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    Poor Sleep Harsher on Women

    Sleep problems aren't good for anyone, but they may be rougher on women's bodies and emotions, according to a new study on sleep and health. "Good sleep is related to good health," researcher Edward Suarez, PhD, says in a news release. "The study suggests that poor sleep -- measured by the total amount of sleep, the degree of awakening during the night, and most importantly, how long it takes to get to sleep -- may have more serious health consequences for women than for men," says Suarez, an associate professor at Duke University's department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. Suarez studied sleep surveys and blood samples from 115 men and 95 women. All participants were healthy. But that didn't mean they slept soundly every night. Among women, those with worse sleep had more inflammation, anger, hostility, and depressions. It was also tied to higher BMI body mass index and less sensitivity to insulin. In men, poor sleep wasn't linked to most of those traits. Men's testosterone levels may protect them, to some extent, Suarez suggests. The study, published online in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, doesn't show which came first -- poor sleep or inflammation, emotional distress, and insulin resistance in women. http://women.webmd.com/news/20080311/poor-sleep-harsher-on-women
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    A follower of ours asks..~

    As an alternative to mmj, try a tea of California Poppies and passion flower. A friend of mine that I suggested this to days is a life saver.
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    Health Food Scams

    Health Food Scams: Natural Sweeteners When reading nutrition labels to avoid health food scams, natural sweeteners are the second most sought-after item that people look for after determining what kind of fat is in the product. The truth, however, is that any type of sugar used as a sweetener is processed in the body the same way, whether it is natural or not. The Food and Drug Administration has yet to conclusively define what exactly constitutes “natural” food products, meaning that the moniker is more of a marketing tool than a truthful claim about the origin of the product. Diet Soda Drinking diet instead of regular soda may seem like a healthy compromise, but just because the word “diet” is on the label does not mean that the product is healthy or diet-friendly. Sure, diet sodas may have less sugar and calories than their original counterparts, but they still cause weight gain and sugar spikes just like regular soda. This makes it confusing and harder to avoid health food scams. Fruit and Vegetable Juices Many juices claim that there are multiple servings of fruits or vegetables per glass. This makes consumers believe that they can get all of their nutrients from the juices. Liquefied produce has more nutrients per serving, right? Not necessarily. Fruits and even vegetables naturally contain sugar, and extra sugar is added to the juice. Meanwhile, the most nutritious parts of the produce such as apple skin are removed in the juicing process. While juice may be a good option for occasional consumption, all the extra sugar is not healthy and nothing beats the nutritional punch of a regular piece of fruit so avoid these health food scams. Sea Salt The recent craze for sea salt touts the product as a healthier, more natural alternative to regular table salt. The truth is that the body processes all salt equally, whether it is average table salt or gourmet sea salt. The popularity of this type of salt makes it an easy target for health food scams. Sea salt can have the same negative effects, such as high blood pressure and heart complications, as other types of salt so it is best taken in moderation. http://blogs.naturalnews.com/health-food-scams-misleading-marketing-confuses-consumers/?utm_content=buffer838b9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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    How to make your own apothecary

    10 Great Starter Herbs and Their Properties You can find these herbs online or in stores that have large bulk herb selections. If you have herbs growing in your garden, you can use them fresh instead of dried, but you'll want to double the amount since dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh ones. If you're planning to use herbs medicinally, do your research! We're not doctors, and this isn't medical advice. Lavender thought to work as an insect repellent, can aid with headaches, sleep, and relaxation Peppermint — is a digestive aid, thought to aid in fever reduction Spearmint — aids in digestion, reduces bloating, contains high amounts of antioxidant, invigorating Milk Thistle — thought to promote liver and gallbladder function, reported to detoxify and lower cholesterol Elderberries — has shown great success in treatment of influenza Fennel — long used as an aid to digestion and bloating, thought to have diuretic properties, improve milk supply in breastfeeding mothers, repel fleas; long used in India to soothe coughs Rosemary — used to improve memory, circulation, and act as an anti-carcinogen Chamomile — used as an aid for digestion, colds, and sleep Nettle — high in protein, iron and vitamins Ginger — Proven to be useful against nausea, diarrhea, and arthritis, thought to aid in digestion Health Benefits of Mint Leaves. http://www.balancemebeautiful.com/health-benefits-mint-leaves/ more 10 Great Starter Essential Oils Most essential oils aren't cheap, but a little goes a long way. You can find them in health and hippie stores the world over, or online. I bought a starter set from Amazon years ago. [Here are some options - Cat] Grapefruit — used as an energizer, thought to brighten dull skin and hair, dilute toxic build up, and resolve water retention Lemon — antibacterial, an astringent, thought to detoxify, energize and brighten dull skin Orange — antibacterial; thought to act as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic, aphrodisiac, boost immunity and detoxify Clary Sage — thought to be useful as a mild antidepressant, astringent, aphrodisiac, sedative, and digestive aid Rosemary — antibacterial, thought to stimulate hair growth and mental activity, be useful for respiratory problems and reduce pain Lavender — has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, used to calm anxiety, promote circulation and good respiration Peppermint — helps with indigestion and nausea, thought to aid with respiratory problems and headaches Spearmint — antiseptic, repels insects, thought to act as a restorative and a stimulant Eucalyptus — antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, a decongestant, and a stimulant Tea Tree — antibacterial/microbial/viral, an insecticide and stimulant, thought to help with healing wounds, pain relief, and detoxification
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    The first time I told someone where fluoride comes from, he thought I had fallen prey to online conspiracy theorists. When dentists talk about the benefits of public water fluoridation, they describe fluoride as a “naturally occurring element, found as a constituent of minerals in rocks and soil.” Doesn’t that sound so healthy and… mineral-y? Sadly, this is not the same fluoride that is added to most of the public water supply throughout the United States. You’re probably not going to believe me when I tell you this, but that fluoride is an industrial byproduct of the aluminum and fertilizer industries. Calcium fluoride. Sodium fluoride. Hydrofluosilicic Acid. It’s all the same. This is the logic fluoridation proponents use to justify purchasing fluoride in its industrial form. Does this logic make sense to you? For those of you who don’t believe me, I offer further evidence. The image below is cut and pasted directly from the water quality report for the neighboring town of Jupiter, Florida. You can download it for yourself at http://www.jupiter.fl.us/water/. The water quality report from my parents’ town said the same thing. These companies used to release fluoride out the smokestack along with the rest of the pollution. Now they sell it to taxpayers for a pretty penny. Not a bad deal. It gets worse. Did you know that an increasing number of water treatment plants buy their fluoride from China? U.S. manufacturers are not able to compete with the low prices of Chinese firms entering the fluoride market. One town in Massachusetts recently discontinued water fluoridation because the powder supplement they purchased from a Chinese industry was damaging their equipment. (Click here to read the article in the local newspaper.) The American Water Works Association is receiving similar complaints from treatment plants across the country.1 Do you know if your water is fluoridated? If so, where does YOUR fluoride come from? *This post is part of Fight Back Friday hosted at FoodRenegade. PORTLAND — The Sierra Club and three other environmental groups announced this week that they are opposing a ballot measure to add fluoride to Portland’s drinking water. The groups contend that adding fluoride to water would harm people and aquatic life, and outweigh any benefits to dental health. “Sierra Club opposes fluoridation because it would degrade some of the purest drinking water in the world,” said Antonia Giedwoyn, a spokeswoman for the local chapter of the Sierra Club, the nation’s largest environmental organization. “Kids are already bombarded with multiple toxins from plastics, pesticides and air pollution.” The Portland City Council last year unanimously approved a plan to add fluoride. Until the vote, Portland was the largest city in the U.S. yet to approve water fluoridation to combat tooth decay. Opponents, however, quickly gathered more than 30,000 signatures to force a referendum that’s set for May 21. Many in Portland and the state have long opposed public fluoridation, saying it’s unsafe and violates an individual’s right to consent to medication. While nearly 75 percent of the U.S. population drinks water treated with fluoride, the rate is less than 25 percent in Oregon. The issue presents a clash between liberal desires to improve the dental health of low-income children and refrain from putting anything unnecessary in the water. Giedwoyn, who said the national Sierra Club allows its chapters to take positions on local issues, said the group supports comprehensive dental care for children, “but this is the wrong path to that goal.” Three other environmental groups, Columbia Riverkeeper, Organic Consumers Association and Food and Water Watch, joined the Sierra Club in opposing Portland’s fluoridation measure. “We have major environmental organizations stepping up to the plate and saying that fluoridation is not good for Oregonians and it’s not good for anyone,” said Kim Kaminski, director of the anti-fluoridation group Clean Water Portland. Columbia Riverkeeper said in a news release that the Columbia and many of its tributaries already have “an overload” of toxic chemicals, and Portland has not adequately evaluated the impact fluoridation will have on salmon. Mel Rader, the co-director of pro-fluoride Upstream Public Health, responded to coordinated criticism with a statement saying fluoridation is vital for public health and noting that the Columbia already has naturally occurring fluoride. “Fluoridation in Portland would not increase the fluoride level in the river by a detectable amount, and would be far less than the natural variability of the river, resulting in no effect on aquatic life, including salmon,” he said. Please add more on the NO vote. Join us here in Oregon at http://www.ommppayitforward.com
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    Poor Sleep Harsher on Women

    So yeah this has been a constant discussion between Cheri and I. I like to get up early and she likes to sleep in. I always end up having to remain quiet for the two extra hours everyday . Sometimes she is forced to get up early because she will make comments from under the blankets and I do respond, which makes her have to get up. Our place is small and there is no other pace for me to go while she sleeps (our bedroom is the grow room and the front room is our bedroom). Our son uses the other room. We have tried going to bed early and sometime that helps, but she generally gets up mad that she did not get all the sleep she "says" she requires. Hence this post. Which is directed at me. So question? Dose anyone else have this problem with there spouse. I need some ammo. come on guys dose your wife do this to you?
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    "What are Terpenes?"

    "What are Terpenes?" The first in a series of in-house info-graphics!