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    Things are still going a lot slower than I'd like but progress is progress and in growing patience is paramount. So I should probably reflect on that some more. Anyway. I got the first 3 beans that would crack for me into the bloom box on the 1st of the year. They weren't prepared for it as it was a lot sooner after up-pot than I typically like. But as the first in 6yrs they are long overdue. In my excitement to get going I lost track of what strain 2 of the 3 are. I do know that they are either the last 2 of my prized SourD rezurrection or a SourD cross I made. I can't be certain unfortunately but from the way they are looking I might have gotten lucky AF and they are both my SourD. Stay tuned for that. The 3rd is a dispensary/bag seed that is either Sour Kush, Sour Diesel, or a random Kush. I'm letting them grow au natural with no manipulation to see what characteristics they have. Getting 3 beans to crack out of dozens is sad but at least they are all females!
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    25 days since going into the tubs, the roots are 'white' they just look off color because of the way I was taking the pictures Today I drained out the existing nute solution and replaced it, Cutting Edge Solutions 3-part nutes, I use at about 2/3 recommended strength. ty
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    Happy New Year, 18 days, about 9" tall
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    Merry Christmas, another 2 days
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    Great starts good potential hope to see more thank you for sharing
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    I know what you mean I had to shut down for two years/grew again and had to quit again for about another two years. I'm accustomed to getting colas the size of 2 L bottles well maybe not quite so damn close I can claim it LOL.
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    Well here is a random dispensary bud seed. It's either sour kush or sour diesel. It was the first to germinate and of course had to be the guinea pig that ironed out the kinks in soil and water. It's funny how many little things you forget when you haven't grown for a while. Anyway after some sick days she is perky and stout AF.
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    Ok maybe pandemonium is a bit more grandiose than my small batch, personal supply operation but the quality and variety will surely make up for what it lacks in quantity. You will find lots of different strains with plenty of bud porn to browse and undoubtedly some breeding and experimentation. As my seeds sprout and progress I will post some pics and info for them along with any useful info I may have.
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    RIP Sweet N Sour 2/2018 -2/2021

    I'm sorry to hear of this. She was one of my favorites. I'll miss hearing stories about her. Take some time to praise yourself. You've cared for those hens better than some people treat their dogs. Fly high little falcon. RIP
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    Some gender reveal action going down today. My sole SOOG ( Sour Orange OG) plant is a boy and both Tahoe Creams are girls. Soog was in a hurry to soar his oates so it's a good thing I had time to check and isolate him. The Tahoe Creams have legs that go all the way up. Good thing I flipped em young. Another look at the 3 headed freak TC. And the frost setting in on 21F mystery cross.
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    Bottom of one of the main stems is over 1" thick 😃
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    Here are some handy numbers for computing cooling requirements when extracting cannabis using LPG or QWET: https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/15-diy-equipment/15-32-cannabis-extraction-thermodynamics-101?fbclid=IwAR0URLVe2Szt5v4yktVzmKjikwU2RksYxkzjD1Ck5kp5NFOTJi5u8PsaOcc
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    I guess it's time to dig the old point and shoots out for some shutterbuds. See if I can remember how to use them. Here is a peek at my what looks a lot like the plant that made me fall in love with SDv3 in week 2.
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    Nice job, @St0nA
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    So I popped a bunch of a cross I made a few years ago. (SDv3 rez x (AE77 Cali-O x Swt Tooth3) x Ghost OGK cut) x (Grim C99 x Ghost OGK cut) aka SOOG x Cindy's Ghost. I know it's a mutt but it's all elites mixed with old school genetics that were combed through in batches of 50 or more to choose the contributors. So it's really a matter of which kind of fire will result. Thanks to ROC for the Orange OG and Cindy's Ghost. One of the greatest under radar breeders I've ever come across. You'll see a lot of his work in my arsenal. Anyway, got about 9 to eagerly germinate. They are mostly doing well as I'm dialing in but this one is markedly frostier that the others. Gotta love baby frost.
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    Still moving slow here. Trying to find the best route to get my horrible tap water in better shape and getting the soil mix dialed in with a very acidic batch of Ocean Forrest. On the bright side the plant on the far left (either a SourD cross of mine or Tahoe Cream) is fruity AF. Any time the leaves are touched, or a breeze goes across, your nose is filled with tropical fruit smell. So that's exciting for such a small plant.
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    ShutterBuds by St0nA

    Ahhhh the good old days! I wish I knew what came of all these guys. I can't really find words to say how happy I am that this is all still here.
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    where art meets science.

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    ice water extract

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    Day 69, 4/23 harvest Profile View of whole plant And the gang drying And since this is the last Zookies run....