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    FITH---> It's A Kimbo Kush Morning...
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    Brother Will

    Starting my grow again!

    It'll Be Super Rich/ALIVE. Just Thinking About How Much Energy An Organic Compost Puts Out Is Amazing ! For Sure You'll Be Kick'in It Into High Gear ! Very Cool You Know This Compost And The Folks You Worked With. The Last Few Years I Was Growing I Got Very Lucky In Finding 2 Remarkable Potting Soils And One Large Active Batch Of Organic Compost Delivered. Mixed In With One Of The Soils... One Soil/Compost Mix For Veg And One Soil/Compost Mix For Pre Flower/Flower. All That's Left To Do---> Add Water. I'm Trying To Remember How Many Cubic Feet This Compost Was ? I'll Ask My Wife-I Think It Was Something Like 20 Cu. Ft. They Would Drop This Quite Large White Bag Of Organic Compost On The Parking Strip Until It Was Manageable To Move As We Used It From The Curb. I Got Very Lazy But Lucky. All 3, Someone Else Made.Thanks Very Much Popeye... We're Ready When You Are. Peace, BW...
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    Oh Really... Well I'll Bet-Quite The Collection Of Beautiful Cukes. They Turned Out So Nice. Oh You'll Be So Busy... This Will Be LARGE But I'm Sure You Can Handle All Of That. Such A Nice Variety Of Everything ! Thanks Very Much... Had A Great Time At Your Garden... Peace, Will That'll Certainly Put A Dent In Your Grocery Bills.FITH
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    just made 10 jars of dill pickles and it barely put a dent in the large pile of cukes
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    Nectar anyone?!:)

    A little nectar update. Not the best pic because it was early morning (and heavy dew) and...my phone camera skills are crappy...didn't even get the top of her! The pic in the first post was early evening. Will try for a better pic next weekend. She's still rocking despite dealing with a heavy marine layer every morning and even had a few night time lows in the upper 30's into June. The nectar is still in testing...she finished well last year in the ground so we're giving her a pot trial. :)...pot trial😂
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    Starting my grow again!

    So pretty sure I'll be pulling a male out tonight and this one I think will be a girl really loving it's structure so far but this one isn't showing any sign of sex yet but the bigger one looks like it's growing a penis lol so chop chop for that guy so really hoping this one's a girl so I can get a pretty decent sized plant to try