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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Any criticisms are appreciated!...
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hey so I am doing some trimming and am looking for advice on trimming methods, what-to-trim, ways to speed-up the process, etc. I have attached a pic of a typical bud that has been left to dry (still on the original plant), and I am now beginning to trim the plants. My goal is just some good-tasting, killer flower. Here’s what I’ve been doing.... 1) Cut the branch and remove any fan leaves; 2) Remove any obviously dead, brown, or just-don’t-look-right material; 3) Trim off most sugar leaves (I keep this material); 4) Get the buds ready to go into the jar. As a newbie, this is taking a long time and wonder what I can do to speed up/ improve the process. Attached pics are of the 1) before trimming 2) After trimming off all dead material (this includes a LOT of sugar leaf tips - but just the tips are dead- no other parts of the bud leaves/flowers are dead and brown at all) This is what is taking me so long in trimming this
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    wax/ear wax help!!!!!

    Alcohol evaporating at room temperature is as safe as you get for solvent extraction! Put it in front of a fan to make it evaporate faster, or just leave it out for a week and it will dry. cheers guys!