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    Purple Power

    RIP Speckles

    RIP Speckles, 2/27/18 to 9/9/2020. She died as a result to the fire set a few blocks from my house on Weds. She was an endangered breed, Speckled Sussex. I raised Speckles since she was 2 days old. She, like all of my pets, are my babies. It doesn't matter if they are a dog, cat, or chicken, I love and spoil all of them more then I did for my human ones. Speckles laid every day and was one of my winter layers. She was one of my lap hens, that would enjoy pets while telling me what's going on in the flock. Some times Speckles would lay an egg on my lap. She'd follow me around the yard while talking up a storm demanding pets. When she'd molt, her feathers would have more white tips then before. Her sisters and the hen that helped to raise her (Feisty) miss her very much. Speckles has been gone for a few days now and they are still looking and calling for her. I know there is a chance that Feisty will go broody once she relies that Speckles is gone as she has done this in the past. I'm researching endangered breeds and thinking of getting one each: Speckled Sussex. Delaware, and 55 Flowery hen. The question is if where I get my chicks is still standing and have them. +5
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    If you pull it now, It will be fine, It will just taste a bit earthy. We've all smoked earthy weed before. Just recall that the 'CURE' is what makes the plant turn out its best, so ask us about curing, or do go read about it here on the site, You can make a plant 10 times better than what it is now with a proper cure.
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Cool beans man....thank you very much!!!
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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hi so I am attaching some pictures of the buds of two of the plants that I am about to harvest. I would like to hear folks’ opinions about when I should harvest them, please. I have a total of four plants, three of which are the same strain and one is of a different strain. So the first two pictures are of the loner plant. I really think she isn’t ready because the trichomes are almost all clear or milky and there are almost no brown fan leaves (they are almost ALL green and healthy looking). In the third and fourth pics, the trichomes are a mixed bag in that I see mostly milky trichomes with a little amber in the older buds but with some that are clear in the newer buds. Also from the pic you can see that this one has started to put on her autumn “clothes”. Your opinions are appreciated!
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    ice water extract

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    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    No unless they are totally brown. If there's any green anywhere on the leaf, it takes an unpleasantly hard tug to pull it off....in other words pulling off the leaf requires a tug that almost feels like I am injuring the plant....