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    CBD treatment for dogs

    Hello I may be posting this question in the improper forum but I was curious to know what evidence there may be for treating dogs with CBD/THC for issues like anxiety. My wife and I have a rescue dog (Daisy) and she has horrible anxiety when we: 1) Leave her at home alone and 2) Take her with us in an automobile. When we first moved to Oregon, we would put her in a kennel cage when we would leave, and she did real well (would not howl or shake). After some time we would let her roam the apartment whenever we left, and she did well at first but as time has moved on she has begun to cry when we leave and we are thinking of kenneling her again. I am taking her to the veterinarian today and I was surely going to ask the vet if Daisy is a candidate for CBD/THC treatment for anxiety. I am sure that there are formulas for dogs with seizures/convulsions, but I was curious if anyone here has any recommendations for our sweet Daisy. This animal is so very sweet, that it is like my wife and I have been given the Holy Grail for safekeeping, she is THAT PRECIOUS!!
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