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    Moved into 5g buckets, DWC, Cutting Edge 3-part nutes, starting PH 6.0
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    Got some old WhiteNightmare (f) beans I made to sprout, started 3 and 2 showed tails. (A couple of weeks earlier I started 5 old TW8 beans and not a single one sprouted)
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    1 cuft of anything is about 7.5 gallons. Three 5 gallon buckets will hold 2 cuft. Black absorbs heat better than white or colored buckets. 2 bags of soil, 3 black buckets (with lids), fill em and set buckets in a sunnier spot on porch for 3-4 months. You're good to go for August/September transplanting. Just a thought.😷👊
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    Hi I just wanted to pass along a pic of some young plants I started recently from seed. Man they are so pretty....I got the seeds from the Cannabeizein Garden club. There are two strains here: 1) Tree of Life BX and 2) Pineapple Haze x Second Sight. Really I just want something to put me in a stable orbit around Nebulon 5....these look like Indicas or at least a big genetic component.
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    You pretty much listed the only ways to tell that I know of. You can place the lights to 12 hours for a couple of days or so and force them to tell their sex, then put the lights back to where you had them to finish vegging.
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hey also I was curious to know if there are other ways to determine the sex of a plant besides just closely watching the “v” very closely (where the leaf stem meets the main trunk) during veg? I would guess that if money is no object then there are probably companies that can tell you if you send them a leaf sample? Just curious...
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    Fishing in 2020

    Hi everyone! So the wife and I are going to try Freeway Lakes today (or is it Highway Lakes?), just south of Salem. Gonna show that girl how it’s done!
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    Fishing in 2020

    Hi so I am getting our gear ready to try some fishing for this year. Our favorite spot has been Henry Hagg lake, but it appears that a ruckus has started there between the Robinson Family Lake House (which is the establishment on the lake where folks can rent boats, kayaks and also get geedunk (snacks), etc) and the Superintendent of Washington County Parks. In short, the business has been shut down, and while there is a petition page (here:https://www.change.org/p/washington-county-parks-save-robinson-family-lake-house-3c768aa1-8ed3-4595-8f26-2377c914a51d ), it doesn’t look like they will be opening back up anytime soon and to very likely be losing their livelihood. My my wife and I were looking forward to fishing there during the bass spawn, but that probably won’t happen now. I encourage everyone to look at the linked URL and see if they would like to participate in the petition that supports the owner of the business.
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    Thanks for the feedback, EK. I will post some more pictures in a bit..
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    Thank you EK! I can already see roots at the bottoms of the cups that they are planted in now, so you are right about needing to put them into bigger containers. I’m a little unsure about what size of container to put them in next. On the one hand, I like to minimize the number of times that they are re-potted, since whenever I do it, the plants seem to be injured and take about a week to start growing again. Conversely I don’t want to put them into ten-gallon buckets when they probably won’t be allowed to get very big anyway. Wow I think I just answered my own question! BTW in my last grow, the plants were flowered in individual 10 gallon buckets and an autopsy revealed that there was A LOT of root accumulation at the bottom of the bucket, but not so much throughout the rest of the soil volume. That says to me that I should try and find containers that are taller and less wide than the standard ten gallon bucket, although I don’t think I will be vegging them for that long, given the space restrictions where I am now. I like using the homer buckets however because the hard plastic of the buckets makes for good, strong tie-down points for doing LST (Low Stress Training) of the plants during the next phase of vegging. I appreciate and respect the opinions of everyone on here!
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    Not too strong right now, They need to have just a slight breeze. otherwise, they could fall over. Just have your fan lightly moving them. Maybe to the side, not directly on them. soon though you can add more wind as they grow stronger. Its fun to grow. I know this is just experimental. They are looking really healthy right now. Ask me anything no matter what about growing these out. I'll keep it simple and cheap.
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    No they will be staying inside and I never realized that air circulation will work to thicken the trunks and stems.... thanks EK! I plan to move them under some cfls shortly and to transplant them into bigger pots...this was really a spur-of -the moment idea.
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    Sorry I forgot the attachment.....
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    Fishing in 2020

    Yes and during the quarantine as well (shhh, don’t tell anybody!!!)... No takers yet...
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    btw, just checked plants, smaller one is 3" tall and 8" wide, other is almost 4" tall and 9" wide
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    Finally, some pics without the LED on
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    About a week since planting (8 days)
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    BTW, the lights are Lush Lighting, Herbal Vador 2x
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    Some of the 73 micron ice water extract from her
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    Getting closer to harvest time
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    curing your medicine

    Most growers know that a good cure is the key to good medicine unfortunately not all growers know that the cure brings out the full potential of your medicine thus making it more effectively better tasting and longer lasting not to mention way smoother on the throat curing Is a fairly simple process that makes a big difference my method for curing is simple and anyone should be able to do this with success Step one: Hang your plants to dry I prefer a slow dry of 2-4 weeks once the buds are dry and the stem almost breaks but not quite I clip my buds off the main branches and do a final trim and put them in a Mason jar! Step two: after the buds are clipped and put in the jar seal your jar and put it in a.dark place a cupboard works fine since bright light degrades cannabinoids it is always good to.store your jars in a dark place first time they go in the jar I check them after 8 hours to see. How much moisture has been brought back into the buds u don't want them getting to wet if you check at 8 hours in and there definitely moist dump the jar out, let it air dry till it crisps up again but not all the way dry. usually takes about 2-4 hours to dry up again then it goes back in the jar seal it for 8 hours and check again for moisture if moist dry again and then back into the jar repeat this.process till u open the jar and it doesn't get moist after the 24 hours seal. stops making it moist I like to do a 72-hour seal to do another moisture check Step three: curing normally will be good around 2 weeks but the longer u go the smoother it gets I.once had a friend cured his favorite head stash jar for 8 months before sampling the buds inside and it turned out killer once your buds are cured throw it in your favorite piece and taste the difference curing makes. I hope this helped if I missed something please ask and I'll answer any questions about the curing process