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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    The two white thread-like hairs are your friend, she is a she. But we could always see a "he-she" later. Variation of cultivars (phenotypes) is common. About 150 years years ago, a European monk named Mendel experimented with the common pea. Through selective cross breeding over many generations he observed certain characteristics appeared in offspring (aka recessive, dominant traits) as discrete units, as opposed to the blending of the traits of the parents, the theory popular at the that time. More importantly and applicable to your situation he discovered a 3:1 ratio of inherited traits. When he cross pollinated pea plant that produced yellow pea seeds with one that produced green peas seeds, (yellow+green parents), their offspring (F1) were always yellow seeds but the following generation (F2) were consistently mixed, 3 yellow and 1 green. And this relationship would continue for successive generations. So, 3:1 means that 3 will be alike, 1 will be different, no milk man and not a sister of from a different father--rather its simply genetics. https://www2.palomar.edu/anthro/mendel/mendel_1.htm Hope this helps.
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    definite variation between the plants there, looking at the leaves, but yea, could still be the same genetics or not