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    Karr McDebt's Custom Laser Engraving & Ommp Pay it forward Summer giveaway, Set of four Medical Cannabis Coasters. Custom engraved. Free shipping. Pick a number between 1 and 710 the closest to the number without going over wins. Contest ends August 29, 2019. Remember custom orders happily considered. Contact Karr McDebt's Custom Laser Engraving 4"x4" Stone Ground laser engraved. . Set of four.
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    Purple Power

    Midnight & Moon

    Last Christmas, Midnight & Moon were still adjusting to home life, so I didn't get a tree. This year these two precious kittens are fully adjusted and I got a free tree. It's not even or full, but for a great price of free. The cat first got to do some reading of the bottom part of tree. I turn this into a reef later. There were a few frisk/ambush attacks during this. The mighty queen Nut Nibbler is now seeing how poorly she's trained her minions. This round was being ambushed by Midnight who was using the branches as cover. Next was see how the kittens would react to a few of the things going in the tree like pine cones with glitter and beads. I'll start with my adorable little princess Moon. Sorry for the burry pictures, but she was moving like crazy during this test. Needless to say, Moon really liked them, so they were put high in the tree Midnight wasn't to sure with the pine cone, but loved playing with the beads Nut Nibbler was just not impressed in the slightest. Moose trained her very well The tree is a lot smaller then I normally get and put it up on the sewing machine table. My pup, Chloe, thinks the tree is a stick. My tree stand is heavy and lays flat on the ground as the picture with Nibbler shows It can be hard to get your cat to look at you long enough to take a picture. Luckily for us, we have doughnuts. Nut Nibbler loves doughnuts. This is how we got that great shot As I decorated the tree, the cats watched. After I let them explore for a bit here's an old trick I used all the kittens I've raised besides a heavy stand. I never had a cat even a big cat like Moose in his prime (20lbs) take a tree down. Cats love boxes, that's a fact. I use boxes that were used for shipping and put a few holes in them: entrance/exit, a couple side hole for poking then I wrap it. Moon helped. Cats seems to enjoy the boxes and play in them vs going up the tree. As you can see, these boxes are a big hit. not the tree Midnight has settled in and laying down when his sister come up. Isn't Midnight a good looking boy? Nut Nibbler has spotted her poorly trained minions and are at it again Will Nut Nibbler decided she wants that spot under the tree, but her minions are giving her some looks. I'm not sure what she said to her kittens, but it was out of range for our hearing This Morning, Moon found a new spot Moon has some special quarks like every cat does. Every time I go in the bathroom she follows me. She'll rub up against me on her way to the shower and rub and roll around every where she can reach. Then she's off to the sink and lays in it. She go in the sink 1st if she sees I turned the water on. Here's pictures from this morning. Nibbler waking up after a good night of sleeping. Every morning she gets tuna with her herbal meds
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    Instagram photos?

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    Here is a picture of our Daisy....
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    Current Fishing Prospects

    My suggestion would be spend a little extra and include your wife and take her and yourself out on a smaller charter boat
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    Current Fishing Prospects

    The wife and I spent the weekend in Yachats, Oregon which is on the coast south of Newport. I brought the fishing poles and got skunked throwing a Gulp ghost shrimp on the bottom. I still do like to climb around those basalt rocks in the surf knowing that I just might haul in a nice rockfish. I ripped my jeans at the inseam and got soaked so it is me, 0, Pacific Ocean 1,
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    RPD & OMMP Fall Giveaway.

