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    RIP Bacon 2/2018 - 9/1/2021

    Aww. Purple, I am so sad for you, I would think it might be because of all the smoke we've had? so saddened by your loss, May Bacon fly with the eagles. ♥♥
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    Purple Power

    RIP Bacon 2/2018 - 9/1/2021

    RIP Bacon 2/2018 - 9/1/2021 Bacon is front right I'm not sure what is going on for my flock between the heat wave, thick choking smoke, or what is knocking my hens down. I checked them often practically daily. When I'm out watering the garden every morning, I watch them and if anything is off, I check them on the spot. This spring after getting the chick, I had 30. Now 6 are roosters and at least 5 have or will go to freezer camp. 2 roosters have gone to the dinner table already. I'm down to 24 chickens now. Bacon was perfectly healthy 4 days ago then she started to act a little odd. She stopped hanging out with her friends, not in her normal spot at night, the roosters lost interest in her, hen below her picking on her, and she stayed by herself. I separated her, but was still waiting for the medicated I needed that was 2 weeks overdue. Yes, I ordered and should of received it last month. It finally came yesterday, but sadly too late. Bacon died around 1 pm this afternoon. Bacon is buried by Sweet exactly 1 month apart. Bacon is bottom left, black body, brown face