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    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    I have known "Jill" for a number of years, I know she got a raise in Jan 2019, from SSI. She was getting $500, with the raise added she now gets $515.00 a month. Most of this is spent on her bills, gas, and pet food/ litter. If I wasn't for her being disabled at age 22, she would have become a veterinarian. She has an overpowering love for animals. I think this is the main reason she deals with her pain and gets out of bed every morning. She wanted to save/heal as many as possible as a child and still does. She has saved many animals over the years. If she could have done what she wanted to with her life, I know she would have saved more. Most were near death on the streets or about to be put down at a pound, yet she healed them and gave them well-loved long lives. Chloe is a perfect example of this. Jill knows what needs to be done. She just needs some help to get it done. She's already helped Chloe with her fear of men with her son and tools like hammers. When one of her beloved fur-babies dies, she would take it as a death of a child. I quote her: "It's very common when one of my beloved pets is near death, they give me one last hug saying; Thank you for saving me all those years ago. Thank you for giving me a well-lived life. Thank you for trying to save me again while easing my suffering. And thank you for letting me go." Unquote. Once she puts herself mostly back together, she'll find another animal in desperate need of a loving owner. She has said there is nothing more pleasing in her life than saving a scared, injured, and/or dying animal when s/he comes to you showing how much they love you and let you know they appreciate everything you did/do for them. "Jill" raises hens from the time they are cute fluffy chicks and sells their eggs to help out with the pet fund. The hens pay for themselves, the extra goes for the dog/puppy/cat/kitten food bill, medication needed, or cat litter. Very rarely it goes to gas. The pet bill is higher than normal since there are a few additions to her pack. Her hens eat better then she does regularly. Her hens get hot oatmeal with tomatoes she grew and dried mixed in every cold morning. She saved money for nearly a year to have a new bigger chicken coop built. She's still recovering from this money-wise.
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    My puppy, Chloe, fundraiser

    Chloe is so lucky to have had you ( @Purple Power ) save her from the pound you are an animal lover who will use her voice to advocate for her.
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    Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    Below is Chloe embark public page https://my.embarkvet.com/dog/chloe212 A fundraiser has started, so Chloe can get the surgery needed. The link below will take you to the thread on this site