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    328... and howdy
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    About chop time for some, starting to get a little amber in the trichs.
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    Welcome to PIF Ask us for help if you need it.
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    You'd think the potency of my meds would be spot on for some of the the thoughts in my head. When i'm trying to find chat, sometimes the screen content gets large. I can't see the words without my cheaters, but every time it enlarges, I freak out cuz it feels so loud
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    Hiding in plain sight.

    Hiding in plain sight.
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    123...and thanks for the chance to compete...
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    One of my hens laid a type of egg I've haven't seen since I was a kid and it only happened once. They are called fairy eggs. They are tiny. the yolks are normally clear, but this one had a little coloring. the pics below are the same, the second one I outlined the yolk for you
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    CBD treatment for dogs

    Hello I may be posting this question in the improper forum but I was curious to know what evidence there may be for treating dogs with CBD/THC for issues like anxiety. My wife and I have a rescue dog (Daisy) and she has horrible anxiety when we: 1) Leave her at home alone and 2) Take her with us in an automobile. When we first moved to Oregon, we would put her in a kennel cage when we would leave, and she did real well (would not howl or shake). After some time we would let her roam the apartment whenever we left, and she did well at first but as time has moved on she has begun to cry when we leave and we are thinking of kenneling her again. I am taking her to the veterinarian today and I was surely going to ask the vet if Daisy is a candidate for CBD/THC treatment for anxiety. I am sure that there are formulas for dogs with seizures/convulsions, but I was curious if anyone here has any recommendations for our sweet Daisy. This animal is so very sweet, that it is like my wife and I have been given the Holy Grail for safekeeping, she is THAT PRECIOUS!!
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    If you look at the text in the first pic, you will see the only one of these that was not topped (and why) lol
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    still getting frostier and denser (plus smelly and sticky, of course) - by the way, the lighter looking pics in the middle below were taken with the camera on 'auto',the better looking ones, to me, are the ones at the top and bottom where the camera was set to Aperature priority and under-exposed by .7 f stop
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    will take better pics this weekend, just a fast lazy (like my grow style) update, purple shade in some pics are the LUSH lighting using and taking the pics with the light on vs off.
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    Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    Chloe saw her holistic vet today. The click in her elbow is gone. I'm tempted to get an x ray done from her regular vet. He said muscles on both side are both good and strong, no muscle atrophy. She'll continue the Western herb tincture rubbed on and in her food. She'll start Si Wu Tang in her food and continue the super essentials. Once nights are 55f or more, she'll start black walnut for heart worm preventive.
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    (notice on line 5 - "Your inhaler has a conservative shelf life of 6 month if stored properly) so pretty much, today I had an attack from allergies which leads to ashtma, that is when the party started 😉 so I decided to give this new inhaler a try, even after saw the date from three years ago and that warning sign , but I was desperate to find a way. I was told by the bud tender lady at the disenspary that it will work very well, and it is new enough. I took a puff from the inhaler , immediately my lungs became upset and I ended up suffer for next hour , threw up as well. I just knew in my bone that this isn't right and my body wasn't happy at all ! Then I went straight to my trustworthy vape pen and puff right away, slowly my lungs recovered and started to return back to the baseline. THE LIFE SAVER INHALER !!! (inspire mind THC Cannabinoid extract inhaler from Deanz Greenz Dispensary on 85th ave) (back of the box - notice on line 10 - made at 1/01/19) much safer, much better ! (inside the box - instruction paper, inhaler, cap, and canister) I used the inhaler when I was heading back to home from Ptown other day when I bought both inhalers for first time, and I was wheezing when I was heading home so I used this Inspire inhaler in car and it was LIFE SAVER ! It gave me the same relief just like if I used the vape pen, but without harsh heat or whatever it was inside vape pen that irritate my lungs a bit but this inhaler, smooth and it definitely open my airways and spit out all allergens out = clear lungs which means = Happy DUDE HERE ! BREATHING NORMAL!!! I should used Inspire inhaler in the first place today but I learned something at least , oh man!
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    Time to make 5-10 minuted. Tools needed drill and drill bit, or other way of cutting the 2 holes needed in the top container, one is for pumping in from the bottom and the other is for draining back to the bottom. Equipment used (for 1): 2 - Restaurant style bus tubs, heavy duty, food safe ($9.95 each) 1 - Water pump (I used 160GPH, $10.45) 1 - drain fitting ($1.50) 1 - fill fitting ($1.50) 1 - 3" long or so 1/2" flexible tubing ($0, had some extra on hand) 2 - scrap pieces of heavy duty Panda (black/white) plastic to cover the openings on the bottom tub to prevent light from hitting the bottom res openings not already covered by the tub on the top, these will be attached to the bottom tub with blue painters tape. First turn one of the tubs upside down and make the 2 holes needed. Then attach the fill and drain fittings. Then connect the pump to the fill connector with the 1/2" diameter flexible hose. I will be using Hydrotron expanded baked clay pellets for my grow medium. NOTE: It should be well rinsed before using to remove the dust they ship with, this will make your pump last longer. I also connect the plug of the pump to a timer and set for 15-30 min a few times a day, adjust as needed for environment. The first time filling, fill from the top to just below the top of the top bucket to be sure it can't spill, the clay pellets will float as filling.
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    Watching Right Now... Pausing @ 4:17... It's Almost 4:20. Ahhh Nice. O.K. Back To This Nice Video. 10 More Minutes... That Was Most Excellent. Everyone Presented Super Well. This Video Should Be At The Top Of Everyone's List. Especially If You Think You Know Everything About Cannabis And Extraction Methods. Thanks Very Much-Too Bad This Video Can't Be Mandatory Lol ! Hat's Off To Everyone Who Starred In It And Who Made It. Loved It. Will...
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    I'll Be Back For More. Thank You EK Very Much. I Keep Finding Several Posts I've Missed Of Yours And Purples. You Both Are Hard To Even Think Of Catching Up To With All These Great Posts. Lol ! Gonna Lay Down Now,
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    We have "Hens and Chicks" lol
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    Yeah Obama care came with a huge sucking sound. If you put you ear near your wallet you can hear it very clearly They refer to the president as SCOTUS, I believe. IMO, it should be SCROTUM ;) Spanish word of the day... "bishop" My girlfriend got drunk on Tequila last night and fell down. So I had to pick the bishop! That there's funny right there, I don't care who ya are ;)
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    True Hemp Clothing International based in sunny Miami, Florida. Home of 100% #Hemp Clothing and Accessories. MuSicK, Living Art Gallery, Hempucation, Models, Comedy, Products and Services. Learn Hemp History with accounts as far back as 26,900 BC. See the most exclusive and unique Hemp Products from around the globe. #thcint
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    mom was able to eliminate three inhalers and a daily pill with the use of cannabis. mom mostly ingested, but when she would begin to wheeze, nothing like a couple vape hits to relax the bronchial passages. hard to believe, but true.