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    Karr McDebt's Custom Laser Engraving & Ommp Pay it forward Summer giveaway, Set of four Medical Cannabis Coasters. Custom engraved. Free shipping. Pick a number between 1 and 710 the closest to the number without going over wins. Contest ends August 29, 2019. Remember custom orders happily considered. Contact Karr McDebt's Custom Laser Engraving 4"x4" Stone Ground laser engraved. . Set of four.
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    Here is a picture of our Daisy....
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    Current Fishing Prospects

    My suggestion would be spend a little extra and include your wife and take her and yourself out on a smaller charter boat
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    Current Fishing Prospects

    The wife and I spent the weekend in Yachats, Oregon which is on the coast south of Newport. I brought the fishing poles and got skunked throwing a Gulp ghost shrimp on the bottom. I still do like to climb around those basalt rocks in the surf knowing that I just might haul in a nice rockfish. I ripped my jeans at the inseam and got soaked so it is me, 0, Pacific Ocean 1,
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    My hubs and i have a bunch of indoor light setups that we are selling to a good home. In Total- 8 lighting "kits" including reflectors (unassembled but screws/nuts included in baggies), light fixtures, ballasts, cords, and associated bulbs. A fluorescent light, a dehumidifier, and random necessary grow room items. --- 8bulb 4 ft T5 teklight with bulbs- used to veg our girls. Works perfectly. --- 2- 1k watt digital ballast with 4ft petal reflector. All cords, and fixtures included. (Each set has everything needed to hook up and hang) Slightly used 1k watt HPS bulb included. --- 2- old school 400w hps ballast / fixture setup with cords and used bulbs. 3ft petal reflectors attach to fixture. --- 1k watt hps harvest pro ballast with cords (goes with below) --- 6" 1k watt reflector with connections but missing glass. ---110w to 220w electrical conversion box. Wired up and ready to connect to the mainline --- Exhaust tubing, exhaust connectors, timers, and a few more light fixtures and bulbs. All bulbs have NEVER been touched with bare skin. --- LG dehumidifier that works like a boss and isn't an electricity hog. We stopped growing about 5 years ago cuz we moved into an apartment and just threw the equipment in storage. We grew for my dad and a few other friends, and this equipment grew our garden lush for many years. Its sad to see it here in the living room but we really just need it gone. I promise you that you just have to plug it in and stick the girls underneath. Please make me an offer...its priced to sell. Email me: chantellelace83@gmail.com for pics. Thank you Edit: We live in SE Portland, 122nd close to Foster. We are looking for cash or paypal. No trades, please. We are willing to deliver, within reason. Feel free to ask. Also...we have just started a handyman business and will be using this money to put towards the licensing costs. Thank you all.
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    Hi all so I went to the dispensary last night and purchased some hash.....I had been looking for some but I cannot vouch for this stuff yet. Two pictures are attached to show what it looks like and to show that I can be a real, grown-up scientist too! For the amount shown I paid twenty dollars which included a 10% veteran's discount. I will send more data from planet Nebulon 5 after I have tried it.
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    This was unexpectedly news especially after rough time it is nice to see this today , thank you man, praise Jesus !
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    If I read correctly 503 loyal toker was highest without going over followed by myself..
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    Fishing 🎣

    I have not had any more luck at Wilsonville pond and I have fished there almost every day since catching that one that I posted on. I still get “blow-ups” on my frog, but I haven’t been able to “seal the deal” since catching that one. My next devious plan is to catch some perch, then use them as live bait under a cork....
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    Fishing 🎣

    Oh I forgot to tell how I caught it.....so when the fish blew up on the frog, I paused, set the hook then “SNAP!!!”—- my braided line broke and I said, “ oh fiddlesticks!”- but then I realized the line broke right at my reel and the fish had no where to go with all the weeds so I found my remaining line on the ground and pulled the fish in manually.. It was foolish of me to be using 10lb braid in this pond...I should have and will now use at least 20lb braid at a minimum.
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    So hey yeah that works, but people look at me real funny when I go outside with that bottle strapped to my face.........:)
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    Hah! The bottle! Brilliant! That's what I was missing today when I was cleaning off my oil scraper tool...
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    Hey yeah I had forgotten that method! My wife has simply added some to flower in a pipe but I will try that way and report back....
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    My wife and I occasionally visit one of these places in Portland that is such a fantastic little venue and I hope that it continues to operate in a "pseudo-legal" fashion. Several times we have visited this place and there was an obvious and overt city police presence outside and guess what?!.......Nothing happened!!!! No riots, brawls, fist fights or any of that, just some folks went home with some new ideas about growing, curing, etc. and everyone seemed to have a good time.
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    it can dry well
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    RIP Copper 2013- 5/3/2019

    Thank you for sharing so much about Copper with us over the past 3 years, (Boy did those go fast.) I know how much this hurts you. I know how generous you are with your pets and understand how much you tried to make his last years comfortable. I watched as he shared Christmas with your family, I have seen the gifts you bought him. So many things that were his will always be his. He could not have gotten 3 more years at the pound and I thank you for giving him the best life could offer. Sleep easily tonight knowing Copper is among other pets just like our beloved "Chunk", life eternal is for all living beings, We'll ALL see you soon Copper. Until then rest in peace. 🕊️
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    451, thanks for the email, been awhile.
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    About chop time for some, starting to get a little amber in the trichs.
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    wax/ear wax help!!!!!

    Alcohol evaporating at room temperature is as safe as you get for solvent extraction! Put it in front of a fan to make it evaporate faster, or just leave it out for a week and it will dry. cheers guys!
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    wax/ear wax help!!!!!

    my friend is going to try this on the week end. Wish him luck.... go boom? i hope not. Thanks P8, Bill feels confident enuff to do this one