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    My new pup Chloe

    let the specialist do it if you can, imo
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    My new pup Chloe

    Yeah, perhaps though it is better the specialist does it. Standing by,
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    Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    I got a call from the pound with bad and good news. Their vet showed the vet they were planning to bring in to do the surgery and he's unconformable to do it. He said the specialist should do the surgery. The cheaper option of surgery is now off of the table. I ask the pound we were going to split the cost of the 906, would she she be willing to put the 453 towards the specialist. She said she'd put $500 towards it and send me an e-mail so its documented. I'll be call Free Animal doctor to let them know shortly
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    Purple Power

    My new pup Chloe

    I talked to the pound's vet today. They'd bring in another vet to do the surgery and put in a screw, so I'm considering this option. I did sent e-mail to the pound a few questions and still waiting for response. For my half of the $906.00, would there be a payment plan or paid at once? I've been talking to a charity called Free Animal Doctor to help me with the funds for Chloe. They want it in writing. Another question is recovery/after care for Chloe. Would the pound be helping with those cost too? Stitches being removed, x-ray 8-weeks after to make sure Chloe has healed right. I'll probably call tomorrow. I got Chloe's DNA test results today from Embark 38.1% American Pit Bull 13.7% American Bulldog 9.9% Bulldog 8.8% Akita 8.3% American Staffordshire Terrier 4.8% Australian Cattle dog 4.0% German Shepherd 12.4% super mutt which is Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, and English Setter Embark also tested for 172 genetic diseases that we have cracked the codes for. Chloe has only 1 thing to keep our eyes on Alanine Aminotranferase Activity: Low Normal Low Normal Test result Chloe has two copies of a mutation associated with reduced ALT activity. Please inform your veterinarian that Chloe has this genotype, as ALT is often used as an indicator of liver health and Chloe is likely to have a lower than average resting ALT activity. As such, an increase in Chloe’s ALT activity could be evidence of liver damage, even if it is within normal limits by standard ALT reference ranges. Alanine Aminotransferase Activity (GPT) Condition GPT Gene name AA Genotype codominant Inheritance type Description This result helps your vet understand what your dog's baseline ALT activity is. The enzyme alanine aminotransferase, or ALT, is commonly used to evaluate liver health. Dogs with one or more copies of the "A" allele are likely to have a lower baseline ALT activity ("low normal") than dogs with zero copies of the "A" allele ("normal"). This means that you and your vet might adjust what you consider your dog's baseline ALT levels to be, and consider deviations from this as "abnormal." Please note that this mutation should never increase your dog's ALT activity. If your dog has high ALT activity, please consult your veterinarian. Embarks results were a lot different from the wisdom DNA test 37.5% American Staffordshire Terrier 12.5% American Bulldog 12.5% Australian Cattle dog 12.5% Bullmastiff 25% breed group: guard, asian