down. That looks like some kind of chicken 'Boxing ring'
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    Purple Power

    New Chicks

    @EDDIEKIRK I let Feisty look at the chicks. She talked to them and watched for a bit. When she went back out to the flock, she was talking up a storm telling them about the new babies.
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    Purple Power

    New Chicks

    The chicks are here, and chirping loudly when they arrived. My youngest cats (Midnight & Moon) are curious. Nut Nibbler came to look but once she saw chicks, she backed away. Keep in mind she got beat up twice in one month by two different teen hens (Ritz and Cookies). Besides Nibbler's pride taking a big hit, she had two black eyes, a bloody nose, and small upper tiny teeth knocked out both times. only 2 tiny teeth survived. The chicks had a long trip from Ohio and were loud and tired. I put them by the heating brooder. Once they all got under and warmed up they have quieted down a bit. I took a couple quick pics. They are napping, and occasionally pecking the shaving. Once they are rested and adjusted to their new home, I'll take more pics Seems one of the Buff orpingtons is a brave boy already. He's on the far left of the pic below
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    Charlie B

    Seeking Distillate

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I am in search of Distillate and RSO. I make topicals, gummies, and cartridges. I would like to find someone who produces 93-95% thc distillate and also someone who makes a thc/cbd distillate, I lost my supplier that made 70/30 thc/cbd distillate.
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    CBD oil, MCT and CBD Distillate

    Have not noticed any separation. Paid $2.50/gm for the distilite, 15gms and $8.00 for the MCT oil and used 1/3 of that, so under $50, bottle size and strength same as what had been buying and they were $99/ea. unless a sale was going on, and got 7 bottles.
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    While I participated in beta testing Extract Crafts Turbo vacuum still back in 2016, alas I missed that opportunity when they were beta testing their EtOH Pro unit, so imagine my joy and amazement when I got a shot at testing their production unit. The opportunity came at a propitious moment, because we no longer have the skunk pharm research lab and it is now a Class B felony locally to extract using LPG outside a licensed and permitted facility. As a consequence, despite owning BHO extraction equipment, I again joined the ranks of home extractor seeking viable safe legal affordable solutions and reviewed this equipment in that light. “Is there an advantage to this over a simple countertop still like the Megahome still or a simple DIY pot still?” “Is this a unit that would serve my needs when serving as my own resource for meds?” My motivation was my need to extract this year’s C-99/NL harvest, as well as some Canna Gooey material I have been curing in jars since 2017, so I chose the still legal QWET process using 190 proof ethanol and the EtOH Pro allowed me to extract my two material lots in fifteen (15) half gallon runs. A reasonable trial……. Read more: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/16-commercial-equipment/16-2-equipment-tests/16-2-6-testing-the-extract-craft-etoh-pro
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