    333... If I win please give the prize to a needy patient in your area. I can't afford enuff herb to roll a fatty any more. Love you all. i'll shut up now
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    Those look great, thank you for donating them!
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    My videos cannot load here, but you can check out some of our work on ig. When cloning/rooting, it's not rocket science. There's no 'one way is the best way'. The fact is, the majority of growers struggle to root their clones in a timely fashion and sometimes destroy them. Experience plays a huge factor but once you understand how to root your clones in your environment it should be like clockwork. I've seen people do it all, score the stem, shave the bottom, alcohol/bleech/burn/prx their blade, cut it 90 an from above or below a certain node, take it from healthy mothers.. the list goes on.. It's not that serious. I say this because I know my plants. I've made countless mistakes and done side by sides to see which methods work best under my conditions. Genetics. Personally, it doesnt matter where you clone from. There are certain stains that root fast, and some don't. I personally keep strains that root fast, finish fast, good structure and hardy. I stay away from clonex or any synthetics during this stage. (I go hard on syths during flower) It actually takes longer for roots to form when I'm using it (DYOR) The difference is night and day. I simply use tap water. No RO, and I don't check my PH or PPM's. Been there done that over a decade ago. I just finished a handfull of trays and cloner a few days ago. Picture and below from the cloner. 100% success rate everytime. No dome, I don't score my stems, there's a lot of things I don't need to do because I know my plants. I know some of my plants take literally 12 to 14 days to root. You should definitely be near your babies as much as possible, so you can diagnose the problem at hand. One thing I do religiously is cut the fan leaves. You don't need too, the hippies will give you some science BS on it, but I simply do so I can fit more clones next to eachother. I also don't like using humidity domes. Algae, diseases, mold, mildew and susceptible to the plants. I don't worry too much about the leaves. This is a common mistake a lot of growers make. They worry too much about the color deficiencies on their plants and hit it with synths. Just worry about your roots. That's the only thing you should be worried about. If your roots are well taken care of, your whole plant will thrive. Have a clean environment. This is a big one. I've seen so many disasters by different growers. They are simply lazy. My environment is usually spotless. I am constantly cleaning, leaving no room for potential errors. In the end, 10 different growers will give you 10 different answers and swear by their methods. These are technically just weeds, they will grow in the harshest environment and hardy plants. I've grown commercially back in 2006 in a 30 light flowering warehouse all, 1000 watt HPS, no air cool, mini splits, just fans and air out, 100+ degrees, but thriving plants. They got water when needed and were taken care of. Hopefully this helps.
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    My hubs and i have a bunch of indoor light setups that we are selling to a good home. In Total- 8 lighting "kits" including reflectors (unassembled but screws/nuts included in baggies), light fixtures, ballasts, cords, and associated bulbs. A fluorescent light, a dehumidifier, and random necessary grow room items. --- 8bulb 4 ft T5 teklight with bulbs- used to veg our girls. Works perfectly. --- 2- 1k watt digital ballast with 4ft petal reflector. All cords, and fixtures included. (Each set has everything needed to hook up and hang) Slightly used 1k watt HPS bulb included. --- 2- old school 400w hps ballast / fixture setup with cords and used bulbs. 3ft petal reflectors attach to fixture. --- 1k watt hps harvest pro ballast with cords (goes with below) --- 6" 1k watt reflector with connections but missing glass. ---110w to 220w electrical conversion box. Wired up and ready to connect to the mainline --- Exhaust tubing, exhaust connectors, timers, and a few more light fixtures and bulbs. All bulbs have NEVER been touched with bare skin. --- LG dehumidifier that works like a boss and isn't an electricity hog. We stopped growing about 5 years ago cuz we moved into an apartment and just threw the equipment in storage. We grew for my dad and a few other friends, and this equipment grew our garden lush for many years. Its sad to see it here in the living room but we really just need it gone. I promise you that you just have to plug it in and stick the girls underneath. Please make me an offer...its priced to sell. Email me: chantellelace83@gmail.com for pics. Thank you Edit: We live in SE Portland, 122nd close to Foster. We are looking for cash or paypal. No trades, please. We are willing to deliver, within reason. Feel free to ask. Also...we have just started a handyman business and will be using this money to put towards the licensing costs. Thank you all.
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    This was unexpectedly news especially after rough time it is nice to see this today , thank you man, praise Jesus !
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Current Fishing Prospects

    Would anyone mind sharing what kind of fishing is “on” right now? I was planning to take my wife and I to the coast (around yachats(? sp?) since she likes the area to relax and chill and I have done some surf fishing there too. The trip is mostly for her (she is a middle school counselor and has a crazy, hard job) but I would like to try some fishing. I like to go to the coast to fish when the seas are calmer and this weekend is NOT looking to be calm so I was wondering what other fishing options might be on right now. I guess i could could always go to the fish market and buy some and arrive at the hotel and say, “Damn! Look what I snagged, baby!....man it was a fighter!!!”
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    Gee thanks Popeye! I will try to get on to the chat room tonight and touch base with everyone...
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    The pieces are well done, respect to the artist. And congrats Darla|! bp
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    Geico is ok for insurance... But I just Saved a Ton of Money on Weed by Growing my OWN!! 😉
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    2 of my doctors have arguing for years if I have fibro. the specialist says yes, my PCP says no, it's chronic pain. This would end it and I'd know for sure
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    Purple Power

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday