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    Hi I just wanted to pass along a pic of some young plants I started recently from seed. Man they are so pretty....I got the seeds from the Cannabeizein Garden club. There are two strains here: 1) Tree of Life BX and 2) Pineapple Haze x Second Sight. Really I just want something to put me in a stable orbit around Nebulon 5....these look like Indicas or at least a big genetic component.
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    Not too strong right now, They need to have just a slight breeze. otherwise, they could fall over. Just have your fan lightly moving them. Maybe to the side, not directly on them. soon though you can add more wind as they grow stronger. Its fun to grow. I know this is just experimental. They are looking really healthy right now. Ask me anything no matter what about growing these out. I'll keep it simple and cheap.
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    No they will be staying inside and I never realized that air circulation will work to thicken the trunks and stems.... thanks EK! I plan to move them under some cfls shortly and to transplant them into bigger pots...this was really a spur-of -the moment idea.
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    Sorry I forgot the attachment.....
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    Fishing in 2020

    Yes and during the quarantine as well (shhh, don’t tell anybody!!!)... No takers yet...