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    Hi all so I went to the dispensary last night and purchased some hash.....I had been looking for some but I cannot vouch for this stuff yet. Two pictures are attached to show what it looks like and to show that I can be a real, grown-up scientist too! For the amount shown I paid twenty dollars which included a 10% veteran's discount. I will send more data from planet Nebulon 5 after I have tried it.
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    I am quite sure that they can't figure out how they can TAX these places.......It is a NO BRAINER to allow such establishments, especially given how many alcohol dispensaries there already are.....Oh and by the way, how much does it cost the state to enforce alcohol consumption laws????!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!
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    it can dry well
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    G`day from Tasmania, long time to see, many thanks for the chance to win. My choice of number would have to be, *feeling the eyes roll after i hit enter* ... 420 Thank you kindly people ❤️ Dan.
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    RIP Copper 2013- 5/3/2019

    Thank you for sharing so much about Copper with us over the past 3 years, (Boy did those go fast.) I know how much this hurts you. I know how generous you are with your pets and understand how much you tried to make his last years comfortable. I watched as he shared Christmas with your family, I have seen the gifts you bought him. So many things that were his will always be his. He could not have gotten 3 more years at the pound and I thank you for giving him the best life could offer. Sleep easily tonight knowing Copper is among other pets just like our beloved "Chunk", life eternal is for all living beings, We'll ALL see you soon Copper. Until then rest in peace. 🕊️
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    451, thanks for the email, been awhile.
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    328... and howdy
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    About chop time for some, starting to get a little amber in the trichs.
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    Thank you for another year of support. Happiest of Birthday Wishes.
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    Geico is ok for insurance... But I just Saved a Ton of Money on Weed by Growing my OWN!! 😉
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    Been growing in soil for a long time outside . just finished my first inside grow a couple months ago. So now im building my dwc its done except for the water pumps and air pump and stones for each bucket. . I plan on possibly using four water pumps for maximum water transition back and forth. Any opinions on my machine is welcome have a good evening all. Sent from my VS425PP using Tapatalk
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    Hello and welcome to Pay It Forward. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
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    Happiest of Birthday Wishes.

    Happiest of Birthday Wishes.
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    You'd think the potency of my meds would be spot on for some of the the thoughts in my head. When i'm trying to find chat, sometimes the screen content gets large. I can't see the words without my cheaters, but every time it enlarges, I freak out cuz it feels so loud
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    LOL, Yup one pick per vessel, please.
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    Medford considers how to spend $1.3 million marijuana tax revenue by Genevieve Grippo Wednesday, May 1st 2019 MEDFORD, Ore. — Marijuana tax revenue put big bucks back into the state's hands, and some of that money trickled down into Medford's local government. The city expected to collect about $1.3 million dollars by June 30th, and another $1.15 million in the 2019-2021 budget cycle. But city council has yet to decide how to spend it. The city sent out a survey asking Medford residents how they would like to see that money spent. More than 2,000 people responded, ranking the importance of eight different options. The most popular choice was money for a new aquatic center - something Medford's Parks and Recreation Department said is desperately needed. "This pool leaks about 3,000 gallons per day," said Parks and Recreation Director Rich Rosenthal as he pointed to the Jackson Pool. "You multiply that by 365, and that's a fairly substantial amount." The pool is nearly 60 years old, almost double its expected lifetime, according to Rosenthal. He said he expects it will last a couple of more seasons. After that, he said, it faces the same destiny as the Hawthorne Pool, which closed after officials found it was leaking tens of thousands of gallons of water a day near the Bear Creek Greenway...... https://ktvl.com/news/local/medford-considers-how-to-spend-13-million-marijuana-tax-revenue
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    Yo I choose... 559
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    Well Cool!!! Not surprisingly, I'm going with 73 as my entry. Peace, be well and good luck everybody tw
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    CBD treatment for dogs

    Hello I may be posting this question in the improper forum but I was curious to know what evidence there may be for treating dogs with CBD/THC for issues like anxiety. My wife and I have a rescue dog (Daisy) and she has horrible anxiety when we: 1) Leave her at home alone and 2) Take her with us in an automobile. When we first moved to Oregon, we would put her in a kennel cage when we would leave, and she did real well (would not howl or shake). After some time we would let her roam the apartment whenever we left, and she did well at first but as time has moved on she has begun to cry when we leave and we are thinking of kenneling her again. I am taking her to the veterinarian today and I was surely going to ask the vet if Daisy is a candidate for CBD/THC treatment for anxiety. I am sure that there are formulas for dogs with seizures/convulsions, but I was curious if anyone here has any recommendations for our sweet Daisy. This animal is so very sweet, that it is like my wife and I have been given the Holy Grail for safekeeping, she is THAT PRECIOUS!!
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    Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    Chloe saw her holistic vet today. The click in her elbow is gone. I'm tempted to get an x ray done from her regular vet. He said muscles on both side are both good and strong, no muscle atrophy. She'll continue the Western herb tincture rubbed on and in her food. She'll start Si Wu Tang in her food and continue the super essentials. Once nights are 55f or more, she'll start black walnut for heart worm preventive.
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