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    Hi so here is a pic of one of the girls after switching to flower photoperiod (12/12) for about a week. I really didn’t think they would kick-in to flower that quickly. Let me know if anyone sees anything worrisome, pls.
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    Pest: Fungus Gnats

    Fungus gnats are a common pest of indoor plants, especially where the levels of moisture and humidity are quite high. They thrive in wet, rich soils and consume fungi, root hairs, and other organic materials from the soil. We faced the major infestation of fungus gnats in our indoor garden. We tried the DIY tips but it only gave us relief for a temporary time period. Tired of the problem, when we consulted Granite Bay pest control experts they suggested us to use beneficial nematodes or try vinegar trap idea. Eventually, these ideas worked out and we were able to get rid of the gnats problem